Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Her dream was now reality

She took a step into the light. It was a new path, uncharted territory. She looked at the Frangipanis as the sun pierced her hazel eyes. 

She had no makeup on. Not a hint of pink or blue. Bare, yet clothed in maroon. The light dancing through the strands of brown and black on her head. Long chains dangled from her neck and hit against each other making music. Her nails were painted pink and mauve and stood boldly against the black geometric print wallet she clutched. 

The uncut grass poked her feet, but she walked on, in search of the dream. Slowly she began running towards the forest. The animals passed her, unable to get through the bubble she'd formed with her power. A nasty blue creature tried to snatch her chains but she blew it away with goodness. 

She ran without a break, the magic clasped tightly in her palm. 

Then it was there. The ray of hope. Her dream lay right in front of her sparkling in all its glory. She crawled towards it with all her might. Her knees bristled against the hard surface and blood oozed. Her eyes were red with pain and struggle. But her lips curved into a smile.

 It was over. The struggle. 

Her dream was now reality. 

Sweatshirt: American Apparel, Wallet: c/o ZOVI


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Let The Anchor Be

Hello there,

I'm writing this post as I pack my bags and throw in some last minute essentials like shades and a hat. Yes, I'm off for a weekend getaway. A short one at that. I'm currently running all around my room and it looks nothing less than a mess. Trying to get everything ready and catch some sleep which I know won't happen. I blabber too much. YES? NO? Okay, don't tell me :P 

Thought I should show you this outfit before I scoot. It's pretty simple actually. Something I might consider wearing to the internship minus the makeup. Very writer-yy. Know? Must be the least I've spoken in a post. I'll let the outfit speak for itself? 

Outfit details:

Tee Shirt: Zara
Pants: Local boutique
Necklace: Flea market
Sunglasses: Aldo
Make up: c/o Joseph Dosh from Givenchy

Cannot imagine summer without the coolers. May the universe bless them. :P

Toodles loves <3


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I Found Magic

Each page opens up a new world,
world that tells you a story

Every word leaves impressions,
impressions that pass the test of time

Living and breathing in between the lines,
lines that offer you comfort and ecstasy

 Drawing you in for endless hours,
hours spent away from reality

Being a friend and lover passionately,
passionately teaching you lessons unsaid 

Filling barren spaces on your shelves,
shelves that would otherwise bring an uncanny emptiness 

An immortal fire burns,
burns hidden desires and unleashes radical thoughts

A four letter word is all,
all of the universe in its palm

Changing lives with magic,
magic that touches them eternally

I can't begin to describe the relationship I share with books because it is truly unlike any other human relationship. It's something beyond words, beyond feelings and emotions. It's above expectations, above trust and above material bonds.

I don't need to ask them to stay, because I know they will.
Without asking them to help me through tough times, they offer their worthiest advice.
I've never asked them to make me laugh or cry, but they never disappoint. 
Books are more than just pieces of paper held together with a string. 
They are life. 


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P.S: There goes another attempt at describing my relationship with books through words and some lines I penned down quickly. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Ethereal Passion

Chocolate brown skin, icy blue eyes, gorgeous hair that was perfectly tucked behind his ears and a hint of mischief in his breath-taking smile – he inched towards me. I didn’t jump, my heart didn’t skip a beat, I didn’t die a thousand deaths, and I didn't feel like I was in heaven. His perfection was untimely and depressing. His beauty was painful. His breath-taking scent was impossible to forget. His sensuous voice was like as melodious as a singing bird, and his words fell right into my ears and touched the depths of my heart. I looked away from his heavenly presence, towards the sea that lay beyond the open windows.

He got closer and now I could feel his feather like body on my pale skin. Suddenly everything seemed warmer. I could feel the sweat slide down my midriff. Air walked away, as if giving us privacy. I couldn’t help but turn. He smiled at me as if saying, “It’ll be okay.” I couldn’t hold myself any longer. I had to do this – for him. I couldn’t control those twirling hormones. The prickles on my skin stood up as if protesting against my resistance. The sun moved and paved way for a purple-orange sunset. Everything was perfect, as if nature wanted to give this to us. 

Heart defeated the brain and I kissed him.

His lips fit perfectly with mine, like it was the lost piece of a puzzle. He wove his hands around my bony neck and pulled me closer to his chest. I could feel his cold abs against my sweat and it was a remarkable juxtaposition. Tears crawled out of my lids and fell against his shoulders. I didn’t want to ruin this, but there was no other way. He didn’t let go. He held on tighter, as if in fear of separation. I fastened my legs around his hips and surrendered to his touch. The night blanketed us and silence enveloped the room.

