Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Blue-Black Polka Twirl.

Yes, it's that time of the year again when all stores have red signs of joy hanging all around with 50%, 60%, 70% off! Yes, it's SALE season. Lately I've been seen so many fellow bloggers/friends going shopping all thanks to the sales. I must say, I always try to go check out some stores in particular which are my favourites during sales. Online stores too have amazing discounts during sales. The point here however is: how do you manage not to be a broke person after your sale hoarding? Especially when your monthly budget is limited (like a student), or you prefer to save but still love to shop. 

The Shopaholic's guide to preventing the 'Broke because of Sales phenomenon': 

1. After you spot a product you like, do a check to see if the same product isn't available anywhere else at a better price.
2. Estimate the price difference/discount in the product from the original price to after the reduction. 
3. Always check for damages, defects which are very common during sales. 
4. Never go shopping during peak hours, you definitely don't want to be crushed do you? 
5. Practicality is essential. Sometimes sales are really tempting, but determine if the product is actually wearable and practical.
6. Think of at least five different ways to wear the product, if not more. If you can't think of at least five ways, then you definitely won't wear your product. 
7. Check for seals, tags and always try. Sometimes and in some stores they don't allow you to try on clothes during the sale season. So carry a pair of clothes that fit you well or even better, carry measurements. 
8. Wait. Some stores drop their sale prices lower after a while, so it's a good thing to wait sometimes. 
9. Budgets are essential. Before the sale season begins. Keep a budget and put the rest of your money away and 'Do NOT touch it'. 
10. Keep bills or write down expenditure to keep track of the amount you are spending. 

Happy Shopping!

Now go ahead and see what I wore a few days back. I made it a point to experiment with my eye make up so I did a winged shadowy eye with winged liner. Yes, it felt pretty amazing twirling in my gorgeous chiffon dress with my amazing ring and chunky bangle. Oh, the oglers can take a hike. I'm going to strut because I can. 

Outfit Details: 
Polka Dotted top: Zara
Maxi worn as skirt: c/o American Apparel
Scarf: Street Shopping Find
Bangle: c/o Zovi
Swarovski Elements Ring: c/o 21 Diamonds

P.S: Ignore the creases on my chiffon dress, it's hard for me to maintain the well pressed dress especially when it's so twirly and I'm jumping around like a kid! 

About the stores featured in this post: 

21 Diamonds is an online store to shop jewelry: silver, gold etc. [IGI/GIA certification, BIS hallmark) They have two basic parts: 21 Exclusive and 21 Style. Obviously the latter is the lesser priced range moreover based for the younger generation, while the Exclusive is timeless and eternal. The website is authentic and the customer care is extremely efficient! They have a variety of items from rings to earrings to necklaces. Also, you get to customize your jewelry. How cool is that? 

ZOVI is currently having a huge sale, amazing products at the best prices! Go ahead and check it out now! Hurry :) 

Check out the Sweatshirt Guide on American Apparel here.

What are your SALE shopping tips so as to ensure that you are not bankrupt by the end of it?! Leave a comment and let me know.


Write to me on: info(@)thesonshu(dot)com if you want to feature your product/store, or for any help/queries! You know I love to hear from you!


  1. Have I ever told you before how pretty you look when you let down your hair like that???

    And yes...I'm trying to curb my ever-growing temptations during Sale season too! So, as a measure am joining Tanvi on her shopping ban challenge while Sales are still on! Beat that!! :)

  2. Sonshu,

    Very sensible advice.

    Take care

  3. That skirt is such a beautiful colour! Love how you styled it <3

  4. You look so chic and cute...the whole outfit complements you.. Oh and the sale tips are a winner :D

  5. Love the blue chiffon dress - So puurrrty <3
    And yeah, sale time is here but I'm not going too crazy with everything - just a few pretty things :)

  6. THE WAY YOU'RE HOLDING YOUR HAIR, BRAVO. I fell for it like a guy would, literally! :P :D <3

    And hey, been such a lonnnng time! Hope you're good, great and that more pretty pictures are on the way! I loved the last combo of the pictures!

