Friday, July 17, 2015


There are very few things that excite me as much as working on a project where I get to do all the things I love, like this one. I don’t know if it’s the mad waves of thought or the kicks that I keep giving myself to stop being lazy - there’s something appealing about self projects. It’s really different from working in a team because here, you are the team. While that does mean you get a lot of creative freedom (who doesn’t love that), it also means being organised about your thoughts all the time (not to mention the stares you will get from people while self-timing your photographs). Looking back, all those moments are worth it when you’re adding final touches in post production. In this project I wanted to bring in all the elements that have had a huge impact on me. From what I was wearing to how I posed, from the lighting to the aperture, from the words to the colours, each element was important to create the final piece. I found that expressing myself through this project was not only easier because I got to put pieces of myself in each element, but also very therapeutic. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I loved working on it. I’d love to hear your feedback so I can work on improving and adding more the next time. 

If you’d like to know more about the concept, the story and the way I went about shooting it, leave a comment below or message me and I’ll do a post on it. If you want to follow more of my design adventures, follow me on Instagram @sonaksha. 


P.S: I’m looking for photographers to collaborate with on future shoots, let me know if you’re interested. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Wearing everything a plus-size girl shouldn’t wear

Yes, it’s just another day in the wearing-everything-a-plus-size-girl-shouldn’t wear-series 
a.k.a this website. 

Peplum: A short overskirt that is usually attached to a fitted jacket, blouse or dress

Peplum was all over the runways and magazines a while ago, and while it was never my favourite trend, I recently read how fat girls should avoid them as they add layers of weight to the tummy area and create an appearance of being heavier. If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know that a statement like that spikes the rebellious ‘curvy' ‘fat' 'plus-size' girl in me. I had to. However, I took the peplum trend a step further and added layers to match what I had in mind. Now this isn’t a peplum top per se, but it follows the same style and design so I had to use it when I found it in my wardrobe. 

There’s something about chunky jewellery - every time I shift to a more minimal style, there’s one day when I go all out and pull out my chunky jewellery. Clearly this was one of those days. Also, I love bindis so I take every chance I have to wear them. 

I can’t wait to see what else people think 'plus-size’ girls shouldn’t wear, because I totally will wear them. Since it’s out there now, tell me if you’ve come across something people constantly advice plus-size people not to do/wear and I’d love to break that tip. 

On that note, I happened to stumble upon this annoying comment: Plus Size Clothing should not be available on high street

I can’t remember the last time someone wanted to explore a new hobby
rather than make it to Instagram’s popular page. 

I can’t remember the last time they told us what it felt like to be in love with a human being, 
and not her new profile picture. 

I can’t remember the last time we woke up and wished each other good morning,
rather than checking 256 new WhatsApp notifications. 

I can’t remember and it’s scary.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while and quickly jotted this down during an auto ride. I put it at the end of the post because shooting this post was not just fun but also really therapeutic because I spent a long time twirling around on a windy Bangalore day and just watching people go about daily activities like playing, walking, jogging and meditating. There’s something calming about watching people laugh and look relaxed.


(No outfit details because they’re all flea market purchases except for the skirt which I have stolen from my mom, forever)

Monday, July 6, 2015

Get Monsoon Ready with these looks!

It’s here. 
The rains are here. 
The woes are here.
Mucky roads, scary puddles and splashing water. 

Monsoon is one of those seasons that I love to hate. I love the rains, which you probably already know if you follow me on Twitter since I sound like a weather reporter whenever it’s raining. But, it’s also extremely annoying when you’re stuck outside during the rains. While the rains here aren’t as scary as the ones in Mumbai, they definitely have their moments too. Most times I find myself waking up during monsoon afraid to wear something because of the weather predictions. But that can’t mean that I have no options right? I wanted to see what my options were so I decided to make a fashion board with some monsoon inspiration from Limeroad.

I love wearing bright colours during monsoon. The skies are gloomy so turn the day around with really bright colours on your clothes. The great thing about monsoon is that it’s never too hot, never too cold. So this is the perfect season to pull out those dresses, rompers and flowy tops. 

With the first look I paired this really pretty Ikat print dress with some basic orange and brown sandals. I prefer avoiding too many layers during monsoon because you don’t want to be managing your long cardigan while skipping through the puddles. I wanted the focus to be on the dress so I went with similar tones for the accessories. The orange necklace adds a nice pop since the neckline is really basic. I had to pick out this backpack when I saw it because it’s so fuss-free! I love how it’s PVC and that’s perfect for the rain, of course it also goes with the vibe of the dress. 

If you’re not a sandals person you can switch those out for rain boots or jelly shoes. Whatever you’re comfortable with. But I suggest avoiding leather or suede shoes because they’re really not great with the rain. Don’t be afraid to mix the colours because the brighter, the better. 

