Monday, November 5, 2012

Winter chilling.

Hello people of the world, 

I have told you a million times how much I love winter, and though people say it isn't winter in India with temperatures going to only about 18 degree ish, that too here in Bangalore but I still think it is winter for us because that's the winter we get to see and that's how it is. So I layer up with my cardigans and boots and happily go around everywhere. 

What I did around with this outfit is an example of a simple yet very stylish fall/winter look that you can achieve with what's in your wardrobe. A lot of you have been asking me how to achieve a winter look when the weather conditions are like India's. So I decided to show you. 

 I just paired a light tee with a waterfall cardigan, you could go for any cardigan and of course jeans or any pants like I've gone for my good ol' denims. And then to jazz it up go for a statement necklace like this amazing piece from Isn't this beauty gorgeous. I couldn't get my eyes off it. So just pair it with statement necklaces and a hint of wrist accessories or you could go for a hair accessory. I usually like to leave my hair down when I'm not wearing a scarf or muffler so that is protects me from the cold. To top the look up, add boots, knee length, angle length or whatever you wish. If you aren't keen on wearing boots, you could go for creepers or sneakers. 

Outfit details:
Top: Zara
Waterfall cardigan: Allen Solly
Jeans: Local jean boutique 
Boots: Zara
Bauble: Westside
Necklace: c/o



  1. I love your necklace! It adds the pop, and mint pops are my favourite kind!

    also, totally dig the boots:)


  2. Hi Sonshu.. i have been reading ur posts recently...m very much impressed da way u present urself... ur blog is interesting and too helpful to help me out when i m stuck between my ensemble... ;)Evn i have started blogging too :)
    looking for more to see from ya:)

  3. Wow, loving the necklace :)

    And 18 degrees for a winter? I'd be out in a t-shirt with that weather :) Where I live, it's usually between 0 to 5 degrees in the winter, sometimes below that as well.

  4. love your necklace..this is very close to how i dress for our so called winter as love the boots!

  5. 18 degress? Wow! This would be my 1st winter here at Delhi and they say temp. goes down to zero degress or even below, sometimes! :D

    wow wow
    I am flipping
    I am in love with this look, you look like a stunner and so winter-ready!

    Much Love,
    Modish And Muse

  7. I really like the boots. It's not cold enough yet for boots where I live (I don't think), but I am looking forward to busting them out soon. I also like the pop of color with your jewelry.

  8. Sonshu, you look so awesome! I love your statement necklace. I've really gotten into blues and such. Just bought a chunky blue necklace. I enjoy layering. Here in New Orleans, it may start off cold and then turn warm. So we're constantly peeling clothes off. Great sweater girl!

  9. Love those bright accessories! You look adorable!

  10. Wow the necklace really stood out! Such a unique piece hehe. You look great hun!

    ♡ Jaslin from

  11. Now I really pity you. 18 degrees? :P Yahan toh it gets below 10 too. ALSO SO LOVE THE NECKLACE>

  12. Pretty outfit! Love that blue. It's all about the statement necklace :)

  13. Loved the necklace!! It totally stood out :)