Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Shiver, shiver honey!

Life has been pretty awesome you know? Winter has always been my favourite season, and it makes me all the more happy when I have vacations. In other news, cyclones, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis and what not. People who believe in the Mayans' predictions are counting down to apocalypse, while those who think it is ridiculous are making facebook pages like: 'I'll leave till 2013 and bash 2012!' and other such weird things. I'm one of those people who doesn't really care, apocalypse or not; I'll take life one step at a time and how it comes. 

Sunday was an eventful day, shopping, fun, food and some yummy chocolate milkshakes. Sante is usually held at open areas, so it always is sunny especially if you go during the beginning half, so I always make it a point to wear my hair in a bun and carry my shades. 

Things to remember when you are going to a flea market: 

1. Always carry a backpack or a tote back; carrying a shopper is also a good idea because you might end up buying a lot of things so carry a bag that you can stuff little bags into. 
2. Shades, water, hat and sunscreen are a must if you are visiting during the day/noon and a sweater/shawl is an added bonus if you visit them during chilly evenings. 
3. Remember to carry a camera if you want to capture some amazing street style. 
4. Eat well of course before you go because you usually have to walk a lot, you don't want to be week and nauseous. 
5. Keep an eye out for things. In flea markets you find the best things at the most amazing rates when you least expect to, don't skip a stall because of it's appearance, check everything out. 
6. Bargain bargain, never forget to bargain. 

Now go ahead and see what I wore to Sunday Soul Sante.

Outfit details: 
Tunic: Boutique in Bangalore
Denim vest: American Apparel
Denim bag: American Apparel
Shorts: Random 
Sling bag: Gifted 
Shades: Erin Sunglasses; Americal Apparel
Brogues: Zara
Bracelets: Here and there and Mom's pearl bracelet (not visible clearly)
Rings: Assorted 

In this outfit I wear some of my most worn things. The denim bag is a favourite and I use it to college every single day, the vest as well is a go to thing. The brogues as you can see have just been worn too much, more than I'm willing to accept. Well, favourites schavourites. 

I'm totally all for showing off cool sock designs like you own them. It is winter, and everyone wears socks, why not flaunt it eh? Wear higher than ankle length socks rather than teeny ones. They're cooler yo! 

Till next time, I shall shiver shiver shiver and cuddle with some books. Have a good day okay? And promise me that you'll be safe. Everyone. Everywhere. 


Monday, October 29, 2012

Shadow days are over now.

Hello there amazing readers, 

Outfit details: 
Crop top: c/o American Apparel (Seen here previously)
Green tunic/dress: Remanika
Purple maxi worn as skirt: Vintage
Green bracelet: Gifted
Other bracelets: Assorted
Bangles: Hand painted by me
Necklace: c/o Stalk Buy Love
Hair pin: Flea market

When you are in college, the post exam time is always the best for you. Because you savour every minute doing something you love, after all the crappy studying and staying up all night etc. So what do I do after exams? I online shop with my eyes. I've been hoping from website to website checking out new designs, sales, and some trendy stuff. 

I came across this website Stalk. Buy. Love a while back and was extremely impressed with the designs. The most impressive part for me was easy navigation, range of sizes and affordability. The three most important things on any website. Also, I love how they have a wide range of things to choose from. Bags, accessories, jewelry and clothing! Here's a look at some of my favourites: 

click on the image to check out their clothing line

click on the image to check out their bags

click on the image to check out the jewelry

If you see above, you can pretty much figure how amazing their site is, and unlike many others out there, they are extremely affordable. Things ranging from Rs 299 to Rs 1,099; they have stuff for everyone. And being a college student, I know how it is to be on a budget, hence I definitely must recommend this to you'll! Go ahead and do some shopping here. 

Here's images of how my product arrived, I was impressed with delivery time, also they call you to confirm your order once you place it online. Must say it was packaged well. They also have a 7 day return policy, no questions asked. Various types of payment methods include Cash On Delivery which we all love. 

The people over at Stalk Buy Love, were kind enough to give me a voucher to shop on their website and of course I literally wanted to buy everything, but I kept to my sanity. You will see the other wonders soon enough. I cannot stop wearing them. :D Aren't they pretty amazing? 

In other news, I have loads of posts lined up for you. So don't go anywhere and stay tuned for a Halloween special soon on The Sonshu. 

