Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Looking like rainbow barf


I must say that the impromptu blogging vacation or break was amazing. WHO AM I KIDDING? I missed blogging tons. So let me be honest, college happened, assignments, tests and hence no time happened. Thinking about the scenario, I can't really say it was a vacation. I haven't been on the blogosphere for over two weeks and it's March! This year indeed flew by fast know? 

However, I have been working a lot on my writing and also doing shoots for the blog etc. So now that I'm all pumped and kicked to be back, there's going to be a lot of posts. Sometimes I just get so exhausted after college that I just want to sleep. But I can't sleep, so I just lounge around. #LIKEABOSS.

Why you should look like Rainbow Barf?

1. Colours are cool. 
2. Rainbows are ultra cool.
3. People think you are from another planet
4. You look like an artist's palette
5. Instant therapy: Makes you happy

What's weird is that, if I told someone they looked like rainbow barf they'd probably be offended to the highest degree. See? My sense of humour is just creepy. I would just jump and be like "So cool yo" if someone called me rainbow barf. Now you can just jump to the pictures before I turn you deaf. 

Now that I've rambled enough.

Top and Pants: Gifted, Scarf: American Apparel, Bracelets: Here and There, Shoes: Zara, Bag: c/o Youshine (NOW ON SALE)




  1. welcome back! i missed you girl! lol, you so do not look like a "rainbow barf" (love your blog post title). those colors look great together doll. i love your blue top w/that yellow scarf. those heels are really cute too. hey, i did a post on Kareena Kapoor & the Taj Falaknuma Palace Monday and I wanted your input. I was also looking for Debi, but she's not around either. hahahaha I didn't know much about either, but would love to hear your thoughts on both whenever you have time.

  2. I'm all for looking like Rainbow Barf, dear! I don't care what people think...but I look like I'm rubbed myself against a rainbow most of the times! :P

    Loving the colors...and those shoes look hawt! <3

  3. I wouldn't call you rainbow barf at all. Even if you wanted me to!
    But you are gutsy to wear so many colours at a time!



  4. You look great...I love colours too. Though some of my so called friends think it is too much, but who cares!

  5. Love the clash of yellow and blue. Looks amazing. Also, that you kept your lips subtle. :D
    Looking forward to more fashion posts. :D

  6. ahh i am loving the bright look so good in these!

  7. Rainbow barf :D:D:D

    And you need to tell me where you got those pants! :O

  8. Absolutely adore this darling! Totally replicating the look asap!

  9. I really love the quirky clash of high-intensity colours, it's fun and summer-y! And the trousers are lovely xx

  10. Love your primary colors here! Great fun spring look.

    xx Missy

  11. You have pulled off the myriad of colors with absolute style missy! Great styling, S!


  12. I just love the yellow scarf. I am definitely on for colours and considering Holi up soon, well timed Sonshu!


    Just love your Yellow scarf ! I am definitely on for colour and considering Holi up soon, a well timed post Sonshu!

  14. I love rainbows too you know! Love the colours! The shoes..I want!

  15. How do you pull off being a rainbow barf so well?:p
    Seriously peppy look, and the colours don't seem to clash at all! Well done!:)

    Shubhi's Revels!

  16. Just found your blog dear. Love the color combo of your outfit :D

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    Hope you can partecipate, I will be so grateful!

  17. You look cute and adorable <3


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