Saturday, September 1, 2012

The experience!

 Hello there, 

I know its been quite a while, but if you've been following me on twitter or facebook you'd know that college has indeed been keeping me very busy with research and tons of assignments, however I am enjoying every minute of it. So that's a good thing right? Especially the after college fun and weekends. 

Coming to the topic, has been appearing on the television during ad breaks, in newspaper ads and almost every other blog very often these days. I've been wanting to try out their site as you know I am a sucker for online retail stores with good service. 

When sent over a gift voucher to experience their website and service I thought it would be just another website, but after the entire process I don't think so. 

So I placed my order and that went quite smoothly. They have a wide range of things for men, women, children so you can shop for your family and friends. You have toys, They also have cosmetics and jewelry. I really like their women's tee collection, affordable and varied. Their bags and shoes are pretty nice too, especially some brands. However I went in for a cosmetic product. More about that soon. 

As soon as I ordered I received a confirmation mail regarding product details, delivery date (expected) etc. The next day, I received a call regarding product specifications and another verbal confirmation. It was pretty impressive I must say! 

I thought I'd receive it only after a week but to my surprise it was there within 2 days. And I was more than impressed to see it neatly packed and wrapped in bubble wrap inside the cardboard box.

Quick delivery
Good customer service
Safe packing
Wide range of products
COD along with other forms of payment
Sales are often and amazing discounts

Not a wide range in jewelry, need to widen their jewelry collection

Rating: 4 jellies out of 5. :P 

That's good right? So you definitely ought to shop at Jabong and see for yourself. 

Product I bought: Deborah Milano- Eye Liner (Waterproof) 

I've been constantly using it for like 1 week or more now and I have to tell you what I think of it. It comes in a black case as you can see below, the stick is thin and the liner is liquid, and not gel. 

Glossy looking after application
Quickly dries up, which is definitely good when you're short on time
Doesn't fade or spread even after 4-5 hours, it almost sticks to your skin or forms this over coat layer. 
When you remove it, you can just peel it off like a face mask

Can be very thin because of the stick so you need to apply 2-3 coats

I'm still experimenting, as of now the product has behaved very good so I will definitely go ahead and buy another one. 

Priced at Rs 375. 


Before I leave, here's a little surprise. 

Sneak peek into the next post, coming extremely soon on the blog. 

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