If you see the outfit pictures above, notice the picture where I'm jumping? That was out of pure joy and insanity after twirling around in my maxi dress and playing with my neckpiece. Oh I was so ecstatic! :P Felt like a princess you know? Brother just gave me these OhMyGodIDon'tKnowYou looks. Well, whatever; I had fun! 

Till next time, 

P.S: If you are wondering what the title is about, it is a song. Oh, I didn't forget that it is Music Monday. Here's the song for you: Shadow Days

Friday, October 26, 2012

Little things do matter after all.

The best thing in life is the joy that you get from little things. 

In the materialistic world that we live in, it is not uncanny to get lost in the maze of acquisition. Everyday seems like just another one in the history of time, to reach out and possess something new. Be it a new shoe, or a new company; humans are constantly aiming, dreaming and acquiring 'materials' while they forgo the little things that actually matter. 

How often to we say thank you when someone appreciates us? How many times have you wished that uncle who stands at your college gate all day long? These things may seem trivial among the busy schedules that we are shuffling every single day, but they actually do matter to someone. 

I'm not denying the pleasure that comes with buying a new pair of shoes or grabbing some new clothes, going book shopping or even getting a gift. But, I will definitely vouch for the fact that if you connect with yourself from within and reach out to the depths of your heart, a thank you, a sorry, a note of admiration, a hug are the things which matter and deeply touch our heart. 

Today, I see so many relationships crumbling out there and falling to pieces, breaking bit by bit, withering away and I can safely say that majority of them are because of lack of emotions, lack of understanding and most importantly lack of humanity. We've become so engrossed and greedy to win this battle that we call life, which makes us forget the little things in life that would otherwise be worth so much more. 

When readers leave comments, tweet me or write a mail to me just expressing themselves and how they felt as they read my blog, I think that is part of what keeps me going. It makes me feel over joyed and so happy that even all the things I own couldn't do that. The simple email that you write, telling someone you like their work or whatever your heart tells you to; actually means a lot to someone. Especially if it is someone like me. I'm rather upset that 'letter writing' has faded away, before I even started writing letters it has gone. And I never had the chance to receive a letter from a loved one, one which isn't a promotional brochure or some stupid bill. And I will forever miss that, because nothing could make me happier than something as little as that. 

They say: 'You come into the world alone, and you leave the world alone' but I'd like to interpret it as: We come into the world alone, with slight hints of emotions, feelings, desires, needs and through the course of life we learn our values, build opinions and make impressions. But after that comes what? There are two paths. One is of course the path that majority of us are in today: where we are constantly racing and trying to over take each other in order to reach the finish line first; and then the other path is the one we all tend to ignore, the path filled with thorns, and roses, the path that teaches you the basic aim of life: humanity, the path that teaches you to take pleasure in littlest things. The path that's obviously under-rated as compared to the first path, which is obviously more famous and I can't figure why. 

When my little brother and I were younger and anyone gave him a chocolate, he'd always make it a point to ask for another one just for me. At that point of time I never gave a second thought to it because it was just another chocolate. But today when I look back, I'm deeply touched by that small act, because it told me he cared, it showed me how much he thought of me and that matters to me more than a chocolate ever will. 

Life is a maze, life is a game, life is so many things that words wouldn't be able to describe it. But beyond all life is about learning lessons everyday, improving yourself, understanding your strengths, accepting your flaws, taking in all the people around you. What matters the most is believing in yourself and with all this comes the fact that we should learn to appreciate the little things in life, they do matter after all. 

I'm definitely going to look at my way of doing things differently from now on. Give importance to love, people, emotions, happiness, smiles, learning and time. Because they mean a lot more than anything else ever could, and of course you'll find yourself to be a better human, just like I am. If not anything else, do it for the sake of humanity. We all have that person inside us, who matters these little things above all. 

Pick up that phone and call your mother, lover, best friend or just anyone and tell them how much they mean to you. The next time, wave at the security college who takes care of your college, smile and thank the auto driver for bringing you safely to your destination and some more...

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda


P.S: Thanks to Blogadda for their line which helped me think so much, and of course I hope I didn't get too philosophical, just spoke my heart out and spilt what I was thinking, just like I used to before. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Orange Sweat

I cannot keep screaming: examsareoverexamsareoverexamsareover. ALMOST. Well they will be tomorrow afternoon. 

Did you just figure what I said? Well I am pretty sure you did. Can you believe how much ranting and endless cribbing you have to head before and during my exams? Well of course you would because they literally are like devils, take a complete toll on my social life and sleep. 

