Monday, February 18, 2013

Grey Rabbit

Hello there gorgeous people, 

I've been submerged under piles and heaps of work and assignments considering it is the end of another semester. Let us not talk about it?

Lately seems like everyone is going on diets. Don't get me wrong. There's nothing wrong with it, but honestly sometimes it just gets overboard that I'm like AAAAAH. "Dude, I'm going on a diet. I need to get rid of 15 kgs," one person says. "Sure man, I also need to! Let's diet!" the other one replies. And both of them are perfectly normal for their age and height. 

Today we were talking about body image in class and I instantly recollected the various instances where I've spoken about how essential it is to feel comfortable in your body. I know it is important to stay fit, (which I need to do as well) but going overboard with diets is horrific. There was this period when one of my friends would just eat 'a' chip all day. This is disturbing. I cannot get over the fact that the society will never overcome the perception of beauty in its head. Why does it have to be thin and fair? (Let us not even get to colour, that is another issue in itself) Why can't people feel comfortable in their skin? Why is it so hard to accept your body when you were born that way (Line from Lady Gaga). 

I don't think I'll respect the society till we stop with all these labels. 

Moving on, today's outfit is rather simple in terms of appearance and perfect for the undecided cold weather that Bangalore has. I love beanies. I love winter. I love winter wear. Considering we don't have a proper winter here, mom says I should consider moving to a cold place looking at my extensive winter wardrobe. What I love best about this outfit is the dress. Obviously I paired it with opaque tights. I know they look like leggings but trust me, they aren't. Also wore my beautiful thrift find coin necklace and bow. 

Go see: 

Outfit details: Scarf worn as dress: American Apparel; Waterfall Cardigan: Allen Solly; Tights: Zara; Bangle and Beanie: ZOVI; Bow: The Sonshu Store; Silver bracelet, Necklace: Thrifted


P.S: Title is because I thought I resembled a rabbit. I'm weird like that. 


  1. hey you lookin cute <3
    nd i loved the way you have styled the scarf .

  2. loved this ensemble, i am still thinking how did you drap your scarf as a
    and ya even i agree one needs to be healthy from inside rather then just being thin...

  3. LOVE the way you've worn that scarf as a dress! And the shoes & the bow too!!! You make one hellava cute rabbit! ^_^

    And yes...........I. Can. Never. Diet. So I get what you are trying to say...

  4. hey sonshu! great post doll! it boils down to self esteem issues. i can talk about this because i've been there. in high school i dated this guy that felt i should "look" a certain way. one of which i should be a certain size. so i would literally bring 4 crackers and 1 slice of cheese and that would be my lunch. i got super thin! no breakfast, crackers & cheese for lunch, and dinner. never got so where you could see my bones protrude or anything. but one day he grabbed my arm and he felt the bone. THEN he said, you need to eat MORE! well, i should've never let it happen in the first place. :) if i thought MORE of myself, I would've told him to hit the highway! hahahaha

    i LOVE this outfit on you sonshu. you look gorgeous from head to toe! the hat, dress, and leggings look awesome together. so pretty!

  5. Ah I love that bow. So cute and so you!
    Such a fun outfit.


  6. Nice dress..About the diet thing, tell me about it..I keep cribbing...sick of it myself.

  7. nice outfit;) i like it

  8. Adorableness Alert!
    Love the bow and the beenie, they both make your outfit super cute:)
    I totally agree with you, being comfortable in one's own skin is a kind of happiness very few experience. And fad diets make me go Grr.

    Shubhi's Revels!

  9. You look gorge and girly!
    I love the beanie and the
    cute dress c: xx

  10. I totally agree to u, stereotyping is really bad. Interestingly, i WAS just reading an articel today: The beast called 'beauty'. You must read it:

    u looking great :)

  11. you and your thoughts, both are beautiful! :)

  12. Oh my god, WHAT?
    that is a scarf?
    Couldn't have guessed that, look beautiful as a dress.
    and that bow <3
    accessorized it so well!

    Much Love,
    Modish And Muse

  13. The scarf wrapped over the cardigan is really creative. I think a lot of people are talking about diets now because it's the beginning of the year. Let's see if they're still talking about them in a few months. :)

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  15. "I don't think I'll respect the society till we stop with all these labels." <--- I've never agreed with something so throughly. I loved this post so much, it was such an interesting read. I have to admit that I sometimes go a bit overboard with diets. I'm a huge health freak though, so everything I do/eat is healthy :D

    As for your outfit, I LOVED it. It is so so creative, and I can definitely relate to your 'lack-of-winter' situation. It's so warm where I live, which is horrible for me because I love winter wear!

  16. i know a girl who was surviving on liquids for a few months..what is horrible being around these people is that they try pointing fingers at your and other people's weight to feel good about themselves.i hear you and vociferously echo your sentiments here..
    i love this outfit.and the 1st photo rocks.

  17. Nice post Sonshu. And as usual I agree with what you said.
    I could have never guesses that is a scarf!
    Plus I just noticed your "about me" section,I love your full name as much as Sonshu (if that matters)


  18. Wow..i really love the looks really cute. my winter wardrobe is big as well, but sadly cant wear it as much..thnx to mumbai weather.:(
    n i too hate the labels our society gives. ..but i still need to lose those extra 10 pounds. following u now.


  19. you look amazing
    very nice outfit