Monday, February 27, 2012

An everlasting journey with nature.

Childhood. Its a phase that's most awaited and most missed. We often don't remember those memories of us hopping and skipping around, but sometimes you do remember it, even if it maybe a blurred image. I'm lucky I can recollect the tiniest of details.

Those scorching mornings in Gulf, where we lived amidst an array of mountains. Wolves would howl all day and night. Curious, a couple of friends and I climbed the relatively smaller ones and tried to see if any harm would come. Every friday, a holiday, we'd camp near the mountains in the open garage and each of us would get a healthy snack. Our favourite of course was the one junk that we adored, french fries with kissan ketchup. We'd play games, and make new games of our own. We called this our very own adventure club.

Palm trees that were in every nook and corner, how we would run around them and have names for each one. Their leaves amused us, and so did their bark. It all looked so pretty, and I very well remember posing around the trees and the zillions of pictures that we took. Plants were something, as a kid I was always taught to respect. I even wanted to plant my own tree but on mother's advice I started off with a tiny plant. I took the seeds and did the experiment in a container. Watering it habitually every single day, and letting it bathe in the sunlight. I even asked mom if I could feed the plant some food, and she ended up having a good laugh. I can practically visualize how happy I was when my plant came to life and grew pretty big. I nurtured and cared for it every single day, but soon it was no more. After all it was just a small plant. Weeping when it was gone and begging that it be brought back to life, it was like my child.

But my childhood was a lot more than just mountains and plants. It was about the sunlight and the sand too. As a child, I loved the sun and sometimes really wished I could reach for it and give it a tight hug but I knew that it would only burn me. At school we'd play ringa ringa roses at twelve noon during lunch time when the sun shone up high and literally gave us energy. When I came home I'd run outside and ride my bicycle or play badminton with the friends. We'd enact Sonpari and run around aimlessly playing Hide and Seek and all of it when the sun was out shining. Parents would often say, 'Come in, you'll get tanned' or 'You'll get a sun burn beta' but none of it mattered. I had a strange connection with the rays of the sun and some sort of idealistic thought about it. The beaches are something I miss entirely, walking in the sand, making sand castles and declaring myself its princess. Bridges and waterways all of it around my castle, forts and soldiers.  
As I always say, malls can be built, beaches cant. 

It seems my journey with nature was not over, definitely not. 

Its been more than 6-7 years but I still continue to remain a nature lover. I take walks in the parks, long strolls at midnight staring at the moon and admiring its beauty. The fragrance of the wonderful yellow and pink flowers makes me smile even when I'm down. There's nothing better than sitting near the lake and reading my book. Or climbing the banyan tree and feeling like you are on the top of the world. Its all just bliss. My journey with nature continues, and I'm sure it'll prove to be a part of my life forever. After all there's no better nurturer than nature itself. :) All these experiences have proved to be 100% real and enriching!


This one is a definite ode and a salute to nature. For being there with us no matter what.

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

A New Day, A New Beginning?

Hello Hello Hello my lovely folks.


Thanks for the great response on the vlog. I will surely keep in mind all the tips and pointers the next time, and use all your suggestions too. Those who haven't seen my first VLOG yet, here goes: HERE! 

Welcome to the new followers. <3 you guys, you'll make me feel so loved. I've finally decided to do what I promised to a long time back. Yesyesyes.

So this is a very short post just to let you know that I have started 'The Wishing Tree' which is the name of the blog shop. And I request all of you to stop by and have a look. I've just started getting goods so there's a few things that I've handpicked from around the country and stuff. So yaaaaaaay. 

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Till next time,
soon enough
Love and more


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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Working your way around trends.

Food for thought: Don't you think we complain a little too much sometimes? If we aren't given breakfast on time, a big complain, when the teacher overloads us with work, we never fail to complain. Often we don't realize that there are so many people out there with nothing. Literally nothing, on the streets, but they never complain. They never fuss about the mosquitoes that are always around. Never crib about the foul smell near their hut. But even if they do want to complain, do we hear them out?

I'm not a huge fan of keeping up with trends and refreshing my wardrobe with the latest trends as such. I usually play around with whatever I have in my mind and work out a look. But today, I decided to put some Spring/Summer 2012 trends together and show you how you can work the hottest things around in time, yet retaining your personal style and there is absolutely no need to get a wardrobe change!  So these looks are OOTD posts, somethings I've worn recently. Summer is around the corner, I'm feeling the heat already. Damn it! I miss winter.

