Sunday, November 18, 2012

Jacketed Strut

I guess one of the toughest tasks of being a style blogger and trying to click pictures in our country would be the onlookers. I mean I know I don't give a damn about what they think, nor do you but it is just so annoying when they stop and stare and by that I mean literally wait till you're done sort of thing. Honestly mom's just sort of vehemently not waiting for the day I yell and hurl abuses at them. Gosh, can't I do what I want? Democracy man. Brrr. 

So how am I supposed to shoot in exotic locations when I can't find a single spot which is empty? Over-populated country I tell you. Not that I have a problem with it otherwise, but I just get annoyed when I can't stand in front of an amazing graffiti-ed wall and click pictures without being looked at like an alien. 

And then I just go to this phase where I'm so done with those maniacs and again get into my dont-give-a-shit-about-what-they-think jacket. 

I discovered this amazing spot recently. Has pretty decent lighting, no onlookers and is rather convenient. Hello there spot! 

Bangalore has been freezing a little more over the past few days and that just makes me happy because I get to take my winter jackets and sweaters for a walk. So hell yeah I did! 

Please don't ask me why I would upload the same picture two times with editing variations? Well, I'll answer you anyway. I think it pretty much defines who you'll see when you're just like walking on the road and I'm there too. I'm not like the person who smiles as they walks or whatever. I'm not that snobby person either. I'm just the lost in her own world dreaming sort of person. So I'll always have music or my phone with me, sometimes even a book to keep me company. Now do you see why I fall down or hurt my leg often? Well yeah. 

c/o American Apparel Winter Jacket, Topshop asymmetrical top (Gifted), Black comfy pants from local boutique, Rings from childhood (No idea where I got them), Owl chain thrifted and Tibetean Plaza Yellow Wedges 

The title arises from the fact that people believe I tend to strut when I walk so just giving them a little satisfaction and all you know?



  1. Hello Sonshu! hahahaha I also face the same problem as you and it's so annoying at times. Like why can't they just mind their own business.. oops :x But what I usually do is I'll go all out and think that I'm just a tourist hahaha. Show your diva spirit infront of the onlookers!

    ♡ Jaslin from

  2. I can see why it can be hard to find spots to photograph! Love your bright tee! Thanks for your lovely comments!

    Sita xx

  3. Oh! Don't get me started on locations for picture-clicking!! It's impossible to find a spot where people won't stop & stare!! X(

    On the other your jacket & top!

  4. I like your shirt, the image on it is pretty :)
    Thank you for visiting my blog!


  5. awesome winter the outfit too..and i know what you time i tried to take photos on the orad and people stopped like there was a shooting going on..had to awekward move on.

  6. cute jacket:) I like the rings too, very nice! xo

  7. omg hehehe u made my day by this post I thought only in saudi arabia they stare at u when u take pics, doesnt mean I can be a fashion blogger cause all i wear is black abaya but still sometimes i see beautiful spot and want to take pics in but its just annoy me when they keep staring
    wish u luck dear xxx

  8. THESE PEOPLE NEVER GONNA CHANGE! I wish there was a place like wonderland just without these curious onlookers! I have this poker face, not happy not sad, just a straight face and mostly am lost dreaming and imagining, and I give a damn what people think, if I want to click or want to get clicked I will click anyway! You look stunning in that outfit.

  9. thanks for your comment dear :)
    i like your coat!

  10. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog!
    Your winter jacket is great!

  11. At least you got some nice soul to click you.. hehe..
    You strut that jacket hun! :)

  12. Ok, well this just proves people are nosy EVERYWHERE! hahaha I feel for fashion bloggers. I took one ONCE in public and this guy said "I surely wish I was in that picture" HAHAHHA I gave him the look of death and he walked on. LOL Great pictures Sonshu!

  13. Finding THE spot! I so know what you mean! That is the only reason I haunt terraces, stairways, and forest nooks for photoshoots myself. So, I wish you congratulation for that!
    And is that an AA Jacket? So amazing! I want it.


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    kiss and have an happy start of week

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  15. Sonshu,

    Has it become that cold there by now?

    Take care

  16. Your owl pendant necklace is cute. I think you should definitely take pictures with a graffiti wall. That would make for a cool background despite the weird onlookers.

  17. simple and cute.

  18. You look amazing but I would just not care about onlookers if I was you... it's better then posing next to a fire thingie!


  19. Love the pops of color! And I totally know what you mean about people staring, it's super awkward haha.

  20. I so agree on how the onlookers behave in India....Its a pain.
    Anyway, nice post. Love your jacket.

  21. Love that cute printed tee and your owl necklace! Thank you for visiting and your sweet comment on my blog! Have a great day!