Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Her dream was now reality

She took a step into the light. It was a new path, uncharted territory. She looked at the Frangipanis as the sun pierced her hazel eyes. 

She had no makeup on. Not a hint of pink or blue. Bare, yet clothed in maroon. The light dancing through the strands of brown and black on her head. Long chains dangled from her neck and hit against each other making music. Her nails were painted pink and mauve and stood boldly against the black geometric print wallet she clutched. 

The uncut grass poked her feet, but she walked on, in search of the dream. Slowly she began running towards the forest. The animals passed her, unable to get through the bubble she'd formed with her power. A nasty blue creature tried to snatch her chains but she blew it away with goodness. 

She ran without a break, the magic clasped tightly in her palm. 

Then it was there. The ray of hope. Her dream lay right in front of her sparkling in all its glory. She crawled towards it with all her might. Her knees bristled against the hard surface and blood oozed. Her eyes were red with pain and struggle. But her lips curved into a smile.

 It was over. The struggle. 

Her dream was now reality. 

Sweatshirt: American Apparel, Wallet: c/o ZOVI



  1. Girl......you wield magic with one sweatshirt, one wallet & these beautiful words......brava! :))

  2. this is beautifully written. :)

  3. You need to publish a book! Love your necklace and clutch. :D

  4. I like the idea of how you turned the outfit post into a little piece of fiction :) Nicely done!

  5. Great post! Cute wallet!

    Radha xoxo

  6. i LOVED the write-up along with the post..and you look great!!the chain necklace and wallet and the top..love..<3

  7. loved the text, and its so well connected with the look

    thats a nice clutch and why dont we have a full shot of u Sonshu?


  8. Love the colour of the top - suits you so well.

  9. Love what you've written..so deep and beautiful!
    Love the wallet by the way!