Look 1: 

1. Rule 1: Fashion has no rules. 
2. Pair a flowly cardigan or a jacket with a statement tee and jeans or shorts. Asymmetrical shirts, jackets, are totally what I'm feeling this season!
3. Its time to bring out those strappy sandals and flip flops in all shades and colours
4. Wear a belt to accentuate details
5. Nude lips and a High bun hairdo can never go wrong! 
6. Add a soft touch with a completely subtle bag with neutral shades or go colour block and try some pops of colours. 

Look 2:

1. Every girl's wardrobe has got to have one of these capes to pair with just anything.
2. Mint is one of my favourite pastel shades of the season.
3. Pair it with funky pants and you are good to go.
4. Kitten heels are rocking the spring/summer trends. 
5. Statement neck pieces are totally in. Its something that has continued from the Fall 2011. 
6. Oversized clutches or kitschy bags can be seen, so sport one and you are good to go. 

If you want The Statement Jail Bar Funk neck piece that I'm sporting get in touch with me on  I can have it customized with a writing or anything you want. 

Its the first piece at the SHOP THE CLOSET feature that I said I'll be starting soon. 

Tell me which look you are going to try for sure, and send me some pictures. I' love to see how you styled the trends. 

Till next time
Keep it stylish :)

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Move on is a phrase. Make it happen.

source: weheartit

'Alison, come here quick baby!' she heard him calling loudly as he just walked into their so called house. They'd just shifted together to try a live-in relationship after five years of dating. They wanted to take it on a more serious note as he always said and hence the big step. She moved into his place because it was his own while she was living in a rented one. Alison and Nevol were rather happy together. The lovey dovey couple that they were, everyone knew they'd make a great pair. 

Alison was working after completing her graduation, she desperately was trying to get into the university of her dreams to do a PhD, but till then she definitely wanted to support herself and never depended on 'Nev' as she called him, for her money. Nevol was working as a senior head at an architectural firm. He was head over heels in love with Alison, and with that came a lot of possessiveness. 

'Yes Nev? What is it? I'm rather tired today let me rest on the couch.' she mentioned slouching. 

'But baby you have got to come here and see what I have for you.' he said sounding excited. 

'Come upstairs Nev, I'm not going to walk all the way down the stairs now. Please darling!'

Nevol entered the room with a bang and saw Alison lying down on the couch with dark circles, looking tired and in no mood for any fun but it went unnoticed to him. All he knew was that he had to surprise her and she was going to love it. He knew it, that she was.

He went closer to her.

'Stand up Ali, cmon! Don't spoil the mood' he said sweetly.

'Please Nev, what do you want? I'm so damn tired after the most hectic day at college. You know I have that big event coming up dont you?' she mumbled.

'Alison Myers, I Nevol John hereby ask you to be mine forever, Will you marry me baby?' he asked sitting on his knees.

Alison was in a shock for a moment or two and then she regained consciousness and quickly looked his way, surprised that it was actually happening. She pinched herself and woke up with a start.

'Nev, what's all this?!' she asked.

'Baby, thats not the right answer, tell me. Yes or no?'

'Nev, why'd know....'

'Ali, I wanted it to be a surprise and I know I want you to be mine forever and forevermore, you complete me.' And with that he pulled out a small box from his pocket and opened it. In it was the most beautiful ring Alison had ever seen. It was a platinum band and had a heart shaped diamond on it. She loved hearts and he knew that.

'Oh My God. Nevol that's gorgeous.' she said in awe

'So....will you marry me?' he asked again. Before she could answer he went on and on. 'Alison, I got a transfer to London, we could go there and it'll be so much fun. You and me. We'll get married here in Rome like you've dreamt of it always and then we'll go to London, you know there's loads of shops for you there to shop like crazy. Baby I'll keep you so happy!'

'What?' she asked 'When are you going to London? How did this happen? Nevol, what are you talking about. Are you mad? What about my phd and parents, what'll they say?'

'I'll convince them. Leave that to me. You could do a phd somewhere there.' he said casually

'I can't believe this. Nevol its always about you. You have to have everything your way. You go to London for your job and I leave my Phd and go with you? You think I'm nuts? Not happening. All these years I've comforted myself with you wanting things the way you want them. When we go out, its to a place you like, I've to wear what you like. So what's the point Nevol? And now you want me to shift? Do you even think about me?' she screamed.