I've become a 6am sleeper. Yes, I sleep the next day, but of course my day begins at 1pm. I've completely lost any sense of time or mental sense. Oh kay I make no sense at all now? Well excuse me but I have holidayssss you peoplez and nothing is more amazhinghs than holidaysss. Especially when I can sit online for long hours, listen to music, dance, read loads of books, do random shit and some useful unshit. Well I have the right not to make sense right, because I just wrote exams for two weeks. Lord save me. 

Also, lately I've been living in sweatpants. Because they are so freaking cool yo! Also, winter is here knocking on my windows and doors and youknowwhoisexcited? I love winters. I'm going to pull out the huge pile of winter clothes I happen to have. [Though I don't know why because India has winter (in moderate amounts compared to what people in other countries experience) only for like 3-4 months at the maximum] So why would I stock up so many? Well because I love winterrrrs and nothing takes that away. Not even the silly climate. 

Winter is like my season. Its just perfect. Not only because I secretly love it for the uncountable holidays we get, but also because I get to wear my boots and cool coats without having people look at me like I'm a distant alien from lalaland. [Though they still look at me like I'm an alien. Whatever] 

Winter is just totes amazing. And you will know my love for it soon. Soon, I tell you. 

Till then here's some orangy mania with my sweat pant obsession continuing. Of course I love to wear my sweat pants super baggy and oversized so I got one size bigger. Well yes. Don't give me that look. And hence you see the extra cloth here and there. What else makes it look like a sweatpant eh? Well who said sweats aren't stylish? I've repeatedly shown you how to work em sweats and look freaking stylish. 

Previous sweat pants posts: HERE & HERE

As you can see again, I had to resort to the tripod and I'm not complaining. Just that I prefer using the remote than the self timer hence you will see a tiny flash light in my hand but I request you to ignore that. Or well, don't if it doesn't bother you. 

Aren't the pictures nicer now? Compared to my old posts with a sad sad camera?

Yaaay to new camera and thank you grandpaa. <3

Outfit deets:
Oversize printed top: Westside
Orange top: Zara 
(also asymmetrical, you will see that some other time I suppose)
Sweat pants: c/o American Apparel (HERE)
Scarf: Vintage
Bracelets: The Ark's Bloom & Random
Pumps: Zara
 Rings: Vintage & Thrift
Hair clip: Made with love by grandma

Till next time
Lots of love,

P.S: ALSO, if you saw the giveaway post, I have cancelled the giveaway, a lot of you'll were really upset that it was only in Bangalore and at a short notice. So what's the fun in a giveaway when no one can take part in it? 

Also, I just realized how every other blog is doing it and I really don't see the fun when every other blog is having the same giveaway, I am really not a person to do something everyone does. Sorry! Apologies if I have caused any inconvenience. 

If you are clueless, I'd posted about it an hour or two back and I don't think anyone really even saw it, so it is okay :D Hahahah.

Sorry guys! 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Music Monday-7

Hello wonderful folks of The Sonshu and the world, 

Its that time of the week again. Dreading your Monday? Monday Blues are killing you eh? Well nothing can be worse than an exam on a Monday morning. Gaaah, I rant a little too much on the blog these days, but you know that it is only called for when exams are around the corner or on. Well see I've been keeping up my Monday Morning promise and you get to listen to some uh-may-zing songs on a bright sunny/not-so-sunny morning. 

So want to see what's in store. Well what are you waiting for, get started. 

1. Lady Antebellum- Just A Kiss

So if you didn't know it already I am a huge Lady Antebellum person because their songs are just so beautiful. I feel they are one of those people who actually understand music. Just A Kiss is not only a wonderful video with like this whole story line in it but also the soothing and calming voices. 
Lady Antebellum are a musical trio, Hillary, Charles and Dave. And of course all of them are equally amazing, something to watch out always is the brilliant videos. Their videos are simply like movies themselves. 

Now go ahead and watch this song: This is only with the lyrics as VEVO won't let me share their videos for some crappy reason. You can watch the official video HERE

2. Circle of Life (Lion King) 

Lion King is not only a brilliant movie, but it has so much depth and meaning and people who make fun of animated movies can go take a hike. Lion King is one of the greatest movies ever and the music makes the movie all the more epic. The song Circle of Life is just brilliant, be it the understanding, the way its depicted in the movie and what not. You must listen to this song if you haven't already, it definitely is one of my favourites ever. A wonderful song to retrospect over on a Monday morning.

