Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy times don't need titles.

I know I've been gone for a really long time, almost like my mini blog vacation. But I also believe that it is necessary to take a break even when you are doing things you love. Hence I went on like this undeclared vacation because I wanted to come back when my heart felt like it. And now I'm back, fresh and kickin'! 

You won't believe how much I've missed catching up on my favourite blogs; I'm finishing up this post soon because I want to go catch up with all that I've missed you know? I've spent the last few days taking time to enjoy little things and occasions and I think I have indeed enjoyed it! Coming back to the point it is December. I love the last few months of the year because it's winter and I love winter :) So I've been enjoying this month with singing Christmas carols in class with 'S' when the teacher is late to gossiping with 'K'. 

I recently wore this outfit to a book fair and hence the shoes, comfy walking and all? Also they went really well with the outfit. Btw, you should notice how much I love the red, black, white combination? Yoohooo. 

For now, let's jump into the outfit?

Outfit Details: 

Black printed top: (HERE)
Vest with lace details: Vero Moda
Denim: Local jean boutique 
Shoes: Vintage (Grandmom's sister's)
Earring: Lifestyle 

This isn't the end. It's just the beginning. I'm planning to write more this month and that means blogging more and posting more and blog hopping more. Are you as kicked about this as I am? Hell yeah!

What did you think of this outfit and what are you looking forward to from 'The Sonshu'?



  1. I like the red jeans with the shoes. It's nice that you took a 2 week vacay from blogging. It's always necessary to take time away from the blog so that you don't have burnout. It's great to see you back though.

  2. Well....great minds do think alike, girl! I also love the red, white & black combo to bits!! And I have that exact same necklace from Westside!

    I don't believe how much we both have in common!!!! :D

  3. yaaay! you're back! i missed you sonshu. yes, we all need diversions. it's important to step away and do something else. love your pants. really cool color. have a great week!

  4. Hey, that neck piece is soooo pretty.You look damn cool in this whole outfit. Love it girl :)

  5. i was wondering why you were the look,the printed black top looks fab with that vest and pants!:)

  6. Pretty pretty!!! I so love that combo too Sonshu :D

  7. Sonshu,

    Yes, one does need a break from whatever be it at times. Nice to see you back fully charged. May you have such happiness always.

    Take care

  8. Love the red pants!!cute outfit!!
    I m giving away a gorgeous bag from Tosca on my check it out!!

  9. u look great n super comfy :)

    loving that top :)

    Love <3
    Tanuja :)
    A new post is up:

  10. I agree happy times dont need titles! and I need red jeans omg you look stunning!

  11. Love the way you have matched the necklace with the red denims. Just perfect! You have a happy Christmas dear...

  12. I love the red, black and white combo too, classic not much can go wrong.

  13. Love the outfit. Especially, the vest.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR'S, Sonshu! :*

  14. Lovely blouse :)