Monday, June 29, 2015


This blog has not only been a space for my ramblings, rants and scribbles but also one for experimentation with my personal style. I’ve spoken about how I enjoy creating outfits based on themes, characters and stories I’ve written. Usually I also just narrow it to a single piece in my head and create an outfit with that. I’ve lately discovered that though I experiment so much with how I pair each clothing item in my wardrobe, I do have a favourite. Something that I think others would associate as an image in their head with my name, something you’d definitely catch me wearing a lot and something I usually gravitate towards unthinkingly. 

Basically, an outfit like this is not only simple to put together but also really makes it seem like you’ve put a lot of effort, more so if you’re running short on sleep and still want to look decent. So obviously this became my go-to outfit during college when I had to get ready in five minutes and almost never had more than 2 hours of sleep. Most days I’d end up wearing printed pants and kurtis or tops along with some layered bracelets and necklaces. There’s something about printed pants that makes them so effortlessly lovely to look at. And my hair was usually fuss free in a bun/top knot or a braid. But since I’m not in college, why not let it be now!

Someone messaged me on The Sonshu page on Facebook recently, asking for suggestions for college outfits. I realised I hadn’t ever really documented what I wore to college most days so ta-daaaah! 

Also, it’s become really hard to shoot for the blog because the winds are insane, so as you can see, everything is flying. 

Oh oh oh, tell me what your staple outfit is, or maybe even what you wore/wear/plan to wear to college? 

Outfit details: 
Pants: Colaba, Mumbai
Shoes: Westside
Top: Goa
Necklaces: Levitate and Commercial Street 




  1. It's certainly a comfy, everyday outfit that's still quite chic!

  2. Printed pants are total life-savers!! I love wearing plain tops and printed bottoms too!! *same pinch* :)
    Loving the wind-in-your-hair look! <3

    P.S.: I have got some news, will text you! ;)

  3. I really want to buy more chunky sandals to wear with these kind of pants (which I don't own yet), and my jeans... !

  4. Those pants are everything!