Friday, April 4, 2014

I’m fat, let’s talk about it?

I’m fat. 

I don’t have a problem with it, I don’t see why anyone should. Honestly, it’s not frustrating, but stupid when people either try and tell me how I should ‘lose weight’ or ‘think about dieting’ when I’m really happy being fat. When I was in school, I remember the weird things people would call me. And yes, I did get offended. Hell, fat was a bad word in school. But over the years words like ‘thick’ and ‘fleshy’ have been used instead of fat and that is plain annoying. I’m not thick, I’m not fleshy. I’m fat, let’s all just accept it, shall we? Why is it wrong for me to wear a dress? What is so horrid about my legs? That they are fat is a problem to you? Who told you to look? I’ve constantly noticed how people have double standards when it comes to sartorial options. Why aren’t fat people allowed to wear crop tops or dresses? Okay, it’s one thing if someone is uncomfortable wearing it, but honestly, if I’m okay with it, why should anyone have a problem with it. Do we not have the right to wear shorts because it’s summer and we’re feeling hot? And what is with everyone giving free advice about weight loss, I’d really rather not listen to what you have to say when it comes to weight loss. If I wanted, I would have enrolled myself in a gym, okay? 

I wasn’t always this confident about my body. It may seem like it, but I wasn’t. It took me a while, and lot of peace making in the head to reach here. I must say blogging has helped me a lot with it. But apart from that, I just realised that I’m proud of who I am in whatever shape I am. And honestly, my size doesn’t really matter when I’m working. So I just accept and love the way I am. Today, I can proudly wear skirts, crop tops and just about anything without a care because I know that if I want, I can truly carry it off and size has nothing to do with that. Of course I still do have some issues from time to time, but I’ll never really bother when people tell me I should lose weight, because I believe that the joke is on them. I wish and strongly hope that someday everyone will be able to see that such things are trivial, and irrelevant to beauty, but right now, I’m just going to be happy that I know at least 10 people who can think like this.  

I’m fat and I love it. 


Blouse: Custom made, Dupatta: Mom’s, Skirt: Marks and Spencer, Necklace: Stalkbuylove, Earrings: Westside

I’m a teeny bit obsessed with this necklace. #JustSaying

All photographs were shot on a tripod. 



  1. I love your attitude girl :)) And just ignore what others think or say...Its your life and Physical Size does not define you or your beauty!!

    Cheers Doll <3

  2. Hey! I'm so happy you made this post! This is such an important, important thing to talk about. Body image is such a prevalent idea in our society, and being super confident only shows how you're not taking anyone's crap! And it's amazing! You inspire me :)

    Also, love your outfit...that necklace and that skirt -- lovely :)


  3. I love this skirt, it's very pretty. and your necklace is great and bold! Thanks for stopping by my blog :D

  4. You have absolutely no idea how much I love this. Love, love, love the writing. It will help me deal with such comments when they are passed at me the next time.
    And the outfit is GORGEOUS. Such a pretty shade of green.
    This is one of my all time favourite posts :)

  5. I LOVE this post! I can totally relate - you are a fat BABE! <3

  6. *bows down* Respect.

    This is wonderful man.

  7. I love that necklace of yours, Sonshu!!!

  8. Love that necklace, and your attitude rocks, what's wrong about being fat? huh! You are amazing, and that's all that matters ;)

  9. hey soul sister! why haven't we met yet! i love what you are wearing. you look so beautiful! i follow so many plus-sized bloggers. hot fatties they are i tell you. size does not determine beauty. don't ever tell me "you have a beautiful face, but a plump body." ... i love my body, no matter what size it is or will be. my concern with my health and weight is my concern and none of anyone else's business.

  10. Yeah Babe that's the way to go......

  11. Sonshu, I know exactly what you mean. I have been called everything from chubby, to fleshy to God knows what. The thing is being Fat for people is a fate worse than death. Just like you, I too for years have struggled with body issues. And acceptance is a very slow and painful process.
    I am so glad you wrote this post. You said everything I have always wanted to say. Thank you for doing it.
    ❤ Amena.
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  12. Beautiful glad I came across this blog post.
    So proud of u.


  13. Killer attitude !!
    Way to go girl !! Keep up the spirit.

  14. this s a gr8 post.
    There s no link between beauty and color or fashion and size, so just do what u do and stay happy coz people will always have an opinion no matter if ur fat, slim, tall, short, fair, dark or wheatish.

  15. I can totally relate to everything you wrote it took me a very long time to be at a place where I can be out of my head but I still have on and off days. But for the most part I am very happy with myself and my blog has helped a lot too. But yeah you are gorgeous and you keep on being you and don't let anyone get you down! :)


  16. Being fat doesn't matter. If you have a way to go and attitude, it is good enough to hit the floor with whatever you wear. Loved the post and by the way the indian ethnic wear suits you the best.

  17. This is a lovely outfit. Very well written article again.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!