Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I don't remember if I've told you people this before but I'm pretty comfortable in my ethnic wear as well. For two years in college we had to restrict ourselves to the kurtas and patialas, so I think it grew on me in a good way. I often wear them from time to time, adding my own touch of funky and having some indo-western fusions etc. But Diwali is a time when everyone loves to adorn themselves in grand clothes etc. But I honestly don't see myself in this huge shiny anarkali type of thing, the only time I wore it was for a cousin's wedding. I usually stick to simpler clothes but go jazzy with the accessories and eye makeup. 

This Diwali as well, I just kept it low tone and went for a subtle kurta and paired it with my favourite colour as a contrast. Also went for shiny bangles and wedges. I must say that amidst all the crackers that cousins and family bursted, I kept it just to light my favourite diyas and decorate the house. So that was fun! 

Kurta and leggings: Local boutique
Wedge sandals: Lifestyle 
Bangles: gifted by (here
Necklace: M&S
Earrings: Gifted (Israel)
On my lips: Maybelline's My Mahogany 
Camisole (not visible in pictures) M&S

How do you celebrate festivals? Did you celebrate Diwali? If so, how?



  1. Pretty pictures, Sonshu! Love the colours in your outfit. Happy Diwali to you! :)

  2. I like the candles and the purple kurta. You looked great for Diwali!

  3. I love the colour blocking Sonshu! So pretty! I'm not a firecracker person too, though I love seeing all the lights around. I had a boring!

  4. I love wearing my ethnic stuff too! And yes, I also stay away from the crackers and prefer lighting up the whole house instead! :)

    Love the contrast leggings & kurta of my favorite ways of wearing Indian too!

  5. this year my diwali was not so much of crackers cuz one almost burst near my face ... :D lol herer's how my diwali was :

  6. Those colours make you look incandescent, or rather, more incandescent than usual. You're glowing. And indian wear suits you, sweetheart.

  7. Love the candle photos! You pair colors so well!

  8. love the purple and blue together! gorgeous candles :)

  9. Ahh these colors are beautiful! How I wish I could spend Diwali in India...alas college doesn't allow it :/

    Thanks for your lovely comment on our blog! We really appreciate it :) You've got a fantastic one yourself.

    Stay awesome, and hope your Diwali was bright and awesome!


  10. I love the pics of diyas...especially the 2nd one :P

  11. Love the pictures Sonshu... Always look forward to read your posts...

  12. you look so nice in ethnic wear!hope you had a happy diwali!:)

  13. lovely look dear! you look pretty and gorgeous xx

    Letters To Juliet

  14. Such beautiful colors:) U look lovely:)