I saw his beauteous existence as the sun shone in the morning. A smile across his face and his hands intertwined with mine. I moved closer and rested my head against his heart.

…and then I felt it – nothing.

My fears had materialized.

I wouldn’t feel his breath again. I wouldn’t see his eyes shining with mischief. I wouldn’t feel his beautiful body against mine. I wouldn’t hear his mesmerizing voice. I wouldn’t be hypnotized by his touch.

All I’d have is his body – full of life, yet so lifeless. 

- - - - - - - - -


Sunday, April 21, 2013

It Happened One Afternoon

Exams are overrrr. 

The joy of being done with them is just amazing. Not to forget that you're done with the sleepless nights and late night binge eating. Through the exams I hardly had a wink of sleep, it was rather funny how I'd be awake till 6 am trying to study and then go write an exam at 8.30 am. I almost forgot what sleep was. I'm not going to complain about the dark circles because I brought it upon myself. But I can't help it. I'm a night person, an owl (according to my psychology text). I just have to study in the night. Are you a night person or a morning person (a lark)? 

Point is: I'M BACK! 

Moving on from aimless exam talk, I was reading a book when this image randomly flashed into my head. I don't even know what inspired me, but I know that it was a little Old Hollywood inspired. Not sure how and why, but it happened. Instantly I put together the outfit I envisioned and voila I have a look for you. I had too much fun doing the hair. I've always liked change, maybe not permanent so what better way than to be able to make your hair short with some hair techniques. Added this black gown and a striped shirt to finish the look with a mix of modern and old styles. What do you think?

Outfit details: Gown: Forever New, Shirt: American Apparel, Flower: Street find


P.S: Title was a play on It Happened One Night by Frank Capra

P.P.S: Excuse the crinkled shirt. Chiffon is hard to manage okay?!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ramp Ready TRESses

Hello there,

Today, I wanted to address two questions I'm often asked:

"What's your hair care routine?" & "How do you do such different hairstyles in each post?"

Let me tell you this: My hair care routine changes depending on the day and the type of hair I want for that day. Makes sense? I know that you're supposed to stick to one shampoo, but let's deal with it, I don't. I have three favourite shampoos that I often go to. One of them is undoubtedly TRESemmé.
 When they first came out in the market, I was instantly drawn to their black packaging. I'm a total sucker for black. Also, their prices were pocket friendly and well, who doesn't want to experiment?

I remember trying the Frizz Control shampoo and instantly fell in love with it. It was during winter when the weather was all dry and literally sucked the life out of my hair. TRESemmé came to my rescue. Then they came out with Hair Fall Control too, which again proved to be just as amazing as Frizz Control. At first I bought the tiny bottles but later, I got the huge ones cause I knew I'd be sticking with TRESemmé for a long time. So when they came out with this salon style campaign, I honestly wanted to try and see if it would work. I know this sounds like a commercial, but it's not. Trust me, it does work. I don't know what's about it that makes it so amazing but after a shower with TRESemmé your hair has so much volume and shape.

Recently I've been experimenting a lot more that usual with hair. Considering it's summer, I cannot tell you how hard it is to have long hair. It's all over the place and you get all sweaty and Bangalore for some reason has been giving out way too much heat this Summer. I literally have to keep my hair off my face all the time, and I cannot imagine not wearing buns and braids. When I watched the TRESemmé India interactive style videos (click on it to experience it yourself), I was motivated all the more to go figure and try out newer hairdos. TRESemmé now gives us girls the opportunity to fulfill our dreams of having salon like hair at home, and of course treat that street like your runway. 

Here's what came out of my attempts at trying new hairdos especially for the summer, looking chic, stylish and at the same time feeling comfortable. (Since I have wavy hair, I stuck with the Hair fall control and Frizz control for these looks)

Voluminous Quirky Braid

I learnt this easy way to achieve a voluminous braid through their amazing style videos in a few seconds. It's not only simple, but extremely fun to style as well. You can wear it with a long flowy blouse, or even a pretty dress and twirl around to look dainty and gorgeous. I'm calling it quirky because I added the little hand made flower clips to the braid to give it some colour and a twist. It goes without saying that TRESemmé products added the instant volume. 

