Friday, October 19, 2012

15 types of Instagram-mers, which one are you?

Instagram has if not anything in the least been a rage for the past few months, and then again there came that time where Facebook felt a threat and hence colonized the Instagram empire too. Well not things I care about too much now eh? The who's who and the who's not who are all on Instagram, in fact so much so that I think its become more like the next door vegetable market, forever noisy and crowded. Of course I'm one of those people who overly observes things and anatomizes [Is that a word even?] them. I happen to notice these trends in Instagrammers, and I ought to share it with ya'all because where else would I go talk about it? Duh you guys. [I think this post is heading to rant land].

And if you are one of those people who's getting googly-eyed at me because Instagram sounds like some alien word you never heard, then fret not because I will tell you exactly what it is. [Why do people make Wiki pages if it wasn't to enlighten people] You can find out about Instagram right here and join us freaks right away. Instagram Gyaan (Click on me)

Disclaimer: All opinions are purely mine and do not mean to offend or attack anyone. [I'm just being annoyingly me okay? Now read!]

15 types of Instagrammers you will find in the Instagram Market

1. Nature lover: This person is someone who's irrevocably in love with nature. I get it, nature is amazing and I love it too, but the nature instagrammer seems to have fallen head over heels in love with mother nature. I can literally swear on my instagram that every picture on his/her/it's account is of nature. And that does not include skies I tell you (that's a whole other phenomenon). But well, good for the trees and plants and leaves, some go green motto happening here.

2. Self shot instagrammer: I'm sure you've seen lots of people around who're self shot instagrammers. For one I pity them and empathize because sometimes it sucks not to have people to take pictures of you, hence you need to resort to self picture taking. [In fact I can easily say its an art I've managed to master over the years] So the self shot instagrammer basically clicks pictures of themselves from various directions in various angles. You deserve to see their pretty face okay?

3. Mirror Mirror person: People say Snow White's evil step mother was obsessed with the mirror, but I say that the mirror instagrammer is. We all take pictures of ourselves in the mirror. Yes we do, don't even deny it. But these people are super special because almost 99 of their 100 pictures are mirror shots. I mean, you ought to give them some credit too okay? Also, the mirror must be really photo ready now. 

4. Food is all I do-grammer: Yes, there are some live-to-eat people and there are some love-to-eat people. But on Instagram there are people who only post pictures of what they eat. Well yes, for starters they tend to tempt me and make me feel hungry 30 out of 40 times and hence I avoid looking at their pictures, but they also tend to become overly foody. If that makes sense? But then again, if food looks good then you ought to click right? 

5. Sky is my high: The sky is my high person clicks pictures as the name suggests only of the sky. Clouds can be pretty varied and unique and the sky has a different face everyday, but this person is literally like a sky watcher and has an array of various sky emotions. Well I do enjoy looking at pictures of the sky in different parts of the world if that's what they have to offer. 

6. Travelling mania: Well there always are the travelling people, they roam and hover through the nooks and alleys of the world capturing everything they see and some of these are actually really fun because you get to be on a journey without actually being there. 

7. OOTD obsessors, Maniacal shoppers: So I'm a fashion soul finder too and its really nice to oggle at some lovely clothes/shoes/accessories that people are wearing, but then again too much is just too much. There are those who post 3-4 ootds in a day, and that can be just awkward, weird and a whole lot annoying. However do go to the #ootd hashtag once in a while to spot some amazing things people are wearing. (and some NOT so amazing) I grouped these two categories because they do tend to be synonymous sometimes, so hell I wrote them together. There are some people who just shop everyday. Yes, that's all they do. And of course post pictures of what they shopped. 

8. Quote yo!: The Quote yo! person posts quotes. Good ones, bad ones. Sad ones, happy ones. Inspiring ones, humourous ones. Smart ones, cheesy ones. Yes, this person seems to have an archaic archive of all the quotes that ever existed and has been tracking anything and everything that people have been saying. While it is fun once in a while to read some quotes, it can be OTT when that's all you do. 

9. Imma Photographer: Instagram has done this. It has made everyone, and I literally mean everyone think they are photographers. Its okay to say you like photography or inspire to be a photographer, but claiming to be one if you are not is clearly tacky. 

10. Oh Baby: Oh Baby definitely refers to those who post pictures of babies. Theirs, their neighbours, cousins', aunt's, next lane person's, stranger's etc. Oh Baby people are literally obsessed with babies and this in my world is extremely creepy. I mean its okay to have a picture here and there, but all these people do is post baby pictures. Spare those kids? They'll run away from this planet if you annoy them with 'Oh gotta Instagram this smile' pictures. 

11. Actual photographers: Now these people are the ones who really know how to use their camera. But 99.9 of their pictures are taken with their fancy shancy cameras later transferred and uploaded to Instagram and I tell you, their pictures are the ones with a thousand likes because they are so called: 'picturesque'. But here I was thinking Instagram is for people with bad cameras trying to feel good about themselves? No, these uh-may-zhing photographers won't be left behind here too. 