Also, I tend to get all romantic-y because of the weather. Eeeeep, winter is here.

On a sad note: 

RIP Yash Chopra Ji, Bollywood will never be the same without you, and you will be truly missed. To one of  the great directors of all time. He's at a better place now, surely a legend there too. He died of dengue on 21 October 2012.

Here's one of my favourite songs from one of his movies with my favourite actor, Shah Rukh Khan =) :

Main Yahan Hoon- Veer Zara


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Friday, October 19, 2012

15 types of Instagram-mers, which one are you?

Instagram has if not anything in the least been a rage for the past few months, and then again there came that time where Facebook felt a threat and hence colonized the Instagram empire too. Well not things I care about too much now eh? The who's who and the who's not who are all on Instagram, in fact so much so that I think its become more like the next door vegetable market, forever noisy and crowded. Of course I'm one of those people who overly observes things and anatomizes [Is that a word even?] them. I happen to notice these trends in Instagrammers, and I ought to share it with ya'all because where else would I go talk about it? Duh you guys. [I think this post is heading to rant land].

And if you are one of those people who's getting googly-eyed at me because Instagram sounds like some alien word you never heard, then fret not because I will tell you exactly what it is. [Why do people make Wiki pages if it wasn't to enlighten people] You can find out about Instagram right here and join us freaks right away. Instagram Gyaan (Click on me)

Disclaimer: All opinions are purely mine and do not mean to offend or attack anyone. [I'm just being annoyingly me okay? Now read!]

15 types of Instagrammers you will find in the Instagram Market

1. Nature lover: This person is someone who's irrevocably in love with nature. I get it, nature is amazing and I love it too, but the nature instagrammer seems to have fallen head over heels in love with mother nature. I can literally swear on my instagram that every picture on his/her/it's account is of nature. And that does not include skies I tell you (that's a whole other phenomenon). But well, good for the trees and plants and leaves, some go green motto happening here.

2. Self shot instagrammer: I'm sure you've seen lots of people around who're self shot instagrammers. For one I pity them and empathize because sometimes it sucks not to have people to take pictures of you, hence you need to resort to self picture taking. [In fact I can easily say its an art I've managed to master over the years] So the self shot instagrammer basically clicks pictures of themselves from various directions in various angles. You deserve to see their pretty face okay?

3. Mirror Mirror person: People say Snow White's evil step mother was obsessed with the mirror, but I say that the mirror instagrammer is. We all take pictures of ourselves in the mirror. Yes we do, don't even deny it. But these people are super special because almost 99 of their 100 pictures are mirror shots. I mean, you ought to give them some credit too okay? Also, the mirror must be really photo ready now. 

4. Food is all I do-grammer: Yes, there are some live-to-eat people and there are some love-to-eat people. But on Instagram there are people who only post pictures of what they eat. Well yes, for starters they tend to tempt me and make me feel hungry 30 out of 40 times and hence I avoid looking at their pictures, but they also tend to become overly foody. If that makes sense? But then again, if food looks good then you ought to click right? 

5. Sky is my high: The sky is my high person clicks pictures as the name suggests only of the sky. Clouds can be pretty varied and unique and the sky has a different face everyday, but this person is literally like a sky watcher and has an array of various sky emotions. Well I do enjoy looking at pictures of the sky in different parts of the world if that's what they have to offer. 

6. Travelling mania: Well there always are the travelling people, they roam and hover through the nooks and alleys of the world capturing everything they see and some of these are actually really fun because you get to be on a journey without actually being there. 

7. OOTD obsessors, Maniacal shoppers: So I'm a fashion soul finder too and its really nice to oggle at some lovely clothes/shoes/accessories that people are wearing, but then again too much is just too much. There are those who post 3-4 ootds in a day, and that can be just awkward, weird and a whole lot annoying. However do go to the #ootd hashtag once in a while to spot some amazing things people are wearing. (and some NOT so amazing) I grouped these two categories because they do tend to be synonymous sometimes, so hell I wrote them together. There are some people who just shop everyday. Yes, that's all they do. And of course post pictures of what they shopped. 

