Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tropical Paradise

be young and be wild
just feel alive,
it’s just you and the sun, it’s just you and the sun now baby

I love literature. There’s something about it that makes me feel alive, connected and happy. I’m so glad I get to live literature through my course. Not just knowing its history or authors, but actually feeling it and believing it. It’s a beautiful experience and I can’t begin to describe how much I enjoy these classes. Also,  the fact that I’ve loved dance and music all my life, you all know. Doing a paper that gives me perspective in the field of art makes life all the more brilliant. Of course I’m not going to miss out soldering, radio and the fun writing parts. I love my course. I do. 

It’s been a month since I blogged. I have so much to say, so many photos to share, but the time seems to run away. I’m really going to try and be as regular as possible, on my blog and yours. Bear with me?

Summer 2013 came and went. But I can’t get over it. 
It’s almost like I want to relive those magical moments. It’s almost like I want to go back and see if I’d make the same choices. It’s almost as if I’m no willing to accept that the year ran by without my knowledge. So I’m breathing it again, with clothes.

there’s something about the green
swirling and intertwining with the blue

there’s something about your smile
grabbing and playing with my heart

there’s something about those eyes
calling and piercing me from within

there’s something about last summer
making me twist and turn all winter 

Outfit details: Cap, Crop Top, Cardigan, Drape skirt : American Apparel



  1. Me likey like the outfit!!! <3

    And welcome back... ;)

  2. I know you won't believe this. But yesterday I visted your blog and thought, it has been so many days and she has not updated anyth. And today I saw your comments on my blog! and really beautiful lines..

    here’s something about last summer
    making me twist and turn all winter

  3. glad to see you back!! :D
    and hey, even i love literature!! ;)

  4. Looking lovely, splly in the 1st pic. :)

    Welcome bk and share the rest of photos n stories too ...

  5. That tropical print hat is awesome! I love the bold color and print :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  6. beautifully written! liked the outfit too:)

  7. beautifully written! liked the outfit too:)

  8. hey sonshu! i knew you were busy with your internship, so i thought you gave up blogging. i really miss your posts. hope all is well. thank you for your comments on my page. Debi is on my personal fb page. i don't know if you have one, but if you want to send me a friend request please do so. we were blog buddies before and I only allow certain people on my page. would love to stay in touch. the link is below.