Friday, November 16, 2012

Ramble, ramble; blizzard gamble.

People often ask me whether I have a bucket full of make up considering I'm a fashion person and what not; but honestly if you've been seeing my blog I hardly ever use make up. While make up artists use layers of extra powder and magical tricks to achieve the nude make up look, I just am like that without those extra layers. I don't walk out of the door with ounces of powder on my face (Not that it's wrong), because I personally don't feel comfortable in that. I'm moreover a feel natural in your own skin person. But once in a while, I like to go all out and get some make up done so that's just about my choices. 

Winter and vacations put together have been giving me a lot of endless hours of nothingness, however this is soon coming to an end. Weep Weep. Making use of the last few days of these vacations to relax and get ready for college. I'm not complaining much now, since it is winter and I get to layer up for college. :P 

I put together this look with some of my current favourites and a little bit of make up. [Do not laugh at me okay?] Don't miss the bedhead hair, why is my hair looking like this here? Huuun? *threatening look* Okay I'm going to shut up.

Tank Top: Vero Moda, Denims: Mustard , Necklace: Street find, Earrings: Fashion Street, Zip Hoodie: c/o American Apparel (here)

Blooper. Oops. 

The zip hoodie has become a favourite over the past month or so. Ask my friends or look at some pictures from college and I've been living in this hoodie forever, phew. It just feels so soft and nice that I can't help it! Not to forget tank tops, my instant go to things because they give me a blank canvas to work on and that's something I love. Also, can you see that necklace there? One of my proud street find for like such a cheap bargain. Hahah. 
Life is good you know?

Also, self timer + remote = happy Sonshu. They save my holyfreakinglife you know?

Till next time, I'm going to run and watch Letters to Juliet once again because it is such an adorable movie ye?


P.S: Ramble, Ramble; blizzard gamble? Results of my overly lazy and imaginative brain. Yep. KThanksBye. 


  1. You look gorgeous, love those colours on you :)) I don't wear a lot of make-up, but I do like to play with make-up!! The lip colour is gorgeous xx

  2. I love your hairstyle<3

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  3. I totally agree with not feeling too comfortable with too much make up on. I am so glad you are posting regularly and I love the colours in your outfit! Good going! :)

  4. I love the color tones in this look. I actually don't wear much makeup either. In blog posts I tend to do foundation and maybe some eyeliner and lip gloss--but that's really it.

  5. You look lovely with or without make up and that necklace definitely a great find!!!


  6. Love the necklace! Commercial Street??? ;)

  7. you look great with or without makeup. you're just beautiful! everyone should do what's comfortable for them. that's the way i always feel. haha i always love how you use color in what you wear. it's so pretty. that's a fabulous necklace.

  8. You look so pretty in the last picture!
    And don't we all love to doll up with makeup once in a while?;)
    Also, cute necklace. Hope you had a fabulous diwali:)

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  9. That is one gorgeous neckpiece and you carry it off so well, Sonshu. :)

  10. really great photos and outfit

    hope you'll visit back

  11. im loving the necklace!! bright & hippy!!

    and ur so right about getting outfit pics clicked in public..people really stare!!!!

    but thankfully, i get most of my outfit pics clicked by fellow bloggers during our meets nowadays :) they are happy to oblige and there is safety in numbers!! :)

  12. Neckpiece is so nice Sonshu! And loving the eyes and the lipstick!

  13. Lovely necklace !:D

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  14. I agree with Lleana. Fit Necklace!!

    great style sweetie :) glad I stopped by.

    Love LC

  15. That jacket is such an amazing colour! Suits you so well! Thanks for your comment on my blog!
    Happy to be your newest follower! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way

  16. I was *this* close to buying this necklace the other day. Now seeing you wear it makes me regret not buying it even more. Loving the make-up in the post.
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