Saturday, November 2, 2013


Hello November!

Diwali is about fireworks to some, sweets to the others; new clothes to some and family gatherings to others. But to me, Diwali is always that time of the year when I get money from friends and family to ‘buy clothes’, what do I do instead? Buy books. Lots of books. It’s just another excuse for major book hauls to happen. This November is going to be all about reading, movies, blogging, and keeping calm. We often get carried away by the hustle bustle of daily life, constantly rushing from one place to another and always running to achieve our goals and dreams. But once in a while it is necessary to stop and evaluate. To stop and breathe and think and feel everything around. It’s uncanny, but beautiful. Fills you with a storage zeal and serenity that reflects in your work and personality.

And here’s a surprise for you, watch it and tell me what you think. 

I love making videos, just that I don’t often make it because of lack of time or someone to film. Bugged my brother a little too much to take these photos and shoot the video. So glad we did it. I like how it turned out, what about you? 

I’m back from my trip and pictures will be up soon. Thought I had to share this before the others because it’s Diwali and all you see? Being festive in my own weird way. 

Top & Skirt: Stolen from Mom
Waistcoat: Gifted
Necklace: Stalkbuylove
Bangles: Here and there 

Photography: Shashreek Iyengar

On that note, Happy Diwali!