Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Steal the show.

We come into the world. We meet people. We make friends. We form relationships. We fall in love. We fall out of love. We cry silent tears. We believe in fiction. We smile at the silliest things. We enjoy the smallest victories. We obsess over people who don't even know us. 

We make mistakes. We don't learn from mistakes we made. We hopelessly want things that aren't good for us. We believe in people who aren't trustworthy. We say things we shouldn't say. We procrastinate.

We do all this. 

We are humans. 

Its okay. 

Lately, a lot of people I know have been worrying too much. And regretting their lives decisions. All of us do it at some point. But I think that's the one thing I never wish to do and try to avoid as far as possible. Its just not the way its supposed to be. We shouldn't regret. We shouldn't drown in our own sorrows of troubled pasts. 

I like to think of sorrow like dark hooded figures with white grinning mouths. Sadistic. And ever so present. But I think it takes one grin to push another away and that's what we need to do. Learn from the past but don't while away your time dwelling upon it. Smile at your sorrows and say: Its okay. It shall pass. And you will see that it won't haunt you again. At least not for a while. 


So I'm boring you with my endless philosophical talks again? Well I have a dose of some show stealing colours too. You all know how black, red and white have always been a favourite. I think I've worn this combination more than anything else. So here's another go at it.

Disclaimer: My face seems to be glowing in the pictures, sparkling in fact. It is not glitter powder, face shine powder or Edward Cullen's sparkly abilities. It is purely because of weird lighting conditions and the fact that the lights were probably overly ecstatic. 

Outfit details: Red tank: Random store, Studded flats: Westside, Bangles: Assorted, Chiffon top: American Apparel (HERE), Petticoat slip skirt: American Apparel (HERE), Gold necklace: Vintage, Lip colour: Pleasure me red- Maybelline 

Also if you are an observer you would have noticed a tiny light in my hand, that's only because I clicked these with ze tripod. :D

Until next time, 
Go think about what I said


P.S: I named the post steal the show because red stole the show for me here. :P 

P.P.S: Notice my attempt to change my expressions. :P Yooooodles. 

P.P.P.S: Exams begin this week, hence shall not be online the entire day like I am now. But I will make sure the blog doesn't die, because I cannot just stay without blogging. Don't you worry, will blog, will even try and  read all your posts through the week. 

They begin on 13 and end on 25. :) And then I have vacays, so you people are in for tons of posts this November. :D 



  1. This was beautiful...and I agree with all that you look stunning, love the red :)) xx

  2. loving the red...

    follow your lovely drop by my blog

    Pooja k

  3. Sonshu,

    That is what life is.

    Take care

  4. I think this was a beautiful post...and the outfit is chic Sone :)
    Nice stuff :*

    Sorry I've been MIA :)

  5. Red is stealing the show, aww myy gosh!! I like the flats. I have a crush on westside flats, pumps and all other cute stuffs they have.The skirt looks cute, overall pretty outfit :)

  6. You are looking like the diva that you are, my precious. Sexxaaayyyy!! Love this colour combination anyway. As for your little spiel earlier, I'm all with you about living life without regretting. I try hard. :) <3 And you are a master of words. Need I say more?

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  7. Your face is shining in these for regrets, There used to be a time where I would get up and curse the world for being bad to me...guess I have come a long matured enough to understand things have a way of falling into place..there is no use wasting once energy in all the negative feeling that dwells within...

  8. You are right Sonshu..Red does steal the show.

  9. Love the red lipstick here! Totally suits you....I always shy away from bright red!
    All the best for the exams..:)
    I noticed I used to blog a lot more during exam-time, mostly because distractions seem heavenly then!

    Shubhi's Revels!

  10. i love the red and black!!i am so into sheer.and lately i have been finding the right stuff for me too!

  11. Red definitely steals the show..Love the way your have interpreted the philosophy!
    Love from Bindigasm

  12. Yes, we should definitely try not to focus on our sorrows and just live in the present moment.

    You look lovely in black and red. I like the effects on these images.

  13. I believe that we should live every day as if it's our last, and to live with no regrets!
    Good luck for your exams!

  14. Looking at you in this outfit makes me feel like you're going to break into tango any moment now. :D