Sunday, July 13, 2014

What do I name this?

This post was long due. The lovely people at Aviraté were patient and kind enough to bear with my friends and me for a day while we went crazy with their new collection. This is just a part of what was created that day, more soon, hopefully. 

I love how Aviraté s new collection is a burst of colours, maxis and prints. It’s perfect for summer and the transition to the beautiful monsoons in Bangalore. 

Photo Credits: Sneha Kalra, Aparajita Sahay and Sanjana Sudheer 

Outfit courtesy: Aviraté
Rings: Bought from various flea markets

I feel like I’m not writing enough, and it kills me because I feel like I have so many things to say and it constantly itches, but I never put it to words. Gone are those days when I wrote everything I felt, almost. It was so raw, so real. And now? I just shoot, edit, write for college, research and do everything else but sit down and write my thoughts. 

Have you ever felt like you stopped writing? Does it kill you as much as it does, me?

I’m going to get back to enjoying the beautiful rains and hopefully writing. See you soon. 

Bear with my crazy absence?



  1. I was wondering where you disappeared too! Keep posting!

  2. I'm happy to bear with your absences if I get to see something like this during the short stints of presences! :)

    Loving the styling...specially the turban! <3

  3. Hi Sonshu, Please accept my apologies for not being regular. But I do check all your posts, all at once, whenever I visit. Loving the green turban. Hope you are doing great. Please participate in Giggles Accessories giveaway on my blog.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!