12. Wannabe models: I swear by these people that Instagram should be renamed as Model hunt. Well there are men and women, boys and girls who like to take advantage of this free portal to display their modelesque capabilities. Hence you will see portfolio-esque pictures in the creepiest poses and 50 hashtags. I repeat: 50 hashtags. I mean 10 or 15 is at least bearable, but 50? That's like screaming wannabe into my ear drums. 

13. DIY-grammer: We all know of the DIY blogger, but now there's a DIY instagrammer. And I must say this is really cool. Because they manage to show you an entire DIY thingie with a picture and constantly post such fun DIY projects that one can learn a lot from. Definitely people to watch out for, super creative man. 

14. Zoh My Pout: I'm not saying pouting is bad. Really. Its good for your lips to have some flexibility once in a while, but there are these girls. And worse: boys. Who constantly need to pout. I mean every picture has their duck face pout on it. And that's just so unique right? And for those of you who think pouting is synonymous with teenagers, think again. Some of us love to smile. 

15. Party rocker: There are the party people everywhere, I like to call em party hoppers because all they do is party in life. And of course now they post pictures of their party, the people, the food, the drinks of every single party they ever attend. I mean hello? Give us a break okay. Stop the show off. GAH. I would never follow such people, plain old boring. 

Well of course I'm sure there are plenty more types of instagrammers lurking around out there in the big fat world of Instagramming. Just these many for now okay? Before you yawn your ass off and sleep. I mean hello? That's just mee-ean okay? 

Some things that Instagrammers tend to say: 

'Waiiit, hold the baby's head that way. Ah, yes I need to instagram it'
'Hashtag, hashtag, hashtag. Oohh, popular picture of the day, hashtag.'
'I got 15 likes in a minute? Wow, I'm famous you all'
'Okay, hold it. That's a nice angle.' 
'Oh, no lighting here? Well who cares, I'm instagramming it!'
'Give me a nicer plate, I need to instagram it'
'I just shopped, I just shopped. Mom, wait I need to instagram what I shopped'
'Oh, this colour looks great on my feet, need to instagram it'


In other news, the exams are still on being a tiny grunt in my otherwise pretty life. So please can you make them go away? Well they will go away next week anyway. I am back on track on 25th you girlsnguys. But I have posts running for you anyway. So keep calm and read The Sonshu. 

Now I'm leaving, before you bite off my head. I need em for the future posts and pictures. 


[Ignore the incessant ramblings and rants and swears]
[Well actually, don't]
[Also I like saying: Instagrammers rather than Instagramers. Live with it.]

Also, tell me what you thought of this post. You know I love to hear what you have to say. 


  1. HAHAHAHA. I think I am a unflattering mix of some of those categories though. Ooops. You're too cute, Sonshu, TOO CUTE.

    Good post, this should be sent in to InFB as well!!

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  2. Hi Sonshu...I am not much of an Instagram person. By the way, I liked your review for the Wendell Rodericks book. Wanted to comment, but it was disabled. Anyway, I have interviewed him once and I mus say, he was a man of a few but sensible words...

  3. Its a really funny post...i was laughing like crazy....:)

  4. How interesting is this!!? Haha awesome!

  5. Thanks for dropping by on my blog doll :D
    I really enjoyed this post so so much , Im laughing like a maniac xD
    Would u like to follow each other??
    xoxo <3

  6. Hehehe :D It was so much fun reading the post,
    do keep writing such post! It's super funn!

  7. Sonshu,

    Thanks for knowledge.

    Take care

  8. I have that same image on my Pinterest about Instagram. I have seen many of these people, and some I have yet to encounter. You forgot about the Pictures of pets (I know I do that).

  9. Hilarous read ! Following you now fellow bangalore blogger !
    Hope you can follow us back !


  10. this is a awesome post Sonshu! love the way u have listed the moods n whims of an instragrammer..

  11. Ha ha, I really don't know what to say, but I am an instagram addict, no, I dont use it as of now, seen it everywhere and fond of it, nature is something that attracts me more!

  12. hahah, that is an amazingly true post! :D

  13. just a spectator who sit back and enjoy the Instagrammed view of all and sundry! Your categorizations were fun!! ;P

  14. haha love this post because it's soo true!

  15. All I can think of when Im reading this is that I have a blackberry and do not have instagram(boo-hoo!) Yet I went on reading and laughing because you write amazingly well Sonshu!:D

    Shubhi's Revels!

  16. Oh I am an instagram addict. It's so fun! haha - you were spot on; and I am totally guilty of taking photos with my DSLR and then uploading them to instagram.

    I wanted to comment on your music monday post, but I don't think I could. When ever I open the blinds, I think of the "Circle of Life" song! And, Khan is one of my favorite actors too! I really liked him in My Name is Khan. Amazing movie.

    Thank you so much for your kind words of support with my blog issue that I am currently having. It's not an easy situation, but I hope it ends soon!

    Amber's Mouthwash

  17. Haha, love this post! I used to be obsessed with Instagram, but I haven't uploaded as much as I want or used to. I need to get in the know about that DIY-gammer! lol :)

  18. so true all of them..i just saw this post was unread..i don't use instagram though..maybe i will in the future who knows!

  19. I'm an old school photographer who is can still build a dark room and develop my own film. I'm hooked on iPhone photography and instagram. I feel like an asshole some times. I still shamelessly love it at the same time, like crack.