8. Quote yo!: The Quote yo! person posts quotes. Good ones, bad ones. Sad ones, happy ones. Inspiring ones, humourous ones. Smart ones, cheesy ones. Yes, this person seems to have an archaic archive of all the quotes that ever existed and has been tracking anything and everything that people have been saying. While it is fun once in a while to read some quotes, it can be OTT when that's all you do. 

9. Imma Photographer: Instagram has done this. It has made everyone, and I literally mean everyone think they are photographers. Its okay to say you like photography or inspire to be a photographer, but claiming to be one if you are not is clearly tacky. 

10. Oh Baby: Oh Baby definitely refers to those who post pictures of babies. Theirs, their neighbours, cousins', aunt's, next lane person's, stranger's etc. Oh Baby people are literally obsessed with babies and this in my world is extremely creepy. I mean its okay to have a picture here and there, but all these people do is post baby pictures. Spare those kids? They'll run away from this planet if you annoy them with 'Oh gotta Instagram this smile' pictures. 

11. Actual photographers: Now these people are the ones who really know how to use their camera. But 99.9 of their pictures are taken with their fancy shancy cameras later transferred and uploaded to Instagram and I tell you, their pictures are the ones with a thousand likes because they are so called: 'picturesque'. But here I was thinking Instagram is for people with bad cameras trying to feel good about themselves? No, these uh-may-zhing photographers won't be left behind here too. 

12. Wannabe models: I swear by these people that Instagram should be renamed as Model hunt. Well there are men and women, boys and girls who like to take advantage of this free portal to display their modelesque capabilities. Hence you will see portfolio-esque pictures in the creepiest poses and 50 hashtags. I repeat: 50 hashtags. I mean 10 or 15 is at least bearable, but 50? That's like screaming wannabe into my ear drums. 

13. DIY-grammer: We all know of the DIY blogger, but now there's a DIY instagrammer. And I must say this is really cool. Because they manage to show you an entire DIY thingie with a picture and constantly post such fun DIY projects that one can learn a lot from. Definitely people to watch out for, super creative man. 

14. Zoh My Pout: I'm not saying pouting is bad. Really. Its good for your lips to have some flexibility once in a while, but there are these girls. And worse: boys. Who constantly need to pout. I mean every picture has their duck face pout on it. And that's just so unique right? And for those of you who think pouting is synonymous with teenagers, think again. Some of us love to smile. 

15. Party rocker: There are the party people everywhere, I like to call em party hoppers because all they do is party in life. And of course now they post pictures of their party, the people, the food, the drinks of every single party they ever attend. I mean hello? Give us a break okay. Stop the show off. GAH. I would never follow such people, plain old boring. 

Well of course I'm sure there are plenty more types of instagrammers lurking around out there in the big fat world of Instagramming. Just these many for now okay? Before you yawn your ass off and sleep. I mean hello? That's just mee-ean okay? 

Some things that Instagrammers tend to say: 

'Waiiit, hold the baby's head that way. Ah, yes I need to instagram it'
'Hashtag, hashtag, hashtag. Oohh, popular picture of the day, hashtag.'
'I got 15 likes in a minute? Wow, I'm famous you all'
'Okay, hold it. That's a nice angle.' 
'Oh, no lighting here? Well who cares, I'm instagramming it!'
'Give me a nicer plate, I need to instagram it'
'I just shopped, I just shopped. Mom, wait I need to instagram what I shopped'
'Oh, this colour looks great on my feet, need to instagram it'


In other news, the exams are still on being a tiny grunt in my otherwise pretty life. So please can you make them go away? Well they will go away next week anyway. I am back on track on 25th you girlsnguys. But I have posts running for you anyway. So keep calm and read The Sonshu. 

Now I'm leaving, before you bite off my head. I need em for the future posts and pictures. 


[Ignore the incessant ramblings and rants and swears]
[Well actually, don't]
[Also I like saying: Instagrammers rather than Instagramers. Live with it.]

Also, tell me what you thought of this post. You know I love to hear what you have to say. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Green Room

The Green Room by Wendell Rodricks has been in the news and on the bookshelves for a while now. Wendell whom I've previously spoken about on my blog in the BPFT posts is a fashion designer and one of India's top 10 if I must say. However very few people are aware that he is also a writer.

