Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ramp Ready TRESses

Hello there,

Today, I wanted to address two questions I'm often asked:

"What's your hair care routine?" & "How do you do such different hairstyles in each post?"

Let me tell you this: My hair care routine changes depending on the day and the type of hair I want for that day. Makes sense? I know that you're supposed to stick to one shampoo, but let's deal with it, I don't. I have three favourite shampoos that I often go to. One of them is undoubtedly TRESemmé.
 When they first came out in the market, I was instantly drawn to their black packaging. I'm a total sucker for black. Also, their prices were pocket friendly and well, who doesn't want to experiment?

I remember trying the Frizz Control shampoo and instantly fell in love with it. It was during winter when the weather was all dry and literally sucked the life out of my hair. TRESemmé came to my rescue. Then they came out with Hair Fall Control too, which again proved to be just as amazing as Frizz Control. At first I bought the tiny bottles but later, I got the huge ones cause I knew I'd be sticking with TRESemmé for a long time. So when they came out with this salon style campaign, I honestly wanted to try and see if it would work. I know this sounds like a commercial, but it's not. Trust me, it does work. I don't know what's about it that makes it so amazing but after a shower with TRESemmé your hair has so much volume and shape.

Recently I've been experimenting a lot more that usual with hair. Considering it's summer, I cannot tell you how hard it is to have long hair. It's all over the place and you get all sweaty and Bangalore for some reason has been giving out way too much heat this Summer. I literally have to keep my hair off my face all the time, and I cannot imagine not wearing buns and braids. When I watched the TRESemmé India interactive style videos (click on it to experience it yourself), I was motivated all the more to go figure and try out newer hairdos. TRESemmé now gives us girls the opportunity to fulfill our dreams of having salon like hair at home, and of course treat that street like your runway. 

Here's what came out of my attempts at trying new hairdos especially for the summer, looking chic, stylish and at the same time feeling comfortable. (Since I have wavy hair, I stuck with the Hair fall control and Frizz control for these looks)

Voluminous Quirky Braid

I learnt this easy way to achieve a voluminous braid through their amazing style videos in a few seconds. It's not only simple, but extremely fun to style as well. You can wear it with a long flowy blouse, or even a pretty dress and twirl around to look dainty and gorgeous. I'm calling it quirky because I added the little hand made flower clips to the braid to give it some colour and a twist. It goes without saying that TRESemmé products added the instant volume. 

Twist and Twirl

I used two of the tutorials and mixed it into one for this hairstyle. The Athena braid and the side sweep mixed with my classic low messy bun. This hairdo is great to channel your inner boho girl with the twists and twirls. You can wear it to the beach or even flea markets. It'll be an absolute hit with your friends because it looks so complicated but literally takes 3 minutes. Wear it with a maxi or a printed top to bring out the best!

Classic Messy Bun

Who doesn't love buns? HAHA. I'm not talking about the food, I'm talking about the one on you hair. They are fuss free, classy and help you add that oomph factor to any outfit, simple or dressy. A classic messy bun like this adds an effortless touch and gives a great structure to your face. Again, it looks pretty complicated but took me 5 minutes, bobby pins and a little teasing. That simple? Wear this with denims or even a formal shirt to work and you can be casual and work-y at the same time! Doesn't it look like something off the ramp?

Festive Bun:

This look takes 2 seconds if you've achieved the previous look. All you do is add a little bling to your bun with a bun clip. These days you get the fanciest ones in the markets. From bling bobby pins to clips like the one I'm wearing below. Everything is jazzy and you can instantly transform your work hair into festive hair. Everyone at that wedding is going to ask you which salon you visit. You should just say: "I use TRESemmé" :) Simple? You can also add real flowers to your hair to enhance the bun and bring out the ethnicity. 

Mega Bob

I had so much fun doing this look. While it isn't as simple as the previous look, it did take me about fifteen minutes which is pretty cool know? A lot of times we wonder how models have short hair in one show and long ones in the next. I'm not saying they don't use extensions, but a lot of times they use easy hair tricks like I did to achieve the look. When I want a change and don't want to cut my hair, I go ahead and try such things. Fun know? Added a flower hair band and I'm set to go. This look reminds me of a vintage poster for some reason. You can wear the mega bob with just anything- gowns, kurtis, tees and what not. Stun your friends with a day's transformation minus chopping your tresses. 

I have FIVE new RAMP READY HAIRSTYLES thanks to TRESemmé. I sure wouldn't have thought of trying this if it wasn't for IB's amazing initiative to rope in TRESemmé! Thanks for giving me a chance to feel like a diva with my #TRESemmeRampReady hair. 

Posted this on Instagram as soon as this arrived: 
Thanks to IB and TRESemmé for the products and competition. See, he's happy too? :D

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