Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Ethnic Connection goes on.

Confidence cannot be bought, you learn and gain it over the ears. You acquire it, if you believe in yourself, your dreams, your ambitions, desires, hopes and image. While you might have designer clothes, a huge closet, an unbelievably large collection of Loubies and Manolos, you still can't stride with your head upright because you lack belief and a simple fill of confidence in you. 

Sometimes life has a funny way of teaching you lessons, or trying to send across a message. But as long as you get the message, that's all matters at the end of the day right? 

On an unrelated note, lately the weathers been keeping me down. I've been having constant fevers and headaches, and I hate it when I can't do work. (Can be quite a workaholic) However I'm trying to kick myself and get back in action as the exams are right around the corner. 

Enough of the rants, go ahead and look at the pictures. 

Outfit details: Embroidered kurta, Chudidhar pants from Neerus, Gold necklace: Vintage, Drop earrings: Mom's, Colourful bangles: Streets, Wooden bangles: Self painted, Jodhpuris: Flea Market, Circle vest c/o American Apparel (here), Rings: Red Ring: Boutique, Silver ring: Thrifted, Blue Ring c/o Rings and Tings

Not many of you know this but in Junior College we had a patiala-kurta rule (the things we do for the best colleges), so I wore my ethnic clothes everyday to college and the only times I'd get to wear my other clothes were the once or twice in a while that I'd go out. But now college has no such dress code, so with all liberty I wear whatever I please. Its fun to study in a girls college which looks nothing less than a fashion parade. But I truly do miss my kurtas and ethnic clothes so I decide to pull them out every now and then and sport them with a huge bindi. (Totally dig bindis!) 

Just a warning: I've fallen in love with the vintage necklace and you might just see it too often. Also, been experimenting with my new camera. :) 

Be back soon loves, 



  1. Great styling, girl! Been missing you on the blogsphere! Love your accessories!

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment. I like your shoes, they are so bright. Matches perfectly with the neckline, great!

    Would you like to follow? xx

  3. Visiting your blog after so long? How have you been? I love the embroidery on your kurti and the rings, of course!

  4. I like the way you've worn your rings!! And yes, once in a while, ethnic makes you feel good...and INDIAN! ;)

    P.S.: I love your necklace too! Won't really mind seeing it that often! :))

  5. You have nailed this look girl...I love plenty of accessories with my ethnic wear...and people used to stare at me, when I used to wear's not the case in Kerala where I did my engineering from.

  6. The look suits you so well! I love that bindi on you! The necklace is so very pretty :)


  7. I love your kurta...the black looks fab on you!
    And the bangles and rings as well..
    I love all kinds of headgear in general...Its a pity nobody in India wears hats despite it being such a sunny country!:(

    Thankyou for your lovely comment:)

    Shubhi's Revels!

  8. Hope you feel better, Sonshu! Gorgeous bangles and shoes.

  9. Loving the traditional side!!
    Hope you feel better soon..


  10. Hi Sonshu! It's always nice to bring out the ethnic clothes once in a while. Living in the US, I don't end up doing as much of it as I'd like. Should make a mental note to wear my kurtis more often. You look great and I love your chunky accessories.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! :)


  11. i am in love with this look..the bindi,the patterns of kurti,the neck piece,the shrug/vest thingy,the rings...perfection sonshu!
    i have been super busy since last week and couldn't even catch up on blogs..our department is crazy..we have all 4 exams (the internals) in the same i got sick for a few days..i understand..

  12. I sooo love the outfit.. and the bangles and neckpiece are the best!!!!!! :* <3


  13. Nice Post....Beautiful collection of photos. Its very colourfull. I appreciate your post. Great job done keep it up!
    Krishna Mehta