Monday, December 31, 2012

The end and the beginning.

Hello there, 

Just when I said I'm back something had to go wrong right? Yes, my lens broke and I've given it for repair. It has been more than a week and they better return it soon before I lose my cool and head and begin running like a mad dog. In other news it is December 31 again. For me the day is more about my brother's birthday rather than New Years Eve! However I have so much to be thankful for this year and hence I thought it only made sense if I actually went out and said what I feel. 

Thank you for sticking with me all along. Thank you for making me smile with all your comments and mails. Thank you for all your honest words and opinions. Thank you for listening to me. Thank you for being here every single day and making my day. Thank you for being such amazing friends. Thank you for being such brilliant readers. Thank you for being there for me when I needed it. Thank you for everything I could be thankful for. 

This year has given me so much to think about, so much to learn from and for that I can't be thankful enough. I've been through so much this year, the ups and the downs but looking at it now and retrospecting makes me feel that everything was a learning process, a stepping stone in life and I'm going to take so many memories and experiences with me to the future. 

A huge thanks to my family for supporting me every step of the way, to all my friends for making me laugh and bearing with my hysteria, to my readers for just being so awesome, to all the companies I've worked with because it truly has been a ball of a time and to everyone else who made 2012 the AMAZING YEAR THAT IT WAS! Most of all thank you God for being there all along. I can't wait for 2013 but I know that in my heart 2012 will always be special because it is the year that was. 

Thank you once again,
See you on the other side.

P.S: Of course I can't not mention the gang rape case that happened recently and took all of us by shock. It is indeed shameful. I've written this article for Bangalore Mirror expressing my views on the same: HERE

In honour of the 23 year old, I'm not celebrating anything this New Year, just going to spend time with Friends and Family as usual however I'm going to be dressed in night clothes because I'm extremely hurt by what has happened and am ashamed that nothing was done. 

Honestly all I can hope for is a better 2013 in terms of the country and safety of women. 

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy times don't need titles.

I know I've been gone for a really long time, almost like my mini blog vacation. But I also believe that it is necessary to take a break even when you are doing things you love. Hence I went on like this undeclared vacation because I wanted to come back when my heart felt like it. And now I'm back, fresh and kickin'! 

You won't believe how much I've missed catching up on my favourite blogs; I'm finishing up this post soon because I want to go catch up with all that I've missed you know? I've spent the last few days taking time to enjoy little things and occasions and I think I have indeed enjoyed it! Coming back to the point it is December. I love the last few months of the year because it's winter and I love winter :) So I've been enjoying this month with singing Christmas carols in class with 'S' when the teacher is late to gossiping with 'K'. 

I recently wore this outfit to a book fair and hence the shoes, comfy walking and all? Also they went really well with the outfit. Btw, you should notice how much I love the red, black, white combination? Yoohooo. 

For now, let's jump into the outfit?

Outfit Details: 

Black printed top: (HERE)
Vest with lace details: Vero Moda
Denim: Local jean boutique 
Shoes: Vintage (Grandmom's sister's)
Earring: Lifestyle 

This isn't the end. It's just the beginning. I'm planning to write more this month and that means blogging more and posting more and blog hopping more. Are you as kicked about this as I am? Hell yeah!

What did you think of this outfit and what are you looking forward to from 'The Sonshu'?


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I'm A Bow Like That

Hello peeeeeee-pals, 

While my next semester just began after a long break, the first week in has already been filled with tons of work and is so hectic. Hence you must definitely have guessed why I have been missing for a long period on the blog. In fact I get so absorbed in my work that I don't even log on to blogger, so I'm going to make it a point to do it every weekend from now on so you will at least see me once a week and if time and life permits then even more. 

However cool part is that we've been having fests and I've been drinking so much bubble tea and milkshakes that I'm going to turn into a bubble someday soon. (Worst joke ever or what?)

I'm literally squeezing in this post in the fifteen minutes that I squeezed in because I missed blogging too much. This outfit was something I wore at the beginning of the week and it's so winter, so me because I love heavy eyes and crop pants. Of course the muffler is a favourite and the shoes are my love. Not to forget my denim jacket obsession. I'm also on the look out for owl things, because I love the hoot you know? So let me know if you see some owly things. Also can't wait for Christmas and the prettiness around. 

Also, I have a problem with people using vintage too casually. Vintage typically means something hand me down that's really old or something from like your grandma or mom. Or you could get it from like some thrift/vintage stores around. But wearing something from Zara or Mango and calling it vintage is hardly true. 

When I say vintage I mean vintage. Just saying. 

Outfit details: Pleated sleeve top: Westside, Crop Pants: Vintage, Denim Jacket: c/o American Apparel (Here), Bow clip: American Apparel (Here), Necklace: (Gifted c/o), Muffler: Vintage, Shoes: Local boutique, Metallic Cuff with Stone: Flea Market, Ring: Random

Yes, I like to wear big bows in my head and skip around with my my hair flying in all directions. Oh, I dont care about the people who look at me like I'm mad. Also, notice the winged eye liner? I just thickened the lines. I'm totally a winged liner person all the time. Hooorah. 