'Alison? I never knew you felt that way. Baby....I thought we were....' he said staring into the space.

'Yeah. How would you even know? All you think about is yourself. Have you noticed that I've not been well for the past 2 weeks? Every single night I've been vomitting and I'm feeling so weak. But no, you can't see it. I told you I went to the doctor the other day and didn't even ask what happened. Its pathetic Nev, I've been meaning to talk to you about this and you just decided that you'll freaking take me with you to London. You don't rule my life Nevol John. I'm done with this. With being treated like a darn puppet.' and then with that she stormed out of the room collected all her clothes and shoes and dumped them in a rucksack and a suitcase and left.

It was over.


3 years later.

'So how do you feel Alison? Better I hope?' She asked.

'Yes doctor. Its been 3 years exactly, since I left him and walked away. And it still hurts me to know what it did to him. I feel pathetic about myself. But its a lot better than how I was back then. I loved him doctor, but I couldn't live like that feeling like I meant nothing, like I wasn't worth it.' 

'Alison, its not your fault he got into a mess. Its not your fault he's in jail. ' 

'But he got into the drug business because I left him. I should have said yes doctor. I can't forget that. it pierces me. He's rotting in jail, with no one left. He spoilt his bright future.' 

'Alison. Relax. Take a deep breath. You have moved on Alison. you know that. David is giving you a life no one ever has. You love him don't you?'

'Of course I do. I have everything I've wanted, couldn't ask for more. He's the perfect husband. All i wish is that it could have ended in a simpler way. This has made life so difficult. For everyone. I feel I'm not able to give David the love he gives me.' 

'Alison, love comes and love goes. People change, times change. You have to move on. You have to accept these little things. Just understand that its not your fault, you cant blame yourself.'

And with that Alison walked out of the room, stepped out of the building and walked into the car that was waiting for her. She saw his perfect face, sharp features and the way he looked at me with all the love. 

'David. I love you truly. And nothing can come in between us. I'm sorry for making you go through all of this.    It won't happen anymore. I'm not Alison the girl who thinks about the past. I'm Alison who's going to love her life and her hot husband.' she said hugging him

*Sometimes, you have to let go of certain memories in order to take your life one step further. To uncurl yourself from the past, embrace the present and wait patiently for the future. Because what you have is what you truly deserve so make the most of it.*


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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

When health goes on the kart!

Hello great chummy buddies. 
Its been a while hasn't it? But I still wont make any definite promises. 

Today's inspiring image has to be:

She has been taking everyone by storm. 6 GRAMMYS? The girl is just mind blowing. Go ADELE! :) Yipeeee. To all the people that thought skinny was beauty. To all the people who still think thin is 'in'. Adele is AWESOME because its about the music and not the figure. 

So did I tell you about my first online shopping experience (apart from Flipkart of course). Well you would have known, had you followed me on Facebook like I told you to. You get inside scoops and random updates and funny quotes and movie reviews and what not. So go check it out. HERE.

Anyway, I stumbled upon this website on a blog and then read about it in a magazine and then I had to try it out. It looked very exciting. 

Yes, I am talking about HEALTHKART. Health Kart is an online retail store for all things healthy. Like fitness machines and skin products. I was rather happy to find make up products and some lovely brands so I went ahead and ordered it. 

Here's my experience. 

So I ordered as I said, make up products. Some liners and gloss. Basically I got some brands which I dont get in stores otherwise here and was super pleased to see that they had it there. We all love Cash On Delivery don't we? And I was super happy that they even had that option. Which made my shopping experience all the more fruitful. You can even pay by other means and you get great discounts. 

About 12 hours after I placed the order I received a confirmation call. Needless to say, I was super excited about the products and waiting for their arrival. And guess what? It arrived the very next day! 2 days? FABULOUS service. 

Smiley factors:

Cash on Delivery service
Wide range of brands to choose from
Quick Delivery
Free shipping above Rs 250. That's fine right?
Everything arrived in one piece.

