Thursday, April 25, 2013

Let The Anchor Be

Hello there,

I'm writing this post as I pack my bags and throw in some last minute essentials like shades and a hat. Yes, I'm off for a weekend getaway. A short one at that. I'm currently running all around my room and it looks nothing less than a mess. Trying to get everything ready and catch some sleep which I know won't happen. I blabber too much. YES? NO? Okay, don't tell me :P 

Thought I should show you this outfit before I scoot. It's pretty simple actually. Something I might consider wearing to the internship minus the makeup. Very writer-yy. Know? Must be the least I've spoken in a post. I'll let the outfit speak for itself? 

Outfit details:

Tee Shirt: Zara
Pants: Local boutique
Necklace: Flea market
Sunglasses: Aldo
Make up: c/o Joseph Dosh from Givenchy

Cannot imagine summer without the coolers. May the universe bless them. :P

Toodles loves <3



  1. Love the anchor print shirt and you look so cute!!!


  2. you look so pretty, i love your blog!! have followed you xx

  3. I can't believe this necklace is from a Flea Market.. it look so exspensive!.. love the anchor jacket too :) it's so cute!

    Lovely post doll :)

    I have followed you on GFC - if you're ever passing through my blog feel free to follow abck :)

    Love Em x

  4. You look super-pretty, you know that? :)

    The anchor print + the shades + the braid + the lip color - all seems made for you!!! <3

    Enjoy the vacay! Will await pictchaaaaaassssssss!!!!

  5. Buh-Bye Sonshu! Have a great weekend trip doll! Great outfit! Loving that necklace. Toodles! HaHa

  6. Nice shades...

  7. I love the shirt! Have a good trip :)

  8. Love that anchor print! A weekend getaway, how exciting. Hope you have fun!

  9. The anchors on your shirt are tres chic and too adorable! Have an awesome getaway!

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