Saturday, January 26, 2013

Shine bright like a diamond

First of all if you've come here thinking the post is going to be about Rihanna's latest number: Diamonds; then you are wrong. Obviously I've talked about it in one of my past Music Monday posts but this post definitely ain't about it. 

However this post is definitely sparkly, shiny and all about YOU. 

I was recently invited to hang out at the You Shine store in Bangalore. I remember You Shine when there was this period on twitter when they had just started off and everyone loved them and were talking about their trendy pieces at affordable prices. Often these days it is hard to find trendy jewelry and accessories at prices that won't damage your pocket too much. You Shine comes into picture at this point. With a vast collection and an unbelievable variety they have spot on accessories that are constantly changing with trends. 

You Shine is the brainchild of Monika Pal Sood and Ashish Sood, they not only have stores all over the country but also operate from an online portal for those who wish to be treated luxuriously with amazing collections at their doorstep. With 4 stores in Delhi, and a store each in Karnataka and Maharashtra they are growing extremely fast. 

Here's a picture tale of my visit to the YouShine store in Bangalore. 

You can see how the display was all 'shining'.

Galore, galore, accessories, bags and what not galore! Isn't this what paradise is supposed to look like?

Earrings for various occasions, from studs to danglers. 

Necklaces and statement pieces were in plenty and I literally had to hunt for what I liked because everything was so pretty.

Colour is something You Shine definitely doesn't lack! What a visual treat! 

This tasseled bag was a beauty, I couldn't stop holding it and running around. Not to forget the envelope slings. So preeettty.

You gaiiiz know my compulsive obsession with owls? Well if not here's me telling you. I had to capture all the owls at the store. What a delight! 

The staff at the store were extremely helpful and made looking around a lot more easier for me. Mom was eyeing a few pieces too and we both definitely have a mental list of what we are going to buy the next time we head there. 

Why I love You Shine?
Store+Online Store makes life easier
Amazing collection of trendy pieces
Great staff
Variety of each kind to choose from

What I think would make 'You Shine' sparkle a little more?
I noticed a majority of the rings at the store weren't adjustable, while a few were; I wish all of them were. People with chubby fingers like me love rings too you know? 

Store rating: Thumbs up! 

Have YOU SHINE(D) yet?

You want to shine?: You Shine


P.S: I was compensated for the review but this did not affect my opinions in any way. 

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Red Riding Hood

'With every bar of success, comes a basket with many obstacles' 

Sometimes I feel that it is what makes the stream and flow of things so hard. You win some, you lose some but you've ought to learn how to choose what you want to look at and how you want to deal with it. I think I sound very philosophical, but the tone I'm going for is something more subtle and realistic. Things that you and me face and have to overcome every day. In the past few weeks I've come to realize many things. In fact it is kind of funny how you feel like such a baby and suddenly you turn eighteen and things seem to have changed so much. For the better or the worse? That's for me to decide know? 

Yes, I'm finally eighteen and I felt the need to say this because it is like this funny awkward yet awesome moment in life that you want to treasure forever. I loved my seventeen too much and I have way too many expectations of this year. Well, maybe. Also, I found that I realized the importance of love this birthday. The feeling of being treasured is amazing. The pots and bundles of love that my family (Thank you for the 'SPECIAL' gifts mom, I know you are reading this) and my amazing friends gave me has made my soul so happy and obviously that results in some extreme screaming bouts and deafening of the neighbours. Also, thanks to all you delightful people who remembered and sent greetings et all. How adorable! *Hugs*

Moving on to today's outfit. You know how much I love winter and now that we've reached that phase where we have sudden onsets of icy days contrasted with bursts of heat; I'm always on the look out for the colder days because I have way too many winter clothes and I love them. I love my mufflers, jackets and boots! So this chilly afternoon I pulled on my red winterrrr-y muffler which was such an eye turner let me tell you. I can say for sure that everyone on the road looked at me like I was a Christmas tree. But then again, do I give a damn? Paired it with a flowy skirt and all black makes Sonshu a happy person. 

Outfit details: 
Muffler: Zovi, Wristlet: Zovi, Top: Zara, Skirt: Vintage, Necklace: Birthday gift from Sneh, Bangles/Bracelets: Here and there.

Channeling my inner Red Riding Hood. KThanksBai. 


P.S: It's been a week after the birthday and I'm still ecstatic. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Blue-Black Polka Twirl.