I’ve noticed that it’s easier to feel down during monsoon because the weather tends to have this sleepy effect on you. The solution for me is to compensate with neon colours. I’ve noticed that neons are a favourite during monsoon. There’s something about bright greens and pinks against gray skies that’s just perfect. This outfit is a little more dressy, if you’re attending a brunch or something semi-formal. The hot pink is so in-your-face that I didn’t think it would need a jacket to go with it. However I played with using tones of the hot pink in the other accessories. 

The necklace is a huge statement because the romper is a solid colour. As you can see, it is beaded and multi-coloured. I had to add this sling bag because it’s so neon, printed and perfect to grab the essentials. I always try and add some funky prints to my outfit, for instance the tribal inspired print here is a small addition. Since sandals aren’t really everyone’s choice, particularly for a more formal event, I went for these ballet flats. However, if you think they can get ruined in the rain, always carry an emergency pair of flip flops. They can be life savers! I’ve linked a pair that I found particularly cute above. 

Biggest and most obvious monsoon tip: 
NEVER leave the house without an umbrella, unless you want to be soaking wet. 

When I was on the website, I stumbled upon some other fun stuff that I absolutely love during the monsoons, and have particularly been loving this year. As you can see, the cushion cover and phone cover are umbrella prints and I’ve been on the hunt for really fun monsoon prints like that so I’m definitely going to go ahead and buy some. Can we also talk about how perfect that tea light holder is? I want it. NOW. I love candles, scented ones all the more. So if you do too, this is a perfect cosy addition to your room. But if you’re not a candle person, switch it for this really cool LED glass bottle that’ll add the cosy warm feel to your room minus the smoke. My favourites have to be those rainbow aviators. I NEED them right now. How funky are they? And the pineapple sling because pineapples are the fruit of the season. Haven’t you seen them everywhere? I’m talking fashion season. Pineapples are the new owls. 

If you’re wondering why I chose Limeroad over the other websites to do this monsoon post, let’s talk about how they have plus sizes. One of the biggest criteria for me when I’m browsing a website is to see if they cater to all sizes and body types and I was super excited, impressed and happy that Limeroad has an entire section dedicated to plus-size. I’m going to go shop now. 

Now that you’re monsoon ready, tell me what your favourite monsoon accessory is? 


Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored by Limeroad, but was written as a part of a contest.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Plus-Size or Not?

I’ve often used this space as a medium to express my opinions, most times they just involve me stating what I think about a certain event or an issue. But today I’m a little confused. I’ve been thinking about this for a really long time now and it’s been bugging me, in a I’m-not-going-to-leave-your-brain-till-you-have-a-clear-idea kind of way. 

A while ago I came across this campaign by Stefania Ferrario and Ajay Rochester and they call it #DropThePlus. This is a campaign to stop the usage of the word plus-size. The idea is to get rid of this term, since it has become a label to define women who don’t conform to a certain body type or size. The aim seems to be to break the existing stereotypes about beauty in the fashion industry and to be recognised by your work rather than your measurements. After reading about this campaign and the thoughts that went behind it, I began wondering if the term plus-size is just another scheme to add to the ones already existing in body shaming. 

But that wasn’t enough. I had to know more. A little research directed me towards Stefania’s quote: "I'm NOT proud to be called 'plus', but I AM proud to be called a 'model', that is my profession!” While it does seem like the campaign is meant to break existing definitions of beauty, I can’t help but wonder if the model herself is offended being called “plus” because our society condemns fatness. The campaign suddenly seemed less about changing society standards and more about the fear and embarrassment that comes with being fat. So is it okay to deny the relevance of the word plus-size?

The campaign clearly wants to deny the differences between body sizes, but there are differences, and these differences are real. We live them. Rather than dropping the term, a more sensible solution would be to change the market in such a way that it makes equal space for all body sizes. Completely banishing the term plus-size might just take us on a downward spiral back to where we began. Rather than being ashamed of being called plus-size, we should embrace it. We should understand the differences in body sizes the way we understand differences in culture. Just as there is a section for petite people, there is one for plus-size.

But this argument leads me back to wondering if this is also a way that we conform to a beauty standard that exists and consider ourselves outside it, away from the norm? Should we just drop all the terms and refer to ourselves as women? Or should we acknowledge these differences and be proud of them? 

I want to know what you think since this seems to be a never-ending loop in my head. 

Yes, this is the first time I’m baring my arms on the blog. 
Yes, they are fat. 
No, I don’t care. 

Now that I’m on this mission to break all the fat myths, here goes another one. 

Outfit details: Dress: Flea market, Goa, Rings: Thrifted, Necklace: Levitate, Shoes: Pondicherry