    Take care!

  7. Hello dear
    thanks for your lovely comment
    i love your sense of style
    just followed you on GFc 331 hope you follow back

  8. I love the way you did your make up! And no one blames you for the wrinkles in that pretty skirt- twirling around in it all day gives you the perfect excuse ;)

  9. Such a pretty blue skirt...Really nice. Do not know why I didn't get your updates. Unfollowed you and followed back..Hope this helps me get the updates now...And happy new year Sonshu...

  10. You look pretty! I love polka dots :)
    Have a great week,

  11. I love that blue Sonshu and those polka dots look pretty on you. Fabulous outfit my friend. I have a Pinterest secret board, where I pin all the items I "want". I try to match things up and like you mentioned above, see how many ways I can wear it. Surprisingly as I wait for the best price, I delete items. Stores are having awesome sales, but you have to be careful to make sure they didn't mark up the original price. It can be really tricky. Lots of gimmicks. Love the advice you presented in this post.

  12. Hey Sonshu
    You pulled of the skirt and the top beautifully. The polka dots look superb on you. And the best bit of your outfit is the studded wrist band. Loved it totally.
    Keep up the good work :)

    Vidhi :)

  13. Hey Sonshu
    You pulled of the skirt and the top beautifully. The polka dots look superb on you. And the best bit of your outfit is the studded wrist band. Loved it totally.
    Keep up the good work :)

    Vidhi :)

  14. Hi sweety, thanks for the great advice, I must remember it! You look utterly pretty, love the bright flash of blue!

  15. man i feel like crying..i am not shopping..i am saving to buy a new phone..i love the dress!

  16. this is the best color combo, which suits most Indian tones,and u look gorgeous !! I am not shopping either this time !! am determined not to go and check them out even !!
    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog !!
    Would love if you could check my new post !!

  17. Nice color on your skirt. And yes, definitely don't shop during peak hours. I only love to shop at the mall when not a lot of people are's so much easier that way.

  18. As the sale season is currently at it's height in Belgium, these tips come in very handy! Thank your for sharing a piece of your wisdom with us today :) Oh, and I love your outfit!! x

  19. I love the color of your maxi skirt - so vibrant and beautiful!
    Chic on the Cheap

  20. I like rule number four. I can imagine you teaching these rules in boot camp form and going "YOU DON'T WANT TO BE CRUSHED, DO YOU?" Also, number 6 is super true. One good outfit doesn't cut it!

  21. Beautiful look, love every part of it

    Please come and check out my latest post if you have a few minutes spare :)



  22. You look great!! And happy in the photos. :) I can't stand sales too!! It's always too tempting :P Sometimes I just have to avoid going to places with sales hahaha. Love the shoperholic guide babe!

    Many kisses
    ♡ Jaslin from

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  24. This was a really handy post - lots of good tips for sale shopping! Love the shade of your dress, it's gorgeous! xx

  25. Wearing a maxi dress as a skirt is SUCH a good idea, I'll keep that in mind. You look beautiful in the photos :) xx

  26. ah I always get caught up in the sales! thanks for the tips :)

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  27. thank you for the kind comment on my blog
    I 100% agree with these tips- especially number 5 I follow that whenever I buy new things
    you look great :)


  29. Sushi, what a pretty look! Love the eye makeup. Gosh, I wish I was as good!

  30. hey, i really like your blog :)
    you want to follow eacht other via gfc an bloglovin ?
    i would be happy :)

    love greetings, lucia

  31. You look so sweet, blue/turquoise tones are so suitable for you!!
    Thank you for your comment!!

  32. I love the combination of ble and black so much..breathtakingly refreshing!
    Really useful tips..believe me I have shopping till now but I know this fast is soon gonna break down and then this tips would be really useful!
    I would like you have a look at this post and lemme know your views

    My First Evening Gown!!