1. Toucher tes rêves was featured in Hindu- Young Times, Chennai edition.

Here's the online link:

Here's a screen shot:

2. InFB Endeavours

1. Featured on the InFB blog, the five must haves for every girl. 

Screen Shot:  

Have also contributed many posts for Indian Fashion Bloggers and am an InFB Team member. 

2. Shopping Haul: There's a science behind shopping: http://www.in-fb.com/2012/04/shopping-haul.html

3. Delving into the likes of your bloggers  

4. Challenge on the blog proposed by Sonshu: 

6. Lust List series: 

7. Posts as a part of being the InFB team:

8. The Style Idol Series: 

9. Blogger Diaries

10. Do you DIY?

11. Featured:

3. I was featured on Youngest Bloggers as the 50th youngest blogger :)

Screen Shot:

4. Got picked as Blog Adda's Saturday Spicy Picks. 

5. Got picked for Blog Adda's Tangy Tuesday Picks

Screen shot: 

6. Was featured in DNA's city section- Bangalore

Screen shot:

7. Article published in Bangalore Mirror's Teen Spirit Column. 

Screen shot: 

8. Featured in Bangalore Mirror Teen Spirit Column


9. Posts for Pret-Amoda

10. Feature in Bengaluru on Friday

While I randomly discovered I'd been featured on the mag, here's the feature that happened a while back.

1. Different shades of life: http://issuu.com/bengaluruonfriday/docs/bof22
3. How to wear Men's shirts?: 

Close up
screen shot

close up

close up

screen shot

11. Cosmopolitan feature

While this wasn't huge, it still was a feature. Here's the scanned copy of the tiny feature. They've listed me in their Cosmo girls! :)

12. Metrolife feature

Again, wish I could get the scanned copy online so you can see the picture that went on the article, however this shall do till then.

Thank you Rohini!

13. In With Skin 

I was invited to write a post on In With Skin. 

5 Basic tips to get glowing skin: http://www.inwithskin.com/5-basic-tips-get-glowing-skin

14. Alltop- Teens

Found the blog featured on Alltop’s teen page. Here’s a link and a screen capture.

Alltop features the best blogs that cover a particular topic and feature and highlight all their latest posts as and when they post. Apparenly ‘The Sonshu’ has been on Alltop for a while, though I came to know about it only very recently.

I’m honoured!

15. Bangalore Mirror- Famous Five Fashionistas

The Sonshu was featured with fellow Bangalore fashionistas in a Sunday Special on the Fashion bloggers of Bangalore.

16. Zovi 

Zovi.com featured 'The Sonshu' on their blog after a Fashion Bloggers Meet in Bangalore. Here's the link:

17. Baggout


An interview with the lovely Baggout team :)