Friday, November 2, 2012

Hello, November.

Hello there folks, 

It is November, for some reason I've always loved November. Maybe thats's because of my never ending love for winters. However this time due to vacations, gives me all the more reason to love November. Oh yes. 

In other news, how was Halloween? I promised you guys to show you what I went as, so here I am with my Halloween costume. 

Yeah, if you guessed it, I went as Mad Hatter. Mad Hatter has always been one of my favourite characters and I've been intrigued by him. So I went as Mad Hatter but Ms Mad Hatter, hence I modified everything a little. As you can see, I do have a cooler and more oclourful hat, and of course went for purple-blue make up instead of the blue-pink-green. And I wore a neon top rather than some boring old prints. 

What do you think? 

If you want to know how to dress up as Mad Hatter, leave a comment below and I'll re-create the look and do another post with details. 

Also, I don't have too many pictures as I didn't take them specifically for the blog, but I managed with the pictures I had from the ones we took. :) 

Let me know, 

Lots of new posts coming soon. :) 


  1. hey sonshu! i'm a fan of november too! october kicks it off for me and i'm happy through december. hahaha loved your video! you love the same things i do! hahaha it's important to make time and do the things you want. your halloween costume was FAB!!! i'm a big fan of alice in wonderland and adore all of the characters. i love that you used COLOR in yours! it's truly FUN! glad you had a great time. have a delightful weekend chickadee. :)

  2. Cute mad hatter costume. I didn't really do much for Halloween this year because I was in the middle of moving. Anyway, I've had that same issue with YouTube with a video recently. The quality was good when I watched my video, but after I put it on YT, it was piss poor. I don't understand it. But I still liked watching a day in the life of Sonshu.

  3. Oh! Your Mad Hat is super-cool!!! And so's the neon pop of your tee! :)
    And yeah! November's here...sweet November! <3

  4. Aw that is the cutest and brightest costume, you look adorable! Love the hat!

  5. These pictures are ABSOLUTELY precious. What an ingenious costume, perfect for you, Miss Mad Hatter-ess. I love it. Love it. Also, India does not have winters. Just saying, for the nth time ;)

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  6. i love your mad hatter costume!!!

  7. Aww that hat is super cute. :))


  8. Hahaha.. That's lovely!! Was expecting something Potter-related!
    Love how you mixed all those colors!
    What shade of lipstick is that btw?