Monday, April 1, 2013

Music Monday - 8

Hello beautiful people,


It's that time of the week again. Monday.
Everyone dreads Mondays. Who wants to get back to mundane daily routine after a relaxing weekend? NO ONE. 
But, you've got to worry no more. 
The Sonshu will brighten your Monday, with new songs every week. 

Check in at 7:00 am IST every Monday, and play your day along.

1. Stay- Rihanna

This song has been everywhere for a while now. I remember first hearing it the day it came out. I fell in love with it instantly. There's something about it that'll keep you going back to it. You'll have it on loop like I did. Co-written by Mikky Ekko and Justin Parker, the lyrics will pierce your heart in all the right places. Beautiful tunes and gorgeous words morphed together, you must listen to this. 

2. Home Again- Michael Kiwanuka

I think this song didn't get the recognition it actually deserves. The music, his voice and the lyrics. Home Again has everything going for it. Yet, it's like the underdog. You'll feel kicked and pumped as you go on listening to it. There's times when everyone feels low, you feel down and sad. Listen to this song! It'll revive you. You'll feel strong again. 

3. Save You- Simple Plan

Simple Plan always reminds me of high school. I remember loving them like crazy in the 9th grade or so...and then it just stopped. I'm so glad I rediscovered my love for their simplistic music which literally touches your soul. What's amazing is how they write about daily problems, their songs are so everyday-ish, and they'll stick with you in every situation. Check out this beautiful one. 

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