Saturday, November 2, 2013


Hello November!

Diwali is about fireworks to some, sweets to the others; new clothes to some and family gatherings to others. But to me, Diwali is always that time of the year when I get money from friends and family to ‘buy clothes’, what do I do instead? Buy books. Lots of books. It’s just another excuse for major book hauls to happen. This November is going to be all about reading, movies, blogging, and keeping calm. We often get carried away by the hustle bustle of daily life, constantly rushing from one place to another and always running to achieve our goals and dreams. But once in a while it is necessary to stop and evaluate. To stop and breathe and think and feel everything around. It’s uncanny, but beautiful. Fills you with a storage zeal and serenity that reflects in your work and personality.

And here’s a surprise for you, watch it and tell me what you think. 

I love making videos, just that I don’t often make it because of lack of time or someone to film. Bugged my brother a little too much to take these photos and shoot the video. So glad we did it. I like how it turned out, what about you? 

I’m back from my trip and pictures will be up soon. Thought I had to share this before the others because it’s Diwali and all you see? Being festive in my own weird way. 

Top & Skirt: Stolen from Mom
Waistcoat: Gifted
Necklace: Stalkbuylove
Bangles: Here and there 

Photography: Shashreek Iyengar

On that note, Happy Diwali!


  1. You lovely and very traditional c:

  2. That skirt is super cute =)

  3. Hi there! Very nice post!!! Like ur video!! Keep making them.. Happy Diwali to u!! Have fun... :)

  4. I can totally relate! My vacations just started too, and this time I am looking forward to a lot of reading, writing and introspecting. Good days are here ^.^ Btw, lovely outfit, so experimental and awesome! :D

  5. That skirt is pure gold, man. And that turban wrap you did gives it such an unconventional touch. Love!

  6. You look AMAZING!
    Your eyes are breathtaking!

    Thanks for lovely comment!


  7. love the skirt!

  8. I absolutely love your style, you are gorgeous!

    I just followed you on GFC. If you want, we can follow each other on other platforms. Just let me know!

  9. Cute skirt! The print is lovely! I'm also loving your layered necklace!
    Sincerely, Sara

  10. I love the video you posted here. What a lovely skirt! Happy Diwali :)

    If you have time, please do visit my site. Thanks!

  11. Just watched your video, how cool is the music!? Super sweet necklace too. <3

    Tara xo

  12. What a cute skirt and you are so pretty!

    Have a great day,

  13. Videos can be a lot of fun, but yea, they are very time consuming to make. Thanks for sharing your video and happy Diwali! I actually just bought a book over the weekend. It's Sharp Objects by GIllian Flynn.

  14. i love the video..i love love love the styling look fab..i want to dabble in videos but i lack time and enough hard disk space for all the necessary softwares and all..and belated happy diwali!

  15. So in love with your blog,really! I've just discovered it and I've been kept by your unique and amazing style, you got one more daily reader honey, I think your style fits perfectly with mine and I find you so inspiring, if you want you can have a look to my blog too, and maybe if you like it we can also follow each other, just let me know and congrats again, you're having such a great job :)

  16. nice post sweety! and nice blog..would u like to follow each other?? follow me and i will follow u immediatily back..
    come to see my new post sweety..enjoy it! ;)

  17. Absolutely quirky Diwali look! Love the skirt and all your accessories! Hope you had a joyous Diwali..

  18. I think great taste in styling is in your genes, cuz your moms skirt is amazing.
    I love the entire look.

    The Style Cocktail

  19. aww i love your blog sweety :)
    i add to my last outfit video, too! love your style!
    hope we can be friends! i'm aneta & i follow your blog!

    anecia & roses ♥ blog

  20. well, your theme for the month of November sounds just perfect to me! i like the way your mind works Sonshu :) reading about your experience to be present makes me think you might appreciate this video. i recently discovered it myself and loved the message of mindfulness.

    thanks for visiting me, wishing you a wonderful rest of the weekend! ♥

  21. you look fantastic <3 your look is so so sweet :) <3
    I just added you to followers ! <3

  22. Nice video Sonshu..You should bug your brother more often! Love the skirt as well...

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  23. You look awesome! The video you made is so fabulous. I know I'm late but Happy Diwali. I've been in the same place as you. I just wrapped up a book and I have two new ones on my shelf. I'll start one tomorrow. Just taking it easy and enjoying life. You're doing the right thing.

  24. I love the festive you!!! Specially the turban & the jewellery!!! <3

  25. You can't go wrong with books :) Hope you had a happy diwali!

    Mili from Call me, Maeby

  26. loved this bohemian look. Kudos to your style sense. That necklace is a stunner!

  27. Hey darling ;)
    Love ur blog <3

    I'm following u via gfc and bloglovin !
    Hope you will follow me too !

    Have a nice day,



  28. Love the Video Sonshu!
    And more than that, love your style.