Monday, December 31, 2012

The end and the beginning.

Hello there, 

Just when I said I'm back something had to go wrong right? Yes, my lens broke and I've given it for repair. It has been more than a week and they better return it soon before I lose my cool and head and begin running like a mad dog. In other news it is December 31 again. For me the day is more about my brother's birthday rather than New Years Eve! However I have so much to be thankful for this year and hence I thought it only made sense if I actually went out and said what I feel. 

Thank you for sticking with me all along. Thank you for making me smile with all your comments and mails. Thank you for all your honest words and opinions. Thank you for listening to me. Thank you for being here every single day and making my day. Thank you for being such amazing friends. Thank you for being such brilliant readers. Thank you for being there for me when I needed it. Thank you for everything I could be thankful for. 

This year has given me so much to think about, so much to learn from and for that I can't be thankful enough. I've been through so much this year, the ups and the downs but looking at it now and retrospecting makes me feel that everything was a learning process, a stepping stone in life and I'm going to take so many memories and experiences with me to the future. 

A huge thanks to my family for supporting me every step of the way, to all my friends for making me laugh and bearing with my hysteria, to my readers for just being so awesome, to all the companies I've worked with because it truly has been a ball of a time and to everyone else who made 2012 the AMAZING YEAR THAT IT WAS! Most of all thank you God for being there all along. I can't wait for 2013 but I know that in my heart 2012 will always be special because it is the year that was. 

Thank you once again,
See you on the other side.

P.S: Of course I can't not mention the gang rape case that happened recently and took all of us by shock. It is indeed shameful. I've written this article for Bangalore Mirror expressing my views on the same: HERE

In honour of the 23 year old, I'm not celebrating anything this New Year, just going to spend time with Friends and Family as usual however I'm going to be dressed in night clothes because I'm extremely hurt by what has happened and am ashamed that nothing was done. 

Honestly all I can hope for is a better 2013 in terms of the country and safety of women. 

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