Thursday, March 28, 2013

Flower Head

When I came up with this outfit idea, it was 2 am. I'd just finished a packet of Oreo and a bottle of iced water. Thoughts flashed through my head. 'Why not get a flower head?,' I thought.

...and then it happened. 

Mid way, the flowers started falling of my head and it made for the perfect flower rain. Except, you can't really see it. Considering, I didn't ask mom to do stop motion or anything. 

If you're wondering why I cropped the top (literally). It's because I love crop tops. Besides, I always look for ways to bring about twists to normalcy. So crop your top in 4 seconds. Cool. NO? Faiine. 

I've drooled over Indiebazaar and their pretty products in the previous post. You'll told me that you checked it out and loved it. So wohoooo! SCORE. 

If you're clueless, then I'll tell you anyway. Indiebazaar is an online retail store that brings together independent artists to share their art with the world in the form of jewellery, accessories, shoes, clothing, home decor and what not! Some of my favourite artists on Indiebazaar are:

Candle Cafe (Candlesss. Need I say more?)
Crunchy Fashion (Love the amazing jewellery! So trendy and pretty) 
Drop Dead Gorgeous (Necklaces. WORD.)
Grass Rootz (They have some amazing clothing items)
Howrah Bridge (Quirky meets classy. You'll fall in love)
Le Monto (Not much of a collection, but what they have is good) 
Madhuri Mamgain (Art meets fashion. Pure brilliance)

...and there's more. 

So you can imagine. Head to Indiebazaar NOW.

The poofy bun has become a summer essential. Why? 

1. Keeps the hair sweat free.
2. Takes me less than five minutes to pull together.
3. Goes with everything (legit) that I wear. 

Outfit deets: Shirt: c/o ZOVI (Not available anymore, but you can find many similar ones), Dress worn as skirt: thrifted, Bag: gifted, Necklace: Westside, Bangles and Bracelet: c/o Indiebazaar via Crunchy Fashion

ZOVI just got their new collection for the Spring and Summer. I'm totally loving some tops and dresses. They're in various fun colours, and amazing designs too. Pretty unique and different. What's best? They're so affordable. 

You must check it out! Hurry. 



  1. So fabulously spring, Sonshu! Love the hair-do best, with the flowers et al. :)


  2. Love it, specially that flower crown :) Springy and pretty !

  3. Great outfit! I love the pink touches.

  4. Love the pretty pink top & prettier pink flowers!! ^_^
    Come summer...I'm a bun person too - easy, hassle-free & versatile!!

    And I LOVE YOU for the Howrah Bridge shout-out!! You are the bestest! Thanks!!!!! :D

  5. those flowers look so pretty in your hair! sonshu, you look great in pink doll. love the ruffle in your top. great bracelets too! i just love the whole look!!! hahaha very pretty!

  6. Great idea! Perfect for spring and a way to brighten your day

  7. Love the idea of the flowers around your bun. It looks so cute!

    E x

  8. Cute DIY flowers in your hair; absolutely perfect for the spring! Also, I like the skirt and crossbody bag! :)

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    Shop rad clothing, accessories, gifts, & home - both new & vintage @ Madefabulous

  9. Pretty! Love the accessories you chose! You gotta love yourself a bit of arm candy hehe :D <3

  10. The pink is such a pretty colour on you! And the bun is definitely a summer staple- even better with the cheerful flowers!

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  11. So pretty and girly !! cuteness personified

  12. so cute look!
    Emma xx

  13. I love your blog!!!

  14. Elegant and pretty, Sonshu! Love the new blog header!

  15. Love the look! so summery and pretty :)

    - Sayali

  16. Hi!
    you're looking very pretty!
    I've just discovered your blog, following you!
    visit mine and let me know if you like it ;)
    kisses from Spain,

  17. Fabulous. And I am saying fabulous for the following 3 things:
    The new look and header/
    The flower head(Im doing a lot of these myself)/
    and your supercoolness :D

    Shubhi's Revels!

  18. i love the of my college friends accidentally opened my instagram in my phone and saw this pic 1st and was like "who is that?you?"..i felt like laughing so hard!i said "no no it's a blogger friend from bangalore"..i love the idea of the look great in this combo..

  19. Wow, that is such a cute outfit...too good..Love the top..Love what you are earing in your hair...Perfect!

  20. One of my favourite posts of you! You've gone from goth to girly in one post.

  21. Adorable headband and lipstick. Love the photo effects too.

  22. love the pink and black combination

  23. Only you can pull off something like this and still look like a diva. Adore.

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  24. Pink looks so so cute on you!!!!
    Happy Friday!

  25. This color looks great on you! You look beautiful! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  26. Beautiful pics . Lovely color .