If I'd shown you some of the pictures that came from this shoot, you'd laugh your stomach off. Want to see? Nah? Okay.

Till next time,
Oodles of love

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Festive season calls for festivities.

I've already mentioned how much I love the last few months of the year. Apart from Winter being a primary reason, another will obviously be the festive season. Diwali to Christmas; festive season for me is a chance to dress up and get some gifts. While you can choose to go the ethnic way or the western way, I'm going to show you some amazing 'Festive looks'. 

If you have been following me for a while now, you'd know that Shoppers Stop is truly one of my favourite places to score some great finds not only for the affordability, but also for the amazing variety of brands all at one place. And what better than an online store? Shoppers Stop even has a website where you can shop online as we all love to do. 

I've created some style boards for you to see and seek inspiration from for your festive outfits and you can choose what avatar you want to don this shiny festive season because the choice is yours. 

1. The College Girl

College is a place where you want to dress up yet not do something over the top and with festivals that is quite a chance so for the ultimate college girl I have put together two looks which you can definitely look at. 

Look 1 is extremely ethnic with a Kurti and Chudhidhar set of course but I have put together two ways of accessorizing this simple yet pretty set. The first is a gold themed one and the latter is silver themed. While dangly earrings and bejeweled flats are the focus of the gold themed one, drop earrings and sequinned flats are the focus of the latter. You can choose to head whichever way you want and complete the look with a braid. This of course is not too dressy yet exactly perfect for the college girl who wants to go ethnic on festive days. 

Look 2 is something very simple yet has ethnic elements here and there. If kurta and chudhidhar is not your cup of tea you can still achieve a festive look with this one. All you have to do is pair a tribal print short kurta top like this one with a long skirt which is very Indian because of the prints and embroidery. Shoppers Stop has many such options for you to choose from. To finish the look accessorize with a stack of chunky bangles, colourful flats and a pendant like this heart one. Of course you need some more colour so I would suggest going in for a hair tie or clip like this flowered one and tie your hair to the side or pin it up and you are ready to go! 

2. The Elegant Woman

While this look took me a while to put together because of the extreme variety of options on the website, I finally finished it up with metallic hues and one of my favourite colours. The Elegant Woman loves to go the traditional saree way this festive season. Shoppers stop has an extensive range of sarees ranging from net to silk and you will definitely be awestruck. I chose to go for this green one which is simple yet has a grandeur touch because of the gold floral pattern. Now silver and gold is a great combination so you can choose to accessorize with silver jewelry like these heels and the earrings with green stones. Of course you can keep with the tone and go gold with diamond bangles and maybe a kada? Also you must add studded heels to complete the look. 

3. The Eternal Man

I put together this ethnic look for the Eternal Man simply because I'm bored of seeing them in blazers and pants. This festive season, go ethnic with a kurta pajama set from Shoppers in royal hues and the easiest way to pair it is with contrasting colours just like I've done here. The maroon set has been paired with a whitish, off whiteish stole and jutti with maroon hues. And the whiteish kurta set has been paired with maroon juttis and a stole. So that is definitely some royalty and you'll call for a smile from your loved ones. 

4. Western Chic

While some of us turn ethnic during the festive times, many go western too. Especially during Christmas when the entire feel is so dress like. With New Year around the corner you must start preparing for all the parties and family dinners so here's some Western Chic looks for the woman/girl who wants to be the Western Chic. 

Look 1: The first look centered around this chevron knit dress is not only simple and comfortable, but super stylish and yet so festive. The knit dress will not only be a stunner but also keep you warm. Pair it with this bow heels and your look will be instantly glam-ified. The bejeweled silver coloured accessories maintain the metallic hues and will accessorize the outfit perfectly. Finish it with this purple beauty of a handbag and you are good to go! If you aren't a heels person you can turn to the amazing variety of flats as well. While I chose to keep the accessories understated and have the rest of the look steal the show you can switch around too with heavier earrings and maybe even a bib necklace. 

Look 2: The central theme and constant is the LBD and the gorgeous pumps. With that in mind I've put together two entirely different looks depending on what colour tone you wish to go for. Also, a great way of wearing one dress for two different occasions and making them look so different. The first one plays with pearls and stones so this pear bracelet was perfect to add the class, and the rhinestone studded purse is not only a great way to shine but will top the look brilliantly. Add burgundy or darker shades of lip colour and finish this look. You could also go the classical red and black way. This look is simple. The velvety clutch and the jeweled red heart necklace are already show stealers themselves. Add the red lips to get your perfect festive pout and be the star of your party! 

Everything listed above is available in Shoppers Stop at, go get your festive look today. Thanks to Shoppers Stop and Indiblogger for this amazing fashion contest finally after what seems like a long time, I had tons of fun making these collages. :) 


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