I have learnt that fashion and beauty can attract the wrong kind of attention.
Title: The Green Room
Author: Wendell Rodricks

Publisher: Rain Tree
Pages: 356
Price: Rs 595

I've had my eye on The Green Room for a while and when it went up on Blogadda, I knew I had to review it because I've been following Wendell for a while now, and what better way to know anyone than to read their autobiography? Now the common thing with autobiographies is the fact that they become too narcissistic and ego inflammatory, and that is one reason I stay away from them as far as possible. But I had to take a chance with this one. The cover has Malaika Arora Khan in the famous 'Mussel top' and that of course is very eye catching in itself as if the title isn't doing enough already.

Wendell's style of writing from the beginning right till the end is detailed and one can see that like his designs on the ramp, to his writing on paper, he has a knack for details. Be it experiences, events or people, everything is given to you clear cut and entirely transparent. His simplistic, subtle way of writing about his family and his journey will definitely make you smile. I was expecting something more glamourous, behind the scene drama and the usual; but was more than happy to see that Wendell has not given in to the stereotype. In fact I think he comes across as a person who'd prefer to relax at a beach in Goa rather than go on a cruise party.
There would always be people with less or more, I figured, and there is no point in comparison. Even now, I am always content and hold to the belief that the best things in life are free. The stars in the sky, the monsoon rain, the pleasures of a walk on the beach 
The book as I progressed became more like Wendell's diary. It was personal, so honest and I could imagine him saying those things aloud. He repeatedly spoke of his amazing family, told us the story of the past, his town Colvale, a chawl-esque house at Mumbai, his friends in the industries, confidantes, inspiration and the learning process of course. From Muscat, to fashion school. His lover Jerome, to his first fashion show. He talks about his debut line: Issey Miyake, to the amazingly innovative Visionnaire collection. If you want to know Wendell, this is definitely your book.

Well there's definitely a lot of information for one to digest in here, but I started and was definitely not able to put the book down till I finished. Wendell's well learned-ness, humour, unique perspectives and natural storytelling capacities are things you can grasp easily as you read through the book. The book as I said before gives you extensive details, it not only tells you how anyone can become someone if they choose to be true to themselves, but also shows us Wendell's chronicles in life, his journey and the path he took. The people who influenced his decisions, the reasons he did what he did, the inspirations behind his collection and some super humourous commentary from time to time.

Here's his take on fashion weeks:
Fashion weeks are heavy on entertainment. Designers become friends, bitch each other out, sleep with trails of male models… I’m mystified by designers who begin affairs with their compatriots. Any such affair inevitably ends on a sour note, with stolen assistants, ripped-off designs and melodramatic tears

Of course, Wendell is one of the few people in India to be openly gay. And how could he not talk about it? He openly talks about how Jerome and he happened. The difficulties they faced, the sadness that hits you when even the people you love aren't with you in your fight and how they put up with things, how it was only about love for him. The things he says, the way he talks of their relationship, one can see how true and deep it is. It comes across as very candid. He also mentions the Pacte Civil de Solidarite that the couple sign. 

Here's a quote about it from the book:
But being gay is not as gay as one imagines… Gay love is still forbidden love; it is not spoken about. In public, one must resort to a glance instead of holding hands; a subtle touch instead of an embrace. But one gets used to that.

I definitely also loved how the book had an index which a lot of books these days tend to not have. I flipped through at first and not only helps me go back and re-read chapters I'd particularly liked a little too much.

While a lot of people say that this book is a great read for fashion designing students, aspiring designers, and basically people from the fashion industry, I'd like to say that I think it makes a brilliant read for anyone who wants to read a humble honest and wonderfully written memoir/autobiography.

I would say that you should grab this and make it your weekend read, makes for a wonderful memoir! And well written with an easy to understand style yet gives attention to details and haves you wondering how and what he's going to do next.

Till next time,

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All the content in Italics in the above post are from the book and have been quoted.

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Music Monday -6 (Taylor Swift Special)

Hello there folks, 

Its a bright Monday Morning and I'm here as promised with some songs for you to listen to. Yes, the title is right, this is a Taylor Swift special. If you are a hater or someone who doesn't like her, I'd still say listen to it, because its Music Monday dude! :D 

Taylor Swift has always been an artist that everyone expects great things from. Along with that pretty face and amazing voice, she has relate-able lyrics and something everyone simply goes through at a point in their lives. And lately Swift has been giving us one amazing number after another. Hence this post was a necessary one. 

1. Ronan

What can I say? This song touched my heart before I even knew why she'd written it. In fact I had fallen in love with it the moment I first heard it. I could literally hear her feeling those words, those emotions. And then when I found out the history behind it, I fell in love all over again.

