Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Weave it, Werk it

The internship has begun. I have to say, Journalism isn't what you think it is when you'e a kid. And the next time someone says: 'Oh, you're doing an internship in a newspaper? That must be fun, do you do work?' I WILL PUNCH THEM. Trust me. 

The best part about internships is that you get to see what each profession is like before you actually get into it entirely. So it's a great learning experience. 

I shot this outfit during the exams with the intention of blogging. But, I just got loaded with so much work that I couldn't. The outfit is rather subtle for my likes. I mean, I played around with the hair as I always do, and kept the rest of the outfit rather basic because I've been into plain things lately. I think it's something I'd wear to a flea market. Or the likes of it. 

Outfit: Scarf and Jacket: c/o MAX Fashion, Shoes: MAX Fashion, Top: Zara, Pants: Debenhams

MAX Fashion has a great range of Spring/Summer clothing. It's super colourful, and very seasonal. You must check it out. Found some lovely pieces. From printed pants to colourful crop tops and jackets. Even their kurtis are really nice. 

 However, I wish they had bigger sizes. Hoping they hear this and try do something about it! A couple of friends have been saying the same to me too, after they checked out the collection. 



  1. This is amazing! Even though it's a little basic, (so unlike you), you have managed to add a splash of colour with the small blasts of neon and yellow. So pretty! :)

  2. I love the head wrap that you've done!
    And I know the whole internship thingy too - spent 3 years of grad school doing them. But honestly, the experience you gain is reward enough.
    All the best with it, darling :)

  3. I love the way you've worn your scarf..!

  4. Eeeek! Your shoes just called out to me!!!!! Must head to Max Fashion ASAP! (Also, I've been having BIG somethings for anything neon lately....!!)

  5. loved the shoes and the scarf... u r looking lovely.. all the best for ur internship girl!

  6. HaHa Sonshu! Hang in there girl! It's a great way to find out what you like and don't like. Great outfit and I had those exact same shoes only in black. HaHaHa I gave them to my mom. Not sure if she still has them.

  7. Hope the internship is going well :) Love the head scarf !

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  8. this may be simple according to you but i love it!the head scarf and the simplicity with a twist of the outfit makes my heart leap with joy!!!when the internships over maybe you can write about how it was..

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  9. hi !:) i love your blog!

  10. i love your blog

  11. Totally love your scarf & shoes! :)
    Simple, but nice outfit! :)
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  12. Love your look cute..

    Are you in Delhi? Where are you based?