Twist and Twirl

I used two of the tutorials and mixed it into one for this hairstyle. The Athena braid and the side sweep mixed with my classic low messy bun. This hairdo is great to channel your inner boho girl with the twists and twirls. You can wear it to the beach or even flea markets. It'll be an absolute hit with your friends because it looks so complicated but literally takes 3 minutes. Wear it with a maxi or a printed top to bring out the best!

Classic Messy Bun

Who doesn't love buns? HAHA. I'm not talking about the food, I'm talking about the one on you hair. They are fuss free, classy and help you add that oomph factor to any outfit, simple or dressy. A classic messy bun like this adds an effortless touch and gives a great structure to your face. Again, it looks pretty complicated but took me 5 minutes, bobby pins and a little teasing. That simple? Wear this with denims or even a formal shirt to work and you can be casual and work-y at the same time! Doesn't it look like something off the ramp?

Festive Bun:

This look takes 2 seconds if you've achieved the previous look. All you do is add a little bling to your bun with a bun clip. These days you get the fanciest ones in the markets. From bling bobby pins to clips like the one I'm wearing below. Everything is jazzy and you can instantly transform your work hair into festive hair. Everyone at that wedding is going to ask you which salon you visit. You should just say: "I use TRESemmé" :) Simple? You can also add real flowers to your hair to enhance the bun and bring out the ethnicity. 

Mega Bob

I had so much fun doing this look. While it isn't as simple as the previous look, it did take me about fifteen minutes which is pretty cool know? A lot of times we wonder how models have short hair in one show and long ones in the next. I'm not saying they don't use extensions, but a lot of times they use easy hair tricks like I did to achieve the look. When I want a change and don't want to cut my hair, I go ahead and try such things. Fun know? Added a flower hair band and I'm set to go. This look reminds me of a vintage poster for some reason. You can wear the mega bob with just anything- gowns, kurtis, tees and what not. Stun your friends with a day's transformation minus chopping your tresses. 

I have FIVE new RAMP READY HAIRSTYLES thanks to TRESemmé. I sure wouldn't have thought of trying this if it wasn't for IB's amazing initiative to rope in TRESemmé! Thanks for giving me a chance to feel like a diva with my #TRESemmeRampReady hair. 

Posted this on Instagram as soon as this arrived: 
Thanks to IB and TRESemmé for the products and competition. See, he's happy too? :D

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Monday, April 8, 2013

Music Monday - 9

Hello beautiful people,

It's that time of the week again. Monday.
Everyone dreads Mondays. Who wants to get back to mundane daily routine after a relaxing weekend? NO ONE. 
But, you've got to worry no more. 
The Sonshu will brighten your Monday, with new songs every week. 

Check in at 7:00 am IST every Monday, and play your day along.

Before we get started, if you missed my previous post (considering it was just on Saturday, another fun outfit) check it out HERE

1. Cosmic Love - Florence + The Machine

What can I say? Sheer brilliance. Will leave you wanting for more. Absolute favourite <3 You'll feel your heart beating faster, emotions gushing through and the power will pull you into the music. Florence Welch is simply fabulous :)

2. Oh, Pretty Woman - Roy Orbinson

Ah what a beautiful song :) Touches your heart and soul. On that note, you must watch the movie as well. Richard Gere, Julia Roberts and love. Need I say more? 

Fun, love and tons of admiration all in one song. Roy Orbinson plays around with his words and voice :) One of my favourites from the movie. 

"Come with me baby, be mine toniggght"

That's all for today. Hope you enjoyed it! Happy Week!


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Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Print Miss

I'm actually writing this post as I stare at the pile of books strewn across the bed, waiting to be studied. Yes, my exams are one (end semester) and I will still blog. That's how much I love my blog and you guys. <3

I'll save the rants for another post but here's something I tried the other day and thought I had to document it to show you le stuff. Also, follow me on Bloglovin' and leave your links below for me to check it out. You don't want to miss out on my future posts know?

How to wear Print on Print?

