Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bye Bye Split Ends, Hello Beautiful Hair!

The importance of braids in a girl's life is undeniable. If you've known me long enough, you'd know of my undying love for long hair and pretty braids.

When I was a child I used to sit in front of grandma and wait for her to braid my hair. After which, I'd carefully remain still so as to keep the braid intact. She'd braid my soft and silky hair into two side braids and add ribbons at the end of each. I would nod my head to see them jiggle and play around the entire house. My cousins remind me of this image till date because my braid was bigger than my head. It's like a love story that's still on...

Though I'm not that little girl anymore, I still love braids. Constantly on the look out for new braids and being called the 'braid queen' just goes on to show how I love braids. From fishtails to boho ones, I can wear a braid everyday and never get bored. The other day, I'd worn a fountainesque fishtail braid to college and someone asked me: "You do this to your hair everyday? So much patience?" and I replied, "Braids make me happy. Why wouldn't I like to braid my hair everyday if it makes me smile?"

Trust me, there's nothing you CAN'T do with a braid. From formal to casual, flea markets to luncheons, you can rock a braid anywhere. 

But all this is irrelevant when your hair isn't braid-worthy. Right?

As a child I always had medium length hair. But it was soft, silky and definitely split end free. Obviously if you've seen pictures you'd know that for the past year or two I've been going strong with long hair. It's something about the beauty it adds to your personality that draws me towards it, repeatedly. However, it's not split end free all the time. 

Long hair has a tendency to be prone to many problems. Most importantly split ends. With the heat, pollution and chemicals we put our hair through; it tends to become home to split ends. 

Split ends are a common problem for many people. From short hair to long hair, everyone goes through this phase at some point or the other. This occurs when the protective cuticle is destroyed at the end of the hair. The hair tends to split into two or more strands. Many people say split ends cannot be cured unless you chop them off and get rid of them. 

Dove surprised me yet again with a new solution for split ends. 

What they say:

The Dove Split End Rescue Shampoo is a part of the Dove Damage Solutions range, specially formulated to help bring split-ends together. It has fiber actives that work on the deepest level of your hair, to give you up to 4x lesser split-ends

When you have split ends, the first thing you want to do is cut your hair. But, I suggest trying Dove's Split End Rescue System instead. Magical solutions in a bottle. 

I have been dealing with crazy amounts of split ends because of change in weather and extreme stress. It was like fairy godmother had arrived, when Dove came out with this new range. I instantly grabbed it and have been using it for 2 weeks now. 

After using Dove's Split End Rescue System range, I must say that it's been nothing but nostalgia and happiness. I've gone back to feeling my soft and silky hair. I love looking at the perfect endings of my braids and every single time they bring out a smile on my face.  

While I must say that my split ends haven't entirely gone away, they have lessened and the endings have become softer and smoother. No breaks in your long tresses, say goodbye to them with Dove's new split end rescue system.

Everyone has bad hair days, everyone goes through hair problems, everyone has hair fall, everyone has crazy hair days. Dove clearly understands this for their wide range of solutions cater to all of these days. To everyone. I've been a fan of Dove for years now, it's like a family thing to use Dove. 

What's amazing about Dove is the pampering effect it brings on after a long shower. From the time I was a kid, mom would always buy Dove because it was most trusted. When I grew up, I decided that I wouldn't move on from it because it was my trusty fairy. It was always there. 

When you go to a shop and look for shampoos, you see black ones, pink ones, yellow ones and even green ones. But for me, it's always the white one. DOVE. From the damage therapy to intense repair and now split end rescue, Dove is a family name to me. It always will be...

The Dove Split End Rescue System Therapy
As suggested by Sonshu

1. Keep your favourite candles burning around you as you step into the shower. 
2. Play some light, relaxing music in the background. 
3. Pour the Dove Split End Rescue Shampoo into your palm in accordance with your hair length. 
4. Massage it gently onto your scalp and wet hair. 
5. Dance around for about five minutes. I usually pretend to ball room dance to Leona Lewis music. 
6. Rinse the shampoo with warmish cold water. 
7. Sing along to a Bruno Mars number. What I typically do is to sing to 'The Lazy Song'.
8. Grab the Dove Split End Rescue Conditioner.
9. Pour it into your palm according to your hair length. 
10. Massage this through the length of your hair with a shimmy hand movement so that it reaches every strand of hair. 
11. Dance to 'Thrift Shop' and show some hip-hop moves. 
12. Now you can wash this off. 
13. Put on your bathrobe and sit amidst the aroma of your favourite scents. 
14. Listen to Rihanna's 'Stay' and look at your new silky, smooth and strong hair in the mirror. 
15. Now, you have Rapunzel like hair, and of course your sweet scent will be impossible to ignore. 
16. Put the Dove Split End Rescue System Shampoo and Conditioner on your shopping list and SHOP AWAY! 


Yes, Dove is spreading smiles and happy endings. :D I'm happy! Are you?




This post was written for the Indiblogger and Dove contest.