Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Vacation in the Clouds

Hi you, 

As a recent graduate (not even a month old), the most popular question in my life has gone from “What’s up?” to “Have you got a job?” (No, really, not even kidding). I’m quite tired of the horrified looks I get when I say I’m taking a break. I know that for some this question comes from a place of curiosity and others, care, but I think that this is the first time in years that I don’t have something that will necessarily go on my resume and I’m okay with that. Almost everyone associates ‘taking a break’ with someone who is directionless in life.

I’ve always been someone who constantly works, project after project, not a breather. This decision to take a break was a well thought out one, and when I made it I know that a lot of peers were shocked (still are), and a lot of other friends are quiet stunned too. But it’s okay to not always be that person who works non-stop. 

The last three years have been crazy in terms of the number of assignments, internships, freelance work and what not. I’m not tired, but I want to take a break to focus on some self teaching, some personal projects (writing, designing, painting) till I find something I really want to do. I’d rather wait around than accept a job that’s going to make me frustrated every morning. It’s important to enjoy and love what you do, because that’s when the killing, the pressure, the work, feels really good. And I can say that because I loved everyday of what I studied - the subjects, the assignments, the work, the endless papers I had to read, the writing - it was something that truly made those sleepless nights worth it. 

This is turning out to be a rant. I just wanted to throw it out there for everyone reading.

It’s been a month and a few weeks of this break and I’m so glad to have taken it. It has given me time to travel, read, draw, paint and learn so many new things that I’ve always wanted to. It’s okay if none of these things are going on my resume. They’re always going to stay with me, and I’m okay with that. 

2,3 and 4 were shot when I wasn’t ready, and somehow they still made it to the post. I guess it’s good to go with the unpredictable every now and then? 

Also, yes, new header and theme for the blog. (Surpriseeeee) I really wanted a change from the previous one so I decided to mess with some patterns and drawings and designed this. What do you think? 

Outfit details: Top: River Island, Pants: H&M, Clutch: Splash 

Thank you for your lovely comments, messages and responses to my previous post. It really does feel lovely to be back!



  1. It's okay to take a break .. It's always okay to take a break ..

    All the best :D

  2. Glad to see you back here, Sonshu & I totally hear you about the break as well. No one really got my time out when I quit my job and needed to figure it out but it is your decision to make and no one elses :)
    Love & luck, hope the break gives you everything you're searching for!

    xo Dayle

  3. I love your metallic clutch and the print on your top! :)

    I think a break now and then is healthy, glad you are finding it to be productive for you! :)

    Away From The Blue

  4. that last paragraph was awesome! :D the thing about resumes and interests :D

  5. Breaks are good! I just took one for 2 months before going back to work in April. I really needed it and i'm glad I took that time for myself and family. Enjoy yours!