Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I'm A Bow Like That

Hello peeeeeee-pals, 

While my next semester just began after a long break, the first week in has already been filled with tons of work and is so hectic. Hence you must definitely have guessed why I have been missing for a long period on the blog. In fact I get so absorbed in my work that I don't even log on to blogger, so I'm going to make it a point to do it every weekend from now on so you will at least see me once a week and if time and life permits then even more. 

However cool part is that we've been having fests and I've been drinking so much bubble tea and milkshakes that I'm going to turn into a bubble someday soon. (Worst joke ever or what?)

I'm literally squeezing in this post in the fifteen minutes that I squeezed in because I missed blogging too much. This outfit was something I wore at the beginning of the week and it's so winter, so me because I love heavy eyes and crop pants. Of course the muffler is a favourite and the shoes are my love. Not to forget my denim jacket obsession. I'm also on the look out for owl things, because I love the hoot you know? So let me know if you see some owly things. Also can't wait for Christmas and the prettiness around. 

Also, I have a problem with people using vintage too casually. Vintage typically means something hand me down that's really old or something from like your grandma or mom. Or you could get it from like some thrift/vintage stores around. But wearing something from Zara or Mango and calling it vintage is hardly true. 

When I say vintage I mean vintage. Just saying. 

Outfit details: Pleated sleeve top: Westside, Crop Pants: Vintage, Denim Jacket: c/o American Apparel (Here), Bow clip: American Apparel (Here), Necklace: (Gifted c/o) Zovi.com, Muffler: Vintage, Shoes: Local boutique, Metallic Cuff with Stone: Flea Market, Ring: Random

Yes, I like to wear big bows in my head and skip around with my my hair flying in all directions. Oh, I dont care about the people who look at me like I'm mad. Also, notice the winged eye liner? I just thickened the lines. I'm totally a winged liner person all the time. Hooorah. 

If I'd shown you some of the pictures that came from this shoot, you'd laugh your stomach off. Want to see? Nah? Okay.

Till next time,
Oodles of love


  1. The necklace, the top, the shoes & the big bow - TOTAL LOVE!!!!!!!

  2. I missed your posts. Glad to see you here. Vintage to me means stuffs that has some worthy history! The purple top is pretty, and your heavy eyes look dashing with this outfit!

  3. The bow! oh the bow! Love it:) and yes yes, i want to see SOME pictures:P
    Love how you did the winged liner...my lines are broken and squiggly, i can draw fine on paper but liner's just not my thing!
    Thanks for being so sweet back on my blog btw!


  4. haha! hey sonshu! good luck with everything this semester. glad you're putting school first! that's truly more important than blogging. wish it could be equally as fun. haha i use to be a bow fanatic! in my hair. on my clothes. i was definitely a bow girl. i love the new owl craze too! i love the dangly earrings and necklaces. you look very cute girl. love your outfit and wing tipped eyeliner :)

  5. The bow in your hair is so adorable!

  6. great outfit!


    ps. we are now having a wonderful Kenzaa give-away!

  7. You look so pretty, I love the scarf and the hair!



  8. I love wearing bog bows in my hair too :) And on a daily basis, I too wear a more demure winged liner :D

  9. Great post!

    I follow you on Bloglovin darling, follower 2 ;)
    Would be great!

    Let me know


  10. love that color on you.
    want to follow each other ? :)


  11. Love your blog!!
    Check out mine, and if you like we can follow eachother on Bloglovin' & GFC? Let me know and will follow straight back! Looking foward to hearing from you



  12. I totally get you on people too casually using the word vintage. I love the color combo in this look.

  13. love it!the bow,shoes,your eyes!
    and i agree about the whole vintage thing..it's the same thing as the whole "soft grunge" thing just because grunge is in they go around anything calling "soft" grunge..stupidity man, i tell you!

  14. I lovee the bow. Itss sooo cute :)
    Plus I thinl winged liner looks pretty on u!


  15. Like the bow, and yes agree with you on the vintage definition..

  16. loved the bow <3. You look super cute in that crop pant and denim jacket! Girl, you rock :)
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    Bong's Belleza

  17. Thanks for dropping by!! Missed your post dear! Well I agree with the vintage part, but I guess it's because the media has been misusing that word too! Hahaha. Love the purple bow and the matching outfit!

    ♡ Jaslin from http://myfatpocket.com/justjaslin

  18. The eyes! <3
    Also, I second the loose usage of the word Vintage. Tch Tch.

  19. I like that bow in your hair!


  20. I wish I could pull off your eye makeup!

    -- Heeral P. from http://hp921.blogspot.com

  21. HAHAHA, bubble tea turning you into a bubble. That was a cute joke :p
    And I so agree with the above comment. WIsh I could pull off the eye make up! Suits you :)

  22. Big bows in hair, well I would like to try that....Loving your shoes...

  23. Sonshuuuuu! i dont think you are getting any of my mails that i sent you in info@sonshu.com. So i am sending you one in gmail. Please let know, love.

  24. Sonshu,

    Your studies take top priority. We can wait for you to pen down something whenever you find time. Do keep writing, may be short ones.

    Take care

  25. Love, love, love your outfit!! Those wedges are so cute.

    I'm now your newest follower/reader, the the way, on Bloglovin'. I look forward to more of your posts!

  26. totally agree with you on the vintage thing! Nice blog