Sad factors:

The attendant who called for confirmation wasn't great with his accent or language and it was sort of difficult to make out what he way saying. 
They could extend their international products base and have moreeee products. We're always greedy for more brands.
Better packaging options - cuter boxes

Yes. I got the products all on time and they were fresh products. They came wrapped in a bubble wrap inside a cardboard box. I really expected a cute box or something along with it. but I guess you just can't have everything can you?

Anyway. Will suggest you try this for EVERYTHING from make up to fitness to baby care to hair to what not! 

They deliver all over India I guess. 

AND SPECIALLY FOR YOU READERS:  Here's a discount coupon. Use this code and get a Rs 100 discount on a purchase of Rs 500 and above. I'm sure you have lots to buy. DUH? Shampoos, creams, soaps, birthday gifts? 


See how much I LOVE YOU?

Hurry and tell me about your shopping experience. Won't you? Healthkart all the way. :) click on the link to go shopping.


yes, thats me Sonshu. :)

P.S: tell me what you thought of my first review ever.
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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Someone has got to say it!

image source: weheartit

Disclaimer: No offence intended and any resemblance to any person whatsoever and whosoever is completely unintended and not true. Get it? Stop feeling guilty.

And for once, I'm not going to ramble and bore you with the musings and non so musings of my life. Well that's not true right? Say it, because if you dont say it, I'm going to rattle about you and your problems. I'm warning you in advance this post is so unlike me, say thanks to that goddamn dream I had, and the stupid people I see. Yes. Excuse all the hate. I did not say any of the above statements. I did not. 

So lets skip straight to the chase, shall we? Have you noticed, ever that there are so many things, and so many people out there that stand out. Oh wow you think that's a compliment? Well its not, its just trying to tell you how in my face you are because of your pathetic abilities to do not so norm-things. 

Someone has to say it? And today I'm going to. 

The guy who can't stop holding his girlfriend's hand at a restaurant: Hello there mr so in love person, I'd advise that you take your lovey dovey cuchicoo somewhere else, rather than a family restaurant. Your unruly behaviour is very much visible and my brother just asked me why you are running your hands up that girls legs. Yes it may seem very hot for you and your girlfriend, but indeed it disgusts us onlookers and the waiters who cant stop fantasizing about your girlfriend. You may say, 'who told you to see' but people cant help but notice the fact that you're nibbling on her ears and what not. I might puke if I say more, so get a room. 

Someone has to say it: You are cheating on your girlfriend, I can see the guilt. Get Lost now. 

The aunty who thinks she can dress up like her daughter: Dear aunty, I have all the respect for you in the world, and I can see you are trying really hard to appear younger and satisfy yourself but you must take another shot and see what you look like from other's eyes. You wear a short top and those lycra tights and I can see everything that I don't want to. You think its 'cool' to flaunt your legs, but its really not. You can look cooler if you dress up your age and stop wearing those body hugging clothes. You should try jeans and a kurta or some really cool tops from westside, from the women's section, they'll suit you well. Better than those from the kids section. 

Someone has to say it: She's got the 'Iwannabecool' bug and someone has to pull it out of her. Aunty, your daughter/son will accept you if you behave your age, I PROMISE. 

That chick who walks around thinking she's the prettiest thing on earth and throwing tantrums with her boyfriend: Now this one's to that one couple in particular that I saw in college. I've been observing them for a few days because we study at the same table and they sit at the one next to it all the time. She keeps walking around like she owns the world and he literally goes like her tail. Poor guy, he brought coffee for her and she sent him back at least 5 times to get sugar, some biscuits, a tissue, tiffin and some chips packets. Hey girl, you should realize that he's your boyfriend not waiter and you cant go around treating him like that. But the fact that her boyfriend appears to be okay with all of it, maybe he wants to be the waiter, maybe he wants to be the dog. But I heard from a friend who's their friend that he's going around having an affair with some other chick. 

 Someone has to say it: Human Rights is going to sue you girl. Teen Labour. 

People on facebook who can't stop posting pictures of them dressed slut-ily and say a zillion thankyous to the random guys they add who drool looking at any peek of a female organ: We all have that girl on our friend list who posts pictures of herself dressed in a see through dress or bends down a little more just to get 101 likes and 105 comments. Yes she sleeps at night with complete content that 101 people love her and 105 people considered her worthy to be commented on. What slipped out through her mind is that men will remain men, and some of them are not at all talking about her when they say 'Hot' its that peek of the cleavage that they're talking about. So girl, you have got to go for a major therapy session to  learn self acceptance. 

