Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Shiver, shiver honey!

Life has been pretty awesome you know? Winter has always been my favourite season, and it makes me all the more happy when I have vacations. In other news, cyclones, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis and what not. People who believe in the Mayans' predictions are counting down to apocalypse, while those who think it is ridiculous are making facebook pages like: 'I'll leave till 2013 and bash 2012!' and other such weird things. I'm one of those people who doesn't really care, apocalypse or not; I'll take life one step at a time and how it comes. 

Sunday was an eventful day, shopping, fun, food and some yummy chocolate milkshakes. Sante is usually held at open areas, so it always is sunny especially if you go during the beginning half, so I always make it a point to wear my hair in a bun and carry my shades. 

Things to remember when you are going to a flea market: 

1. Always carry a backpack or a tote back; carrying a shopper is also a good idea because you might end up buying a lot of things so carry a bag that you can stuff little bags into. 
2. Shades, water, hat and sunscreen are a must if you are visiting during the day/noon and a sweater/shawl is an added bonus if you visit them during chilly evenings. 
3. Remember to carry a camera if you want to capture some amazing street style. 
4. Eat well of course before you go because you usually have to walk a lot, you don't want to be week and nauseous. 
5. Keep an eye out for things. In flea markets you find the best things at the most amazing rates when you least expect to, don't skip a stall because of it's appearance, check everything out. 
6. Bargain bargain, never forget to bargain. 

Now go ahead and see what I wore to Sunday Soul Sante.

Outfit details: 
Tunic: Boutique in Bangalore
Denim vest: American Apparel
Denim bag: American Apparel
Shorts: Random 
Sling bag: Gifted 
Shades: Erin Sunglasses; Americal Apparel
Brogues: Zara
Bracelets: Here and there and Mom's pearl bracelet (not visible clearly)
Rings: Assorted 

In this outfit I wear some of my most worn things. The denim bag is a favourite and I use it to college every single day, the vest as well is a go to thing. The brogues as you can see have just been worn too much, more than I'm willing to accept. Well, favourites schavourites. 

I'm totally all for showing off cool sock designs like you own them. It is winter, and everyone wears socks, why not flaunt it eh? Wear higher than ankle length socks rather than teeny ones. They're cooler yo! 

Till next time, I shall shiver shiver shiver and cuddle with some books. Have a good day okay? And promise me that you'll be safe. Everyone. Everywhere. 



  1. wow! Killer bag and shoes! ;) And I love those denims!! :D :D

  2. Great OOTD. Love the tunic and your shades. Thanx for the tips :)

  3. I love the denim vest and your glasses so much!

  4. Sonshu,

    Good advice.

    Take care

  5. I'm not worried about Mayan calendars either. Your Zara brogues look comfy and perfect for a day at the flea market.

  6. Now that's some cool outfit, I just cant wait for winter, its still a bit hot in here! and that 2012 thing, ha ha, people freaks out a lot, I wanna wait and watch what really happens!

  7. I like your writing style. Love your back pack too

  8. Sonshu, that's really good advice for flea market's! We have a small one here in New Orleans, but I went to a larger one up north in Cincinnati and omg'd I wish I had your advice then. HAHAHA I did not prepare for the vastness of it. I'm not worried when the world will end either, because I live my life the best I can each and every day. Cute outfit doll!

  9. Your bag and vest, I am in love with!

    Much Love,
    Modish And Muse

  10. These are some really good ideas...Carrying cash is also a good idea. And I love your bag :)

  11. Great tips!! I love going to the markets here in South Africa xxx

  12. love it..give me the back pack!!!love the socks and shoes combo too!