Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Orange Sweat

I cannot keep screaming: examsareoverexamsareoverexamsareover. ALMOST. Well they will be tomorrow afternoon. 

Did you just figure what I said? Well I am pretty sure you did. Can you believe how much ranting and endless cribbing you have to head before and during my exams? Well of course you would because they literally are like devils, take a complete toll on my social life and sleep. 

I've become a 6am sleeper. Yes, I sleep the next day, but of course my day begins at 1pm. I've completely lost any sense of time or mental sense. Oh kay I make no sense at all now? Well excuse me but I have holidayssss you peoplez and nothing is more amazhinghs than holidaysss. Especially when I can sit online for long hours, listen to music, dance, read loads of books, do random shit and some useful unshit. Well I have the right not to make sense right, because I just wrote exams for two weeks. Lord save me. 

Also, lately I've been living in sweatpants. Because they are so freaking cool yo! Also, winter is here knocking on my windows and doors and youknowwhoisexcited? I love winters. I'm going to pull out the huge pile of winter clothes I happen to have. [Though I don't know why because India has winter (in moderate amounts compared to what people in other countries experience) only for like 3-4 months at the maximum] So why would I stock up so many? Well because I love winterrrrs and nothing takes that away. Not even the silly climate. 

Winter is like my season. Its just perfect. Not only because I secretly love it for the uncountable holidays we get, but also because I get to wear my boots and cool coats without having people look at me like I'm a distant alien from lalaland. [Though they still look at me like I'm an alien. Whatever] 

Winter is just totes amazing. And you will know my love for it soon. Soon, I tell you. 

Till then here's some orangy mania with my sweat pant obsession continuing. Of course I love to wear my sweat pants super baggy and oversized so I got one size bigger. Well yes. Don't give me that look. And hence you see the extra cloth here and there. What else makes it look like a sweatpant eh? Well who said sweats aren't stylish? I've repeatedly shown you how to work em sweats and look freaking stylish. 

Previous sweat pants posts: HERE & HERE

As you can see again, I had to resort to the tripod and I'm not complaining. Just that I prefer using the remote than the self timer hence you will see a tiny flash light in my hand but I request you to ignore that. Or well, don't if it doesn't bother you. 

Aren't the pictures nicer now? Compared to my old posts with a sad sad camera?

Yaaay to new camera and thank you grandpaa. <3

Outfit deets:
Oversize printed top: Westside
Orange top: Zara 
(also asymmetrical, you will see that some other time I suppose)
Sweat pants: c/o American Apparel (HERE)
Scarf: Vintage
Bracelets: The Ark's Bloom & Random
Pumps: Zara
 Rings: Vintage & Thrift
Hair clip: Made with love by grandma

Till next time
Lots of love,

P.S: ALSO, if you saw the giveaway post, I have cancelled the giveaway, a lot of you'll were really upset that it was only in Bangalore and at a short notice. So what's the fun in a giveaway when no one can take part in it? 

Also, I just realized how every other blog is doing it and I really don't see the fun when every other blog is having the same giveaway, I am really not a person to do something everyone does. Sorry! Apologies if I have caused any inconvenience. 

If you are clueless, I'd posted about it an hour or two back and I don't think anyone really even saw it, so it is okay :D Hahahah.

Sorry guys! 


  1. love the mix of colours!!
    I invite you to follow me on, hope that you like it!! You'll be always welcome!kisses

  2. Those sweat pants look too comfy though I wear my bro's sweat pants, ha ha, I never buy one for myself, I love to borrow :D

    Yay for your exams, do party tomorrow ;) yes yes I too love winter and am just too happy for it mahn! Just one more month for winter to reach here!

  3. Love the pop of color your top is giving out! :)

    And yay for the winters! I can't wait to bring out the blazers & boots too!! :D
    (If the cold weather decides to grace us with its presence, though! *sigh*)

  4. You are so naturally beautiful! You seriously have a killer sense of style, I love the bright pop of colour here, and the layering all looks perfect. You have is lovely and long! I would love to have your hair! :)

    My blog:

  5. love the colours. looking lovely and enjoy the rest.

  6. it look like a comfy outfit

    keep it up and good luck

  7. Sonshu,

    Have fun till next round of examinations.

    Take care

  8. Hi darling. You are cute. You are always cute. Such a rantball of emotions, and I like the brightness of this outfit. Just like you.

    Also, India doesn't have legit winters. Just sayin. ;)

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  9. Congratulations for the new camera Sonshu...Love that orange zara top...

  10. i really like the flower in your hair and the layering you have done sonshu!