Sunday, November 11, 2012

Curl me

 I know I've just been gone for a week but it feels like a month, and I can't even give you lame excuses so I'll be plain damn straight and tell you that I was just too lazy and bored to post. If you've been following me on Instagram (we now have web profiles you can see mine here) or on Twitter, you'd know that I was on a cleaning spree. I just felt really inspired and redid my entire room and wardrobe and it took me about five days but it turned out pretty amazing. I'm so glad about how it turned out and I'm totally just living in my room now, hahaha. 

Recently Zovi held a Bloggers meet in Bangalore and invited the Bangalore bloggers, it was so much fun you guys. I think it was one of the best nights I've had in a long time. Mimi was adorable and so much fun to interact with, we got to meet the designer of Zovi also got a chance to be styled by Robert Naorem and his oh-so-sweet-and-adorable team, and clicked by Hemanth! It was so much fun and we literally felt like celebs at the end of it. The Zovi team was so sweet and so much fun to be with, they told us about their upcoming collection and gave us an insight into the future of Zovi. What I loved the most is how they were open to feedback from us. 

Let me go ahead and tell you what I wore. 

Outfit details: Black printed top with lace tie up: c/o Zovi (HERE)
Necklace: People
Skirt: Forever new
Shoes: Local boutique
Ring: OVS

Mimi had informed us of the shoot and styling session before hand, so I literally just went with kajal and liner, basically almost a makeup-less face and hence I was so shocked to see the pictures after the makeover. I must say kudos to people whoever styled me, basically Robert and his team, because it took about two hours to style my hair and do the makeup considering the hair is pretty long, but they were so gracious through it! And I must say it was so much fun to do the shoot with Hemanth, he is adorable! 

Mom clicked this after the event, I was literally in love with the hair! 

Clicked after the event courtesy mom

Before picture: courtesy mom; After picture: Hemanth via Zovi team.

I've always wanted to do a before and after picture, and was so excited to see how this turned out. They curled my hair and gave me such a pretty look with basic makeup and red lips, how excited was I! 

Outfit details in the 'After' picture:
Necklace: Zovi (here)
Clutch: Zovi (here)

I must say that I enjoyed the amazing time that the Zovi event was, interacting with the amazing Zovi team and the yummy food, also meeting fellow bloggers was a lot of fun. 

Thanks to Mimi, Robert and Hemanth! Also, not to forget the entire Zovi team, it was a brilliant day...

Zovi has this Swap for a cause program where you give your old clothes and get a brand new Zovi merchandise in return. I actually was in the process of cleaning my wardrobe so I donated a sack of old clothes, many of which haven't even been worn more than once and felt so happy about giving it for a good cause. The team was sweet enough to give me a gorgeous clutch in return! 

What I loved about Zovi is how their clothing, accessories are so affordable. I always look for affordability and collection and they have both. Jewelry from Rs 199, clutches from Rs 599 and some pretty good shoes. They have sizes from XS to XXL, so that's another good thing but I'm hoping to see a huger collection soon with more variety for XXL sizes! 

So what did you people think of the pictures? Before and After, what do you think?

Have you shopped at ZOVI? If not, you should shop now. 

Tell me if you want to see the other pictures from the shoot.


P.S: Title was inspired by this song: (HERE)


  1. You totally rocked the curls girl :)

  2. i love the before and after look!!! :D :D espl the make up and touching...
    and nope. i've never tried shopping at zovi's... as a matter of fact, i've never heard about it before.. @_@

  3. OMG! That hair is gorgeousness!! And the make-up looks amazing on you, my girl! You should totally go for black eyes & red puckers from now onwards! :)

    Love YOUR necklace too! (More than the Zovi one!!) And yeah....I have got friends who have shopped from Zovi and got good things to say about the maybe, I'll try it out soon too! :))

  4. HOLLAAAA girl, how cute and pretty do you look. I love the monochrome, the curls, and the statement necklace. You are absolutely gorgeous, my precious.

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  5. You look so pretty hun. I love the after with the fab clutch and curls. Great song as well. Have a wonderful week! xo /Madison

  6. Wow...You have inspired me...Your curls look beautiful :)

  7. You have inspired me...havent seen such beautiful curls in a long time...Nice top too :)
    And happy Diwali Sonshu..

  8. woot woot...curlz for you are SOOOO IN :D
    and woohhoo the after pic is hot babe :*

  9. gorgeous! so fierce :) I love your long,dark & curly hair. I suddenly Miss my long hair when I saw your post. anyway, stay stylish and glamorous!:*

  10. Beautiful Makeover I must say :). I kind of loved the before pic too :D You look so cute in it :)

  11. i love curls...... I lyk d before n after concept, i accept dat curls really change the whole look..... Rocked it ;)

  12. love the look..and the styling!!!hot hot hot!

  13. OMG, your curls look amazing in that after photo. And I love, love the clutch too!

  14. hey sonshu! you looked pretty before and after girl! you have the prettiest hair. i love the way they styled it and your eye makeup is awesome. fabulous outfit. i love when a company offers an array of sizes. that says a lot! they're considering all of their possible buyers. also they offer CUTE things! sometimes people create larger sizes and don't consider style at all. i'm like, you didn't create something like that for the "little" people! hahaha don't you feel better when things are in order? i think, i'm always throwing something out. did it today! i like for things to have there place. i can relax and think! the book you showcased in the post above sounds amazing. it's been awhile since i've read a book that i've been unwilling to put down. thanks for telling me about it. hope all is grand :)

  15. Really nice pictures! Outfit is hot!
    Do you like to follow each other? Let me know, would be nice!

    X Annewil

  16. Hi Sonshu!
    I guess the hours of sitting in that chair to get your hair curled totally paid off! You hair looks so gorgeous and so does your outfit!
    Much love,

  17. Hey rock this outfit babes!!The outfit enhances your curves so well and the curls make it much more sexy and gorgeous!The clutch offcourse completes the look !

    choose you own giveaway via!!