Inspiring. At such a young age she's so inspiring to every one of us out here.

The song was written for a four year old boy named Ronan. Ronan was suffering with cancer and then it got the better of him one fine day. But one fine day, Swift stumbled upon the Ronan blog/website and read an entry and was inspired. Ronan's mom helped her write this.

You might say: damn. Why's she telling us a sob story on a Monday Morning? But I think you should look deeper. Its inspiring. Empowering. And a light of hope.

Here's a link to the website: Ronan

Also, please do buy this on iTunes if you can. All proceedings go to Cancer charities: here

2. Red

When asked about the album, Taylor said:
All the different emotions that are written about on this album are all pretty much about the kind of tumultuous, crazy, insane, intense, semi-toxic relationships that I’ve experienced in the last two years. All those emotions — spanning from intense love, intense frustration, jealousy, confusion, all of that — in my mind, all those emotions are red. You know, there’s nothing in between. There’s nothing beige about any of those feelings

That summarizes pretty much anything one would want to say about the song. Its all that and more. Emotions. Things you wanted to say but never did. Things everyone goes through in life. 

3. Begin Again

What can I say about this song? Such pretty lyrics, such a scenic song with brilliant meaning again.
Its just such a sweet song, how can someone not love it? And I think it definitely makes a great hear! What more reason could you want?


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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Steal the show.

We come into the world. We meet people. We make friends. We form relationships. We fall in love. We fall out of love. We cry silent tears. We believe in fiction. We smile at the silliest things. We enjoy the smallest victories. We obsess over people who don't even know us. 

We make mistakes. We don't learn from mistakes we made. We hopelessly want things that aren't good for us. We believe in people who aren't trustworthy. We say things we shouldn't say. We procrastinate.

We do all this. 

We are humans. 

Its okay. 

Lately, a lot of people I know have been worrying too much. And regretting their lives decisions. All of us do it at some point. But I think that's the one thing I never wish to do and try to avoid as far as possible. Its just not the way its supposed to be. We shouldn't regret. We shouldn't drown in our own sorrows of troubled pasts. 

I like to think of sorrow like dark hooded figures with white grinning mouths. Sadistic. And ever so present. But I think it takes one grin to push another away and that's what we need to do. Learn from the past but don't while away your time dwelling upon it. Smile at your sorrows and say: Its okay. It shall pass. And you will see that it won't haunt you again. At least not for a while. 


So I'm boring you with my endless philosophical talks again? Well I have a dose of some show stealing colours too. You all know how black, red and white have always been a favourite. I think I've worn this combination more than anything else. So here's another go at it.

Disclaimer: My face seems to be glowing in the pictures, sparkling in fact. It is not glitter powder, face shine powder or Edward Cullen's sparkly abilities. It is purely because of weird lighting conditions and the fact that the lights were probably overly ecstatic. 

Outfit details: Red tank: Random store, Studded flats: Westside, Bangles: Assorted, Chiffon top: American Apparel (HERE), Petticoat slip skirt: American Apparel (HERE), Gold necklace: Vintage, Lip colour: Pleasure me red- Maybelline 

Also if you are an observer you would have noticed a tiny light in my hand, that's only because I clicked these with ze tripod. :D

Until next time, 
Go think about what I said


P.S: I named the post steal the show because red stole the show for me here. :P 

P.P.S: Notice my attempt to change my expressions. :P Yooooodles. 

P.P.P.S: Exams begin this week, hence shall not be online the entire day like I am now. But I will make sure the blog doesn't die, because I cannot just stay without blogging. Don't you worry, will blog, will even try and  read all your posts through the week. 

They begin on 13 and end on 25. :) And then I have vacays, so you people are in for tons of posts this November. :D 


Monday, October 8, 2012

Music Monday -5

I know I know. Don't give me that disgruntled look okay? I promised to bring to light amazing music as and when I hear it. And maybe I didn't entirely conform to it, but hey don't complain. I'm here getting you some great music again. Go ahead and see for yourself. 

After the requests and repeated pleadings of the loyal and faithful readers of 'The Sonshu', I decided to start doing my Music Monday posts again. So I hereby promise to make you listen to some amazing music every Monday. And you promise to visit the blog every Monday morning and listen to good music and kick those blues away.

Also, from this point on you will throw all your inhibitions about any music genres, or artists away. Because everyone deserves a chance to be heard. Okay?

