Saturday, March 23, 2013

Layered Colours

Time is funny. Sometimes it's unbearably slow; and other times it's zooming by. Funny how somethings seem so hard because of lack of time. Funny how you might have to compensate on doing one thing you love, for another you love equally Funny how time won't budge - 24 hours is all you've got. 

You can't bargain, you can't fight. You've got to accept it and live with it. 

Time rules you. 

You can rule time too?

After that random rant ^

Hello earthians, 

Let's jump to the pictures right away? I've got some summer hippie vibes being channeled. :P Don't you want to see?!

Today, I'm going to introduce you to Indiebazaar. 

Indiebazaar is an online retail store that provides independent artists and designers a platform to express their creativity. They deliver amazing goodies to your door and help make the entire online shopping experience all the more unique for the seller and the buyer. 

When they sent over goodies, I instantly instagrammed/facebooked them. :D Literally like delivering smiles, it arrived safely with great packaging and within 3 days. Obviously, I was overwhelmed. 

What's great about Indiebazaar is the collection. They have such a vast collection of shoes, bags, wallets, apparel, and even home decor. Everything has a touch of art and creativity and you can fill your wardrobes and homes with these splashes of colour! 

Their website is pretty easy to navigate through as well. I must say, I loved their shoe and jewellery collection. Loved the chunky necklaces and the pretty and different shoes that make them stand out from many other websites out there today. 

From traditional and ethnic to modern and western, you can find everything on Indiebazaar and it caters to everyone. What's more? They have stationary! If you know me, you'd know of my loveeee for stationary. Was I excited or what, when I saw that they had stationary. Such pretty ones at that. I've added so many of them to my wishlist and will soon be buying them. 

The mix of quirk and classy is what makes Indiebazaar a great place to shop at. 

Find Indiebazaar on Facebook

Outfit: Crop top, Sash: American Apparel; Necklace c/o Indiebazaar; Pants: Debenhams; Tank top: Thrifted; Slippers/Shoes/Jhootis: Flea market

Be back soon



  1. Love your statement necklace!

    Sita xx

  2. I love your Look.
    Also the neckpiece is amazing!
    Thanx for introducing us to indiebazaar!

  3. Aww you cutie! That neckpiece is fab. Rushing over to check Indibazaar now!


  4. Me like the hippie you!!! <3
    Eyeing the necklace! And yay for Indiebazaar! I'm one of their sellers as well! :D

  5. Thanks! For some mysterious reason I cannot comment on you last post, which I liked. You've got beautiful hair! :) I hope you'll drop by again and maybe follow? x

  6. Hey Girl! Just joined you on Bloglovin! Yaaay! That's the way I'm keeping up with posts. So thanks doll! Sonshu, I love your outfit! Fabulous color on top and black underneath. Loving those sandals and your necklace! Indiebazaar has EVERYthing! I think that's so fabulous. Have a great weekend doll and stay cool.

  7. love the neckpiece!!!!

  8. Gosh how I miss being on this space.. I barely get time..sorry for that..

    But I love the neckpiece.. its gorgeous.. and u my hippie .. lotsa lov :*

  9. i love the head band and neck piece..the hippie vibe..i am checking that website out..

  10. The neckpiece and the colours in the pic..I love!

  11. I have noticed that ever since I have started working, there has never been a day, I could think time is moving slow..So enjoy it till you can Sonshu :)


  12. cute!!

    and loving the colours. And girl, totally loved ure braids in the Dove post. U look gr8