Yes, it's that time of the year again when all stores have red signs of joy hanging all around with 50%, 60%, 70% off! Yes, it's SALE season. Lately I've been seen so many fellow bloggers/friends going shopping all thanks to the sales. I must say, I always try to go check out some stores in particular which are my favourites during sales. Online stores too have amazing discounts during sales. The point here however is: how do you manage not to be a broke person after your sale hoarding? Especially when your monthly budget is limited (like a student), or you prefer to save but still love to shop. 

The Shopaholic's guide to preventing the 'Broke because of Sales phenomenon': 

1. After you spot a product you like, do a check to see if the same product isn't available anywhere else at a better price.
2. Estimate the price difference/discount in the product from the original price to after the reduction. 
3. Always check for damages, defects which are very common during sales. 
4. Never go shopping during peak hours, you definitely don't want to be crushed do you? 
5. Practicality is essential. Sometimes sales are really tempting, but determine if the product is actually wearable and practical.
6. Think of at least five different ways to wear the product, if not more. If you can't think of at least five ways, then you definitely won't wear your product. 
7. Check for seals, tags and always try. Sometimes and in some stores they don't allow you to try on clothes during the sale season. So carry a pair of clothes that fit you well or even better, carry measurements. 
8. Wait. Some stores drop their sale prices lower after a while, so it's a good thing to wait sometimes. 
9. Budgets are essential. Before the sale season begins. Keep a budget and put the rest of your money away and 'Do NOT touch it'. 
10. Keep bills or write down expenditure to keep track of the amount you are spending. 

Happy Shopping!

Now go ahead and see what I wore a few days back. I made it a point to experiment with my eye make up so I did a winged shadowy eye with winged liner. Yes, it felt pretty amazing twirling in my gorgeous chiffon dress with my amazing ring and chunky bangle. Oh, the oglers can take a hike. I'm going to strut because I can. 

Outfit Details: 
Polka Dotted top: Zara
Maxi worn as skirt: c/o American Apparel
Scarf: Street Shopping Find
Bangle: c/o Zovi
Swarovski Elements Ring: c/o 21 Diamonds

P.S: Ignore the creases on my chiffon dress, it's hard for me to maintain the well pressed dress especially when it's so twirly and I'm jumping around like a kid! 

About the stores featured in this post: 

21 Diamonds is an online store to shop jewelry: silver, gold etc. [IGI/GIA certification, BIS hallmark) They have two basic parts: 21 Exclusive and 21 Style. Obviously the latter is the lesser priced range moreover based for the younger generation, while the Exclusive is timeless and eternal. The website is authentic and the customer care is extremely efficient! They have a variety of items from rings to earrings to necklaces. Also, you get to customize your jewelry. How cool is that? 

ZOVI is currently having a huge sale, amazing products at the best prices! Go ahead and check it out now! Hurry :) 

Check out the Sweatshirt Guide on American Apparel here.

What are your SALE shopping tips so as to ensure that you are not bankrupt by the end of it?! Leave a comment and let me know.


Write to me on: info(@)thesonshu(dot)com if you want to feature your product/store, or for any help/queries! You know I love to hear from you!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Striped Smiler

Hello 2013 and hello 2013 folks, 

Creepiest opening line ever or what?

Alright, don't give me that menacing stare? I was just going through my last fashion post and I saw that I'd said: 'Have tons lined up' and when I say that I mean lots of ideas to be implemented. But what can I do when my camera suddenly crashes on me? To top it, the service people decided to take forever with fixing my lens. Anyhoo, my baby is back now and I am pumped to get started. (Will not jinx it)

Today I'm going to talk about flaws. With being a fashion/style blogger comes stereotypes and assumptions. People generally think that we're perfect. But that is definitely not the case, because we're human and humans aren't perfect. 

We have our pajama days, our bad hair days and of course flaws that we usually tend to morph and cover because we've become so used to the angles of posing and all. Anyway, today I decided to just be normal and not too posey so you will definitely see my flaws, fatness and what not? But hell I don't care because that's what I am and it's something I'm proud of not something I should cover. I've repeatedly spoken about body image acceptance and having said that I wanted to show you'll that I embrace my body and it's what makes me confident in life outside blogging as well. 

Outfit Details: 
White and Green Cotton Top: c/o Zovi
Pants: M&S
Shoes: Flea
Bag: Pondicherry
Necklace, earrings and bangles: Assorted and Vintage

What's so lovely about looks like these with a casual tee and coloured pants is that they are so comfortable and wearable to college or for a casual outing. Nothing too OTT, yet extremely stylish. The makeup was kept simple, all I did was used subtle eye shadow and topped it with light liner, also went light on the lips.

Till next time,
Sending lots of love
Title reference: Smiler is a word I created for people who love to smile.