Sunday, April 21, 2013

It Happened One Afternoon

Exams are overrrr. 

The joy of being done with them is just amazing. Not to forget that you're done with the sleepless nights and late night binge eating. Through the exams I hardly had a wink of sleep, it was rather funny how I'd be awake till 6 am trying to study and then go write an exam at 8.30 am. I almost forgot what sleep was. I'm not going to complain about the dark circles because I brought it upon myself. But I can't help it. I'm a night person, an owl (according to my psychology text). I just have to study in the night. Are you a night person or a morning person (a lark)? 

Point is: I'M BACK! 

Moving on from aimless exam talk, I was reading a book when this image randomly flashed into my head. I don't even know what inspired me, but I know that it was a little Old Hollywood inspired. Not sure how and why, but it happened. Instantly I put together the outfit I envisioned and voila I have a look for you. I had too much fun doing the hair. I've always liked change, maybe not permanent so what better way than to be able to make your hair short with some hair techniques. Added this black gown and a striped shirt to finish the look with a mix of modern and old styles. What do you think?

Outfit details: Gown: Forever New, Shirt: American Apparel, Flower: Street find


P.S: Title was a play on It Happened One Night by Frank Capra

P.P.S: Excuse the crinkled shirt. Chiffon is hard to manage okay?!


  1. I posted a comment, but I reckoned Google swallowed it. So here's my second attempt!

    I love this little bob coiffe that you have got, it's so lovely. And that red hairband is the perfect touch. Trust you to pull this off, little one. Loving it!

    Love, Miffalicious. []


  2. You have cut your hairrrrrrrr! Nice!!

  3. Eeeeeeeee!! You MUST tell me how you did that hair!
    Old Hollywood indeed! One of my most favorite outfits on you!! :)

  4. hi dear! I just found your blog and I love it! love your style too :)..would you be interested in following each other via gfc and bloglovin? I always return the follow..let me know please



  6. great and congrats! perfect you're back!
    love your look :)
    happy sunday!

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  7. Ha! I know that feeling! I had the same problem last week..studying working studying working and sometimes sleeping :D
    Sadly I'm both morning and evening person but you can forget me throughout the day :D

    xoxo Minnie

  8. you did NOT cut your hair. this is trick photography *prays*
    It happened one night is my favouritest movie ever.
    You look like a classic hollywood actress with that flower on your head and the editing.
    My love for you is overflowing too!
    And lots of same pinches for all the alike-ness!!
    Thankyou for the lovelllyyyyy comments, love!

  9. Hey Sonshu! Congratulations on finishing your exams. I so remember those days. It's always a big relief when they're done. This is a great look. I was reading your prior post and there are so many ways to style your hair. It's great to have options. Your hair is just gorgeous!!! Loved the way you styled it here.

  10. So happy to hear that you have finished your exams! And I really like your Old Hollywood inspired hair style for this look. Very cute.

    And I'm actually a morning person, although sometimes I'm a bit of a night owl too.

  11. My first comment? I suppose so :P
    Anyhow, I got a mini heart attack when I saw the hair.
    Re-read the damn paragraph twice to make sure you hadn't cut your pretty hair.
    Fab as always honnneeyyy. Great job :)

  12. Congrats to your exams and I like that flower in your hair. Have a great day.

  13. Love your OOTD and hair! Will definitely be coming back to read more posts! :) Have a great Sunday.

    awn @

  14. I totally love this look, the hair, the shirt everything...You look so adorable..

  15. how did you do the hair?!and i love it all

  16. You look absolutely stunning in that hair do.
    This is so different and fresh :)
    love it!

  17. Love ur blog..something different n its fun:)