Sunday, September 2, 2012

Write when the words speak.

Some people need inspiration to write, some people need peace to write, some of them just need an inner voice telling them to write. I frankly just need time to write. I could write all day if I had all the time in the world, because there's so much to say and such little time. But our constant engagement in everything else makes it so much harder for us to write when you want to pour down your emotions. So I've decided that I'm going to make it a point to write when i want to, whether its on a notepad, on my laptop, or even on my hands. 

I'll write when the words speak. 

I started off this blog to express myself. Like a journal, recording experiences sharing it with the world. And reading back, I was such a kid back then. I've grown so much through the years and I can't deny the huge role writing and blogging has played in it. I've always had this style conscious bug in me, ever since I was a kid, I'd choose my clothes and fuss about what I wear which with time developed into a flair for fashion and styling, and its almost like I've stopped writing on the blog. 

But behold, because I plan to start on some poetry and stories soon too. Along with the fashion updates, style and all the specials. I'll keep my writing going. 


Today, I'll leave you with pictures of an outfit I shot a while back. No styling tips or anything of that sort. Just pictures. 

Outfit Details:

Crop top: c/o American Apparel (Here)
Maxi worn as skirt: c/o American Apparel (Here
Oxfords: Zara
Bangles: Self designed
Bauble bracelet: Westside
Necklace: Vintage
Earrings: gifted (from Ayesha)
Eye liner precision: c/o (gift voucher) (Not available on the store anymore)

Before I tied my lace and went to shoot

Self painted and designed bangles

I'll be back soon. 
Miss me? Not for long, you know i'll always come back here. 



  1. I like the idea of writing wherever you can! The outfit is lovely. Loving the colour of the skirt. It's soothing!

    Love love
    ❤ A Pretty Little Mess

  2. That's the spirit. Keep writing, don't stop. Writing is like, like breathing. You have to keep doing it, because it's essential to existence.

    Also, I love how shimmery and pink your skirt is. Adoration.

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  3. Sonshu,

    I agree with you that one should write whenever one wishes to.

    Take care

  4. Hi Sonshu,
    Thanks for your sweet comments on the blog:)
    I too started my blog in order to maintain a record of my thoughts. Looking forward to your poetry!
    Love the second last pic. You look cute! The color of the skirt is gorgeous :)
    Following you!

  5. Nice blouse! :)

    wud u like to follow each other? Let me knw! :)

    Maybe you have time to read my new post is up: Career shifts: the heart of it

    ~Boomerang Plus

  6. Lookimg forward to the poetry and stories.

    And you're lookimg lovely, I absolutely love this outfit. And the bangles, self designed ? Wow

  7. I write whenever I feel like, metro, auto, bus, or road, just in case I forget later, I just note them down on my phone, its like my diary :)
    Waiting to read your poetry's now. That maxi looks pretty! You have a thing with fashion!

  8. Looking forward to the poems!! Love your candid posts!

  9. you look fly. start with the poetriessssssss!

    i have the same oxfords, btw!

  10. Now that I know you'll be writing a lot more...I'll keep coming by sooner, for sure! :))

    And if I'm not mistaken, I have that same bauble bracelet in light pink! Same pinch!! :D

  11. lovely that crop top!

  12. hi dear :) you look great darling ! what do you think of following each other on GFC? let me know

    Much of love,

  13. Great eye makeup and the color combination goes so well together!

    Suzie Q

  14. love this combo, very unique! u have expressive eyes Sonshu :) following u on GFC!

  15. Yeah, I do need inspiration to write, so it's really great that all you need is time. I love "write when the words speak" -- very inspirational.

  16. Hi,

    I love your blog! Following you via gfc, follow me back?


  17. Hey,
    I could totally relate this post of yours with my life.
    It often happens you are juggling with gazillion things in
    life and you don't have time to write. Following your blog now!

    Loved the post and your outfit. :)


  18. Hey,

    I could totally relate with this post of yours.
    Quite often we are juggling with gazillion things in
    life that we don't get time to write. Loved your post
    and those shoes are awesome find.

    Following you now :)