Monday, February 18, 2013

Grey Rabbit

Hello there gorgeous people, 

I've been submerged under piles and heaps of work and assignments considering it is the end of another semester. Let us not talk about it?

Lately seems like everyone is going on diets. Don't get me wrong. There's nothing wrong with it, but honestly sometimes it just gets overboard that I'm like AAAAAH. "Dude, I'm going on a diet. I need to get rid of 15 kgs," one person says. "Sure man, I also need to! Let's diet!" the other one replies. And both of them are perfectly normal for their age and height. 

Today we were talking about body image in class and I instantly recollected the various instances where I've spoken about how essential it is to feel comfortable in your body. I know it is important to stay fit, (which I need to do as well) but going overboard with diets is horrific. There was this period when one of my friends would just eat 'a' chip all day. This is disturbing. I cannot get over the fact that the society will never overcome the perception of beauty in its head. Why does it have to be thin and fair? (Let us not even get to colour, that is another issue in itself) Why can't people feel comfortable in their skin? Why is it so hard to accept your body when you were born that way (Line from Lady Gaga). 

I don't think I'll respect the society till we stop with all these labels. 

Moving on, today's outfit is rather simple in terms of appearance and perfect for the undecided cold weather that Bangalore has. I love beanies. I love winter. I love winter wear. Considering we don't have a proper winter here, mom says I should consider moving to a cold place looking at my extensive winter wardrobe. What I love best about this outfit is the dress. Obviously I paired it with opaque tights. I know they look like leggings but trust me, they aren't. Also wore my beautiful thrift find coin necklace and bow. 

Go see: 

Outfit details: Scarf worn as dress: American Apparel; Waterfall Cardigan: Allen Solly; Tights: Zara; Bangle and Beanie: ZOVI; Bow: The Sonshu Store; Silver bracelet, Necklace: Thrifted


P.S: Title is because I thought I resembled a rabbit. I'm weird like that. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

White, Red and Floral this Valentine's Day!

Inspiration is funny. It comes along at times you least expected and changes your life in a way you'd never have imagined. 

Over the past few weeks I have come about to learn so much and have had many 'realization' moments where I've just randomly gone into retrospection and figured things out. Thinking about it seems creepy but they've definitely helped me understand things around me and sometimes even myself better. I think that's necessary, for survival. Comprehension is essential to live.

Moving on from that; I'm here with my second and final look for Valentine's Day. While the previous look was a little unconventional with using non-traditional colours, I decided to have the pink, red and white combination in this outfit for those who want to go the Valentine-sy way. I've just paired this vintage red skirt with a floral cut off top. Added the cardigan because it was super chilly and if you are going out for a date, this will be perfect. Wore my comfortable loafers because nothing feels more amazing. Wear a chunky necklace to finish the look or you could even wear a circle scarf!

For the hair I went for a subtle bouffant, but you could go for a more dramatic one too. For the lips, I went with something in between a pink and red. Burgundy or baby pink are great colours too this valentine's day! Don't be afraid to experiment. Feel confident and walk with style. 

Have you taken part in my VALENTINE'S DAY CONTEST YET? Win a shopping trip to MAX worth Rs 3000! Ends in 4 days.

Le New Big Pocket Printed Tee, Loose Cardigan: American Apparel; Vintage red skirt; Ring : Splash; Bracelet: Flea market; Necklace: Vendor from Jaipur; Shoes: ZOVI


Saturday, February 9, 2013

CRAZYSTUPIDLOVE Valentine's Day Special Contest!




When I was contacted about Max Fashion's new line, I was ecstatic because I do love MAX and why? Because of the affordability and amazing designs. MAX is one of those stores that everyone can afford, yet they don't compromise on quality or design! 

This Valentine's Day, 'The Sonshu' and 'MAX Fashion' gives you a chance to win a Rs 3000/- gift voucher from MAX Fashion!

What you have to do to enter?

1. Leave a comment below stating: 
What's the craziest thing you have done for love? 
Your love can be a person, or perhaps even a hobby. Get creative, because there's no boundary when it comes to loveee! If you haven't done anything yet then go ahead and cook up a story of what you would do for love?

2. Like 'The Sonshu' on Facebook

Leave a comment down below with your answer and Facebook name! 

Don't forget to follow MAX FASHIONS on FACEBOOK and their WEBPAGE

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Contest ends on 16th February 2013

Open to Indian residents only!


Contest brought to you by:


Monday, February 4, 2013

Retro Valentine

Hello there gorgeous people, 

Valentine's Day, is over-rated according to some, while others count days to this holiday. I'm not particularly a fan of it, but the reason I love it is because stores fill their racks with heart goodies and I get to pick up tons of them because I love hearts! Anyhow, I thought it was only fair that I do valentine posts for people who are celebrating it. I'll be showing you two looks that you can wear this valentine's day. Will be doing this over a series of two posts. This being the first one. 

Valentine's day is usually associated with red, hearts, roses and kisses. While I usually would wear something like that; I think this season you should do something radical and maybe not wear what everyone's wearing. If I was to go for a dinner date, or perhaps a formal valentine dinner with a bunch of friends, I'd wear something like this. 

What I've done for this look is: I've picked up a very retro-esque top with ruffles and pleats and to go with it I've gone for a side bun with a hint of curls in the front to frame my face. And the hair is also something very retro. To add to the elements, I've paired this black and white colour blocked top with white loafers. Wore my boot cut pants because I wanted to give this a back-in-time feel. Finished it with some valentine-y ness by adding the heart scarf and purple sling! And you're good to go. My theme was purple, black and white. You could even pick perhaps greens and blues and add white for a softer effect. 

For the face, like me you could just apply basic eye shadow and maybe some mascara to add to the flirtacious look. Don't forget to add some pink lips to finish your look. 

What do you think?

Outfit details: Ruffle and pleat top: c/o [HERE], Colour-blocked top: c/o American Apparel [HERE], Heart scarf: Brigade Road, Sling bag: Leather store in Mumbai, Shoes: c/o [HERE]

Till next time,

P.S: Another super special Valentine's Day post coming up next. Stay tuned :D
P.P.S: Huge shout-out to Mommy for the constant push, motivation and for being my patient photographer. <3
P.P.P.S: Did you notice the bokeh hearts et all? :P