Monday, October 29, 2012

Shadow days are over now.

Hello there amazing readers, 

Outfit details: 
Crop top: c/o American Apparel (Seen here previously)
Green tunic/dress: Remanika
Purple maxi worn as skirt: Vintage
Green bracelet: Gifted
Other bracelets: Assorted
Bangles: Hand painted by me
Necklace: c/o Stalk Buy Love
Hair pin: Flea market

When you are in college, the post exam time is always the best for you. Because you savour every minute doing something you love, after all the crappy studying and staying up all night etc. So what do I do after exams? I online shop with my eyes. I've been hoping from website to website checking out new designs, sales, and some trendy stuff. 

I came across this website Stalk. Buy. Love a while back and was extremely impressed with the designs. The most impressive part for me was easy navigation, range of sizes and affordability. The three most important things on any website. Also, I love how they have a wide range of things to choose from. Bags, accessories, jewelry and clothing! Here's a look at some of my favourites: 

click on the image to check out their clothing line

click on the image to check out their bags

click on the image to check out the jewelry

If you see above, you can pretty much figure how amazing their site is, and unlike many others out there, they are extremely affordable. Things ranging from Rs 299 to Rs 1,099; they have stuff for everyone. And being a college student, I know how it is to be on a budget, hence I definitely must recommend this to you'll! Go ahead and do some shopping here. 

Here's images of how my product arrived, I was impressed with delivery time, also they call you to confirm your order once you place it online. Must say it was packaged well. They also have a 7 day return policy, no questions asked. Various types of payment methods include Cash On Delivery which we all love. 

The people over at Stalk Buy Love, were kind enough to give me a voucher to shop on their website and of course I literally wanted to buy everything, but I kept to my sanity. You will see the other wonders soon enough. I cannot stop wearing them. :D Aren't they pretty amazing? 

In other news, I have loads of posts lined up for you. So don't go anywhere and stay tuned for a Halloween special soon on The Sonshu. 

If you see the outfit pictures above, notice the picture where I'm jumping? That was out of pure joy and insanity after twirling around in my maxi dress and playing with my neckpiece. Oh I was so ecstatic! :P Felt like a princess you know? Brother just gave me these OhMyGodIDon'tKnowYou looks. Well, whatever; I had fun! 

Till next time, 

P.S: If you are wondering what the title is about, it is a song. Oh, I didn't forget that it is Music Monday. Here's the song for you: Shadow Days


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  2. I love the colors of your outfit, very fun and bright :) thank you so much for your sweet comments sweetie! Do come by again soon -

    x Che

  3. Pretty lady, your smile is contagious ;)
    I loved this outfit!

  4. You look super, adore those bright colours, they go perfectly with your smiling face :))) xx

  5. 3 kisses for showing me this website!!
    love the colour blocking and layering..and the hairpin!

  6. love the statement necklace so pretty

    Pooja K

  7. So pretty, I love all of the colors!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  8. I love how you look so happy in your pictures :D


  9. How cute do you look? I love your colourful style, you look brilliant! x

  10. hey sonshu! i surely wish stalkbuylove shipped internationally! hahaha they have some great items. i got excited when i saw the purses. i'm an onliine shopper too! i scope what i want and fingers crossed hope for a sale. then i go in for the BUY! i love your outfit. the colors you're wearing are so pretty and i love the layering. your hair is gorgeous too. i'm kim and i found your blog through Chery's blog Oh to be a muse. i love what you wrote and couldn't agree more. i'm always in search of sincere bloggers. i only have one reader from india! her name is Debi! Her blog link is Do you know her? She's in college too? well, i just wanted to say hello. :)

  11. Hi sweety, thanks for stopping by. Are your exams over? You're so lucky, I am just about to begin. Hope it went well. This is such a pretty and vibrant colour mix! Loving the beautiful jewellery pieces, you've made me want to online shop now as well!

  12. you look gorgeous ;) great blog

  13. Hello sonshu!! Thank you for your nice comment on my blog! And wow the accessories look great! I saw that you did mentioned u have hand painted accessories. O.O share them too dear!!

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  16. I have missed so much here already? The second picture is beyond cute! I love the website..been meaning to place an order. That neckpiece with the blue feathers has been on my wishlist for so long now!