Monday, October 22, 2012

Music Monday-7

Hello wonderful folks of The Sonshu and the world, 

Its that time of the week again. Dreading your Monday? Monday Blues are killing you eh? Well nothing can be worse than an exam on a Monday morning. Gaaah, I rant a little too much on the blog these days, but you know that it is only called for when exams are around the corner or on. Well see I've been keeping up my Monday Morning promise and you get to listen to some uh-may-zing songs on a bright sunny/not-so-sunny morning. 

So want to see what's in store. Well what are you waiting for, get started. 

1. Lady Antebellum- Just A Kiss

So if you didn't know it already I am a huge Lady Antebellum person because their songs are just so beautiful. I feel they are one of those people who actually understand music. Just A Kiss is not only a wonderful video with like this whole story line in it but also the soothing and calming voices. 
Lady Antebellum are a musical trio, Hillary, Charles and Dave. And of course all of them are equally amazing, something to watch out always is the brilliant videos. Their videos are simply like movies themselves. 

Now go ahead and watch this song: This is only with the lyrics as VEVO won't let me share their videos for some crappy reason. You can watch the official video HERE

2. Circle of Life (Lion King) 

Lion King is not only a brilliant movie, but it has so much depth and meaning and people who make fun of animated movies can go take a hike. Lion King is one of the greatest movies ever and the music makes the movie all the more epic. The song Circle of Life is just brilliant, be it the understanding, the way its depicted in the movie and what not. You must listen to this song if you haven't already, it definitely is one of my favourites ever. A wonderful song to retrospect over on a Monday morning.

Also, I tend to get all romantic-y because of the weather. Eeeeep, winter is here.

On a sad note: 

RIP Yash Chopra Ji, Bollywood will never be the same without you, and you will be truly missed. To one of  the great directors of all time. He's at a better place now, surely a legend there too. He died of dengue on 21 October 2012.

Here's one of my favourite songs from one of his movies with my favourite actor, Shah Rukh Khan =) :

Main Yahan Hoon- Veer Zara


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