Someone has to say it: Poor girl, hates herself, she knows that all she has are those body parts which million other people have too. 

Buying things because you want to show it on your newest profile picture or blog post: I've come across blogs where in those fashion bloggers have turned shopaholics because they want to showcase their wide range of amazing collection on the blog. They go around buying the 'in' things just because its in and then brag about it and tell you how much you should have it. They really have got to learn something called the SALE. The four letter word that we all love. And some of them buy things that they wont even wear after the camera shutter has been closed. Yes, its a personal choice about what they want to buy but I'm just saying. Those notes can be used for other things as well. Once there was this girl on fb, who bought herself a  car and the first thing she did was post a pic on fb, and apparently the car rot in her garage forever. 

Someone has to say it: Go to shops around sale and see that 'I' get all the things you bought for half the price. Now weep your heart out. 

The end.


Hello people, that was it for now, until I find more hate-able specimens. Actually all of them are inspired by people that we actually see. Now the last one was inspired by a mail I received 2 weeks back and this post has been pending in drafts since then. The mail went: 'Hey sonshu, i like ur blog a lot. i liked the do it yourself, show us some more pls. I want to ask u how u have so many clothes and shoes, do u buy them at normal times or at sales and please suggest some sales for me. Do a post on some casual summer and spring looks too like the winter ones'. So yeah, I do buy most of my stuff from sales, otherwise I buy them if they're really worth it. Being a student and a non earning member has its limits. And I'd rather spend the money on books too! 

So let me say bye for now. Guest posts coming soon, exams are on! Hooooot. They're on till 15th, so boo them okay? Pray for me. Byeee okay?


P.S: I was so contemplating whether to post this or not. I'm sure all of you have your own opinions, I was just voicing mine. :)

Oh and will reply to all comments on previous posts soon! Sorry.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I would never have random as my middle name.

Oh My God Its Monday?

I know I haven't been putting up many of the promised posts but with exams in a week again its very difficult to be creative and write what you want to. So the best thing to do is write some other awesome things in the meanwhile. 

In this post I'll be doing many abstract things just like the previous one. Oh and thanks for all the compliments. Love love. 

Lately i've been tumblr-ing a lot more than often. Do stop by at my tumblr sometime for more updates and to see what I like. Tumblr

So I watched a movie thats been breaking some box office records. To get updates, reviews and many such awesome things go 'like' this. You know I'll give you a chocolate when we meet! :) LIKE

Now after all that which I haven't been saying in a while, I think what I'd love a lot you all know is some mail. So don't forget to mail me anything. Except spam of course, for which i'll slash your clothes. hehehe. And yeah you can blabber and whatever. Mail me at

Moving on. I promised on my fb page to tell you what trends I'm loving this season. Spring/Summer 2012 is just around the corner. Those last chills of winter are sweeping through, and its time to keep your eyes and ears open for these trends clearly making the headlines this season.


Pastel shades: This season pastels are the it thing. Everyone was donning them on the ramps and making a classy and subtle statement. 

Neon: I've always been a fan of neon. Somehow a touch of neon can just brighten and make your outfit look so interesting and pretty! I'm personally really happy about the arrival of this on the ramps too now, summer is going to be a lot more fun!

Peplum: The peplum is something I've always been eyeing and I really wish I had the figure to wear it, but those who can carry it off well should definitely wear it. 

Florals: Florals spell spring. And this was bound to be a trend this summer! Yipeeee. Floral pyjamas would look lovely too, since the pyjama trend is catching up too. 

LWD: The LBD is going to remain an all time style but the LWD is now going to be seen everywhere, evening parties and the red carpet. The Little White Dress is the new LBD, prettiness in swishes of  white is gorgeous and im digging this. 

Tribal prints: I like tribal accessories, im not sure if i'm too comfortable with the print but I definitely want to try this one because it looks pretty awesome, but I wouldn't invest a lot in this because I doubt that it'll stay for a long time. 

And that's it I'll say for now. Tell me WHAT YOU love this season?

More on trends soon. Till then I'll leave you with some pictures? 

And the title is such an irony right? Hahahh. So much neon love. Oh and me is reading that book currently. With all the exams books too though. And now I'll go. Excuse me for the lack of awesome posts? PLEASE?!