Thursday, October 4, 2012

Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2012- Bangalore- (II)

Hello y'all, 

I'm back once again and here's some more scoop from BPFT 2012 Bangalore. :) This was my first post about Seagram's BPFT: HERE

I'm stoked that you'll loved the last post and I love to hear from you, so don't forget to give me a buzz and tell me what you thought of this post too. Also, next up from BPFT is 'What I wore' and I've been getting messages asking for the post asap, and it will go up on the blog soon. So keep watching and till then stay tuned to The Sonshu. 

Kisses. :*

Ashish N Soni 

Ashish N Soni's collection at BPFT was extremely subtle. I felt that the entire collection had this very classy elite look about it. Something one could wear to work, but even to a party. So that was definitely a thumbs up. The tones were very muted with blues, blacks, whites and browns. I must definitely say that this subtlety won him major points because it came across very 'fall fashion' like and the audience loved that too. I personally liked some of the pieces from his collection that particularly stood out to me. The men's collection too was very sleek and modern with polka dots and defined cuts. To end it, I definitely love Ashish's well tailored, neatly done silhouettes and he ensured that he retained his standards. I particularly like what he's wearing on his feet. :D 

Wendell Rodricks

Wendell Rodricks at BPFT said that his designs were inspired by the logo for BPFT 2012, with the black drop and gold hints. One could definitely spot some of the pieces with this so inspired pattern, but other than that his collection was all about the yellows, black, red and the pinks. While the collection came across as very resort-y, some pieces particularly caught my eye. I was completely diggin' the palazzo pants because I've always had a soft corner for them and he went wild and had them in crazy reds and goldens and I definitely wanted to own a piece. We also saw kaftan like patterns and the models literally strutted and had fun with the patterns. The men's collection saw dhotis with some Indian feel to it and I could see it coming off as something very wearable and something people would actually be able to walk the streets wearing. His collection was indeed very nice, however I wasn't a fan of the show stopper Evelyn's gown. But you can't please all right? 

Anyway, the BPFT 2012 was definitely a wonderfully organized event and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed myself through it. I saw many piece that I liked and some that I didn't particularly dig, but that's the way it is right? Anyway, the evening ended with some meets and greets and I literally crashed the bed after the tiring day but took home tons of amazing memories and experiences. More on that and the outfit in the next post. 



What was your favourite piece of the collections?


  1. Wow, the collection is amazing!
    I haven't quite seen such a beautiful and comfort-oriented collection for sometime!

    Definitely appeals to me!

    Shubhi's Revels!

  2. This looks like a great collection. Thanks so much for your lovely comment.

    Sita & Radha xx

  3. lovely post! and so happy for you that you got to go for this! =)


  4. thankyou for the birthday wishes on my blog :)

    thanx a lot :)

    Tanuja <3

  5. MMM, some gorgeous looks there!
    Erica xo

  6. Wow Sonshu, the photography is spot on! lovely pics. my fav piece is the black gown with multi color hem line

  7. I was actually diggin' the palazzo pants too. The stuff by Wendell Rodricks was pretty cool!

  8. I was actually diggin' the palazzo pants too. The stuff by Wendell Rodricks was pretty cool.

  9. amazing collection! love them all♥♥

    following you now dear :)

  10. rodricks was present on day 1 here..but i didn't catch either of these 2 ...thank you sonshu!i love their collection..that ashish soni dress on carol gracias(i think that's her name)is beautiful!!and rodricks' flowy silhouettes!!love!

  11. all of these designs are stunning! such beautiful detailing and colors!

  12. Oh this is amazing. Such a great collection!