Thursday, May 23, 2013

Laced in memories

'Pack light,' they say. 

I'm one of those people who carries her world in her bag. You never know when you'll need what okay? But for the recent trip to Ooty, I decided to keep it minimal. I packed light. Ok maybe not light, but it was lighter than what I usually do. I played smart by taking outfit changing pieces, versatile ones, lots of necklaces and accessories to dress the same outfit differently etc. It worked. 

I ended up not having to carry a heavy bag, but at the same time didn't compensate on my style. Of course I even had enough space to push in some shopping. 

This look is the evening look of the first day. I was supposed to do the morning one first but look at the gorgeousness of this lace top and the necklace, and my darling shoes. Not to forget the awesome background. I wore the gray top and black knee length cotton pants through the day and changed the other details on the outfit. 

Since this look was for the evening and we were just roaming around sightseeing, I decided to wear lace. Lace can be very dressy which is perfect to add to a simple outfit like this. Of course the gorgeous gold accessories made my work easier. 

Can we just take a few moments to talk about Stalkbuylove? Along with great collections, they now have a customization option. What I'm wearing in this post was customized for my size. So the top fits me perfectly! How amazing is that? No more size woes. Also, you guys must check out their accessories. The necklaces are to die for. Of course, the new collection is pretty amazing too. 

Outfit details: Lacy Affair Top: c/o Stalkbuylove, Xena Neckpiece: c/o Stalkbuylove (OUTOFSTOCK), Tee and shoes: Zara, Sheer socks: American Apparel
Bangles and ring: Flea market

On a side note, kudos to all those working people who manage to post often. During the course of this internship, I have realized what actually goes behind it. And, OMG. 

Also, I'm not apologizing for the lack of posts, but I am going to post like crazy after the internship. I have so much to share with you'll :* 





  1. Those tights are the perfect detail to snazz up the outfit. Definitely appreciate! Looking forward to seeing some pictures from your travels, darling!

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  2. Aaah! Lace is always something that makes me go weak in the knees! <3
    Loving your gold accessories - specially the necklace!!!!! And looking forward to the other Ooty posts! :)

  3. Hey Sonshu! HAHAHA I've been in that kind of packing dilemma before. I use to carry everything except the kitchen sink. I learned quickly when I had to travel during my 1st professional job. It's usually just 2 pairs of shoes with outfits i intend on wearing. It's an art! You fine tune it as you get older. Love your lace top! Looks so good on you. Also like the side braid hair. Take care doll and can't wait to read your posts.

  4. I love those sheer socks!! are they like pantyhose or shorter than those???

  5. this is a fabulous outfit..i have seen this customisation thing on their site..still haven't tried it out yet..

  6. interesting look, love the while wid gold accents.

    customised clothes? that sounds cool

  7. aah lace is so in..and it works like magic..when you team it right.. great look :)

  8. OMG, that Xena neckpiece is awesome! And I totally love your tights too. And I don't usually pack light either. I have extras of everything...because you never know when you're going to need extras! :)

    Oh to Be a Muse
    Shop Layered Muse

  9. Beautiful lace jacket!! Good luck with ur internship!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog

  10. That lace blouse is sooo pretty! I love it! :-)

    P.S. Enjoy your internship/busy life while it is going on. I've been where you are, but right now I am blissfully free and not complaining and I guess it's true, the grass seems greener. However, like you said, you'll have so much to write about, in the coming posts.