Monday, October 8, 2012

Music Monday -5

I know I know. Don't give me that disgruntled look okay? I promised to bring to light amazing music as and when I hear it. And maybe I didn't entirely conform to it, but hey don't complain. I'm here getting you some great music again. Go ahead and see for yourself. 

After the requests and repeated pleadings of the loyal and faithful readers of 'The Sonshu', I decided to start doing my Music Monday posts again. So I hereby promise to make you listen to some amazing music every Monday. And you promise to visit the blog every Monday morning and listen to good music and kick those blues away.

Also, from this point on you will throw all your inhibitions about any music genres, or artists away. Because everyone deserves a chance to be heard. Okay?

Music Monday posts will go up at 7.30 am IST from now on, in order to enable you to make your Monday Mornings happier. Seeeee?

1. Sleeping Child- MLTR

I remember summer vacations as a child at cousin's place. That's when I developed most of my 'good' habits. Be it reading vigourously or listening to music. Thanks to the cousin sister (Namuuu, I love you loads. <3) for everything. She's been a teacher when I didn't understand a bit of math or chemistry, an inspiration from whom I picked up my reading gene and music gene and I still remember the wonderful times we've had especially right before she got married (Cooking, pictures and all). So I used to sleep, next to her and she used to text her friends while me (as a kid) used to look at her admiringly and read Famous Five. We'd have the radio on in her room and sometimes she'd play her favourite songs. I remember this one clearly. It was one of my favourites of all the songs. And I suddenly re-discovered my love for this song again.

Go ahead and listen to the wonderful song that I grew up listening to.

2. Rihanna- Diamonds

I've always loved Rihanna's songs for the lyrics and how she feels everything that she sings and also how honest she is about her feelings and that comes across beautifully in her songs. I also think she has an unconventional voice and is unafraid to make a bold move.

Diamonds is a beautiful song, in every word, every tone, every beat. The lyrics are just something you'll learn immediately.

So shine bright, tonight, you and I
We're beautiful like diamonds in the sky
Eye to eye, so alive
We're beautiful like diamonds in the sky

Shine bright like a diamond

Go ahead and listen to this lovely song to make your Monday Morning romantic.


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And that's all for now. Be back soon for more on The Sonshu and stay tuned to know more.
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