1. Try playing around with the same colour family. Especially when you are just starting this trend, make it a point to use colours of one family. 
2. If you'd like to be bold and experiment with contrasting colours, go for contrasting prints, maybe small and big ones. 
3. Have at least one solid colour in your outfit. This will definitely help you look subtle and not so in-your-face (not that it's a bad thing). Solid tones bring about a great blend of texture with prints.
4. Jackets, blazers, vests, scarves and such outerwear are amazing for print on print outfits. They add a dimension to your print on print. You can also experiment with a patterned blazer and pant and a solid tee. 
5. Who said print on print stops with clothing? There's no limits. Go ahead and play with prints on your accessories, shoes and even phone covers. There's no stopping you!
6. Avoid mixing more than 2-3 prints together. While they do not stop themselves on the runway, I personally feel it looks a lil' weird and overboard after 3 prints. However, you can do so if you feel you can carry it off with style. 
7. Walk confidently and be sure of what you're wearing. Your confidence is your best accessory. 

What I've done for this look is: I decided to play with prints. So I worked with a circus print and a tribal-esque chevron one. Added a solid cobalt blue colour which was common to all the pieces of the outfit, paired with a scarf of the same colour with light hints of floral lace. Went with white shoes to tone it down and wavy hair in a side hair-do. Added eye shadow and a lighter shade of red for the lips to add colour to the face, however as you can see, the eye shadow doesn't take away the focus from the outfit because I didn't cross the crease line. Toned down the eye liner with almost a thin non existent line. 

Outfit details: 
Jacket: SS, Big Pocket Tee in Russian Circus: American Apparel, Pants: Local boutique, Scarf: c/o Elle,  Shoes: c/o ZOVI


You know I loveee you <3

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Elle Fashionwear - Spring/Summer 2013

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you'd know that Elle Fashionwear held a Chic Instinct meet for Bangalore bloggers. It was nothing less than fun, with makeovers and macaroons; tarts and colours. Must say that it was worth the long distance that I had to travel to get there. The gorgeous folks at PR Pundit welcomed me with smiles and gracious compliments and I knew that I was instantly going to enjoy this. Absolute delight interacting with Elle staff as well as the lovely people at Jean-Claude Biguine who gave us ladies a makeover. 

We tried on the stunning pieces from the new Spring/Summer collection at the brand new store in Indira Nagar and of course, got some pictures clicked. More about what I wore and the after makeover look in the next post or so. However, I was in awe with the collection and rather than chatting and dabbling in such things, I began clicking with my camera. The pieces were unique, summery and absolutely delightful to wear. The prints are appropriate for people of all sizes. The only problem I had was with the sizing. They have sizes till about XL in most pieces. However, the first thing I look for in a store these days is sizing. So, I noticed that they didn't have XXL and so on in many pieces. Of course I expressed my concern to the staff and they graciously accepted it and said that they are working on it. What I loved was, they said: "We want everyone to be able to wear Elle. There shouldn't be a person who walks into our store and doesn't find anything to wear." That should be the attitude. I hope that they get bigger sizes in the future :)

However, the collection was nothing short of brilliant. With a beautiful blend of neon and pastel and fruity and floral, their Spring/Summer line will have you falling in love. I'm definitely saving up to invest in some of these pieces. 

I'm going to let the pictures talk for now. 

If you want to reach me for a review of your store or latest collection, email me at info@thesonshu.com or Twitter/Facebook

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Music Monday - 8

Hello beautiful people,


It's that time of the week again. Monday.
Everyone dreads Mondays. Who wants to get back to mundane daily routine after a relaxing weekend? NO ONE. 
But, you've got to worry no more. 
The Sonshu will brighten your Monday, with new songs every week. 

Check in at 7:00 am IST every Monday, and play your day along.

1. Stay- Rihanna

This song has been everywhere for a while now. I remember first hearing it the day it came out. I fell in love with it instantly. There's something about it that'll keep you going back to it. You'll have it on loop like I did. Co-written by Mikky Ekko and Justin Parker, the lyrics will pierce your heart in all the right places. Beautiful tunes and gorgeous words morphed together, you must listen to this. 

2. Home Again- Michael Kiwanuka

I think this song didn't get the recognition it actually deserves. The music, his voice and the lyrics. Home Again has everything going for it. Yet, it's like the underdog. You'll feel kicked and pumped as you go on listening to it. There's times when everyone feels low, you feel down and sad. Listen to this song! It'll revive you. You'll feel strong again. 

3. Save You- Simple Plan

Simple Plan always reminds me of high school. I remember loving them like crazy in the 9th grade or so...and then it just stopped. I'm so glad I rediscovered my love for their simplistic music which literally touches your soul. What's amazing is how they write about daily problems, their songs are so everyday-ish, and they'll stick with you in every situation. Check out this beautiful one. 

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