Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Striped Smiler

Hello 2013 and hello 2013 folks, 

Creepiest opening line ever or what?

Alright, don't give me that menacing stare? I was just going through my last fashion post and I saw that I'd said: 'Have tons lined up' and when I say that I mean lots of ideas to be implemented. But what can I do when my camera suddenly crashes on me? To top it, the service people decided to take forever with fixing my lens. Anyhoo, my baby is back now and I am pumped to get started. (Will not jinx it)

Today I'm going to talk about flaws. With being a fashion/style blogger comes stereotypes and assumptions. People generally think that we're perfect. But that is definitely not the case, because we're human and humans aren't perfect. 

We have our pajama days, our bad hair days and of course flaws that we usually tend to morph and cover because we've become so used to the angles of posing and all. Anyway, today I decided to just be normal and not too posey so you will definitely see my flaws, fatness and what not? But hell I don't care because that's what I am and it's something I'm proud of not something I should cover. I've repeatedly spoken about body image acceptance and having said that I wanted to show you'll that I embrace my body and it's what makes me confident in life outside blogging as well. 

Outfit Details: 
White and Green Cotton Top: c/o Zovi
Pants: M&S
Shoes: Flea
Bag: Pondicherry
Necklace, earrings and bangles: Assorted and Vintage

What's so lovely about looks like these with a casual tee and coloured pants is that they are so comfortable and wearable to college or for a casual outing. Nothing too OTT, yet extremely stylish. The makeup was kept simple, all I did was used subtle eye shadow and topped it with light liner, also went light on the lips.

Till next time,
Sending lots of love
Title reference: Smiler is a word I created for people who love to smile. 


  1. You look lovely. And you're probably the most honest blogger I know (at least in your gen), which I really appreciate. Brains, beauty, and good character. Adoration.

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  2. You are such a beautiful person Sonshu! Love the second last pic!

  3. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  4. the colour of the pants is really cool!! :)

  5. You are so cute! I am a new follower on GFC, I hope you will follow me back. Happy New Year from Rome.

  6. the pants look great !! We are what we are n people read us for that !! I too have my pajama days and don't hesitate to share them on social media !! Have a great year ahead !!
    P.S –If u have time hop over to my blog and check my new post !

  7. Oh! I missed you, girl!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here's to a fabulous 2013! Cheers!

    Also, I LOVE your pants! And yes...none of us are perfect, and I think that's what keep us all together! ;)

  8. totally cool casual!!!

    happy new year girl!!

  9. haha, totally not a creepy way to start a post! I've had far worse. FAR WORSE.

    I love how you used so many different fun and bright colors! That's one thing I've gotta work on with my own outfits--sometimes I just wear such dark clothing! You look great. :D

  10. The combination of a striped top with the striped bag is adorable, love the pretty colours in your look!

  11. Girl, I love ur look, love your style and more importantly love ur GUTS!Keep smiling, never change, never lose a kg for anyone other than URSELF.

  12. Adore your outfit!! :) Happy New Year Love!!


  13. Happy New Year Sonshu! :)

  14. you look amazing. i adore your style and confidence :)

  15. Great casual look and colour combination!


  16. Way to go dear!! Confidence is all that matters, and you look great!!

    Many kisses
    ♡ Jaslin from

  17. Nice Look , loved the chunky bangle. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  18. So adorable, Sonshu! I love that second last photograph, your smile is just so cute.
    And welcome back :)
    Happy New Year!

    Much love

  19. I like the color of your pants and the cute shoes. Simple yet good look!

  20. You're great just the way you are Sonshu! I love all the colors of the outfit put together. Great ensemble!


  21. I'm exceptionally in love with your bag. Can you give me more information about the brand, please? It's gorgeous :)x

  22. oh sonshu happy new year!love the outfit ..that jacket is awesome!

  23. you've so nice smile dear :)

  24. Awesome color combo! Love the glam fur.

  25. Yep! No one is perfect. Glad you got your camera fixed. It's funny being without it. Love your outfit. Your necklace and pants are so pretty doll.