Music Monday posts will go up at 7.30 am IST from now on, in order to enable you to make your Monday Mornings happier. Seeeee?

1. Sleeping Child- MLTR

I remember summer vacations as a child at cousin's place. That's when I developed most of my 'good' habits. Be it reading vigourously or listening to music. Thanks to the cousin sister (Namuuu, I love you loads. <3) for everything. She's been a teacher when I didn't understand a bit of math or chemistry, an inspiration from whom I picked up my reading gene and music gene and I still remember the wonderful times we've had especially right before she got married (Cooking, pictures and all). So I used to sleep, next to her and she used to text her friends while me (as a kid) used to look at her admiringly and read Famous Five. We'd have the radio on in her room and sometimes she'd play her favourite songs. I remember this one clearly. It was one of my favourites of all the songs. And I suddenly re-discovered my love for this song again.

Go ahead and listen to the wonderful song that I grew up listening to.

2. Rihanna- Diamonds

I've always loved Rihanna's songs for the lyrics and how she feels everything that she sings and also how honest she is about her feelings and that comes across beautifully in her songs. I also think she has an unconventional voice and is unafraid to make a bold move.

Diamonds is a beautiful song, in every word, every tone, every beat. The lyrics are just something you'll learn immediately.

So shine bright, tonight, you and I
We're beautiful like diamonds in the sky
Eye to eye, so alive
We're beautiful like diamonds in the sky

Shine bright like a diamond

Go ahead and listen to this lovely song to make your Monday Morning romantic.


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And that's all for now. Be back soon for more on The Sonshu and stay tuned to know more.
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Saturday, October 6, 2012

BPFT Bangalore: What I Wore and more.

We all go through it. Your wardrobe is literally bustling with clothes and over flowing with tons of things to wear and things you haven't worn even once. But when that event comes where you really have to decide nothing seems perfect. Not even that dress you've always loved, not even things you've wanted to wear to it. Everything becomes blah and boring. But then you finally hit the right chord and decide that this is what you want to wear no matter what. 

Exactly what happened the evening before BPFT. I literally turned my closet upside down, flinging things at bro and mom and the ground. And till today my room and bed are in the mess of the aftermaths. (Damn. Note to self: Get off the comp and go clean your room already) Mom and Bro gave me dirty sympathetic looks. But I wouldn't blame them. I was being pretty maniacal. Anyway, who cares when the end result ends up like this? 

So I was super happy that everyone loved what I wore, and most of all I loved what I wore. But the coolest part was the designers complimenting my outfit. :) Anyway, it ended on a happy note. 

How NOT to plan your outfit for a big event and How TO plan it?

1. Don't bother planning your outfit before hand because 99.9% of the time you won't wear it.
2. Remember not to starve yourself through the day because you will definitely need all the energy you can get to decide your outfit (Involved trying on things and checking yourself out in the mirror a gazillion times)
3. Please Please and Please do not deprive yourself of sleep before the event. Definitely not helping. 
4. You should think of and imagine the various ensembles you can put together before you go to sleep, trust me it helps
5. Take inspirations from your favourite celebs, designers, pieces etc. 
6. If you decide to carry basic things like camera, water etc you must carry a water proof bag, also something that's huge like a tote. 
7. Remember that you might have to walk around a lot so stick to brogues, wedges, dressy flats. 

Moving on from the tips to the outfit. Thanks for all your beautiful and sweet comments on the previous posts. Means a lot. :)

Also, here's a HUGE shout out to Mom and Bro for clicking pictures for the blog and bearing with my incessant poses and what not. 

Outfit details: Top: Self altered and re-designed (Previously: Pleated top: Gifted (Forever New), Polka dot top: Zara); Denim: Local Boutique, Brogues: Zara, Necklace: M&S, Earrings: Local store, Bangle: OVS, Watery Oversized Tote: c/o American Apparel (HERE), Lip colour: Nyx Addis Ababa (HERE)

So there goes. What did you think? In other news exams are getting closer and I'm getting even more procrastinate-y than ever. However I think I really need to push myself. 

Also, good news: I finally got my Hogwarts acceptance letter. It was delayed because it got lost on the way. However it is here now and I'm super excited. Yoooodles.


P.S: See I promised I'll be back and I'm back aren't I? Posting regularly and all?
P.P.S: Here's me smiling with a gif :P 
P.P.S: See my previous BPFT posts HERE