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Just Married, Please Excuse.

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Title: Just Married, Please Excuse
Author: Yashodhara Lal
Publisher: Harper Collins
Number of Pages: 264
Price (in INR): 199
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 978-93-5029-227-3

Just Married, Please Excuse by Yashodhara Lal is a romantic novel set in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai. I had second thoughts about applying for the book because I often don't read Indian authors, especially when it comes to romance because I feel it becomes too cheesy at times, but alas I went ahead and gave it a shot. I must say I was rather surprised when I was still reading past the first 50 pages, but the story line had me curious to know more.

The author's style of writing is simplistic and the portrayal of a newly married couple's life is hilarious, the sarcastic sense of humour here and there adds to the image that the story creates. Yashodhara (Y) and Vijay (V) are a typical couple working in an MNC, married, moved into a new house, getting used to each others habits in life, but that's only what you think. Their love story is completely realistic yet very different. They seem to have found stability in their new home, but in no time are forced to move to Mumbai. With all the petty quarrels, romantic moments, the story continues.

They always say unexpected brings about chaos. With a completely new twist in the story, there comes a pregnancy that rocks their world literally. While V is ecstatic, Y is shocked and astounded. Vijay is a great husband, extremely supporting, overly caring and through her pregnancy, he makes sure to help her, adore her and be with her every step. And then the baby happens, once she comes into the world, their life turns upside down. Quarrels, fights and arguments about every other thing. From her name to 'how to give her a bath' they seem to have gotten off on a wrong start.

At this point, enters a a counselor who is this exceptionally funny woman with a weird and hilarious way of dealing with her patients. Her sense of humour comes across when the whole Yashodhara-Reema, Vijay-Reema scene occurs and how she constantly advises them to go for her 12 step program. In fact humour is all about the note of the book with the tsunami mishap and the quirky dialogues of the mother in law, of course one cannot miss the story behind why they call their daughter: Peanut, what a lovely name right? The unmistakable role that Kajal plays in the book is one to watch, as she might just be your favourite or least favourite person.

Mid-way I started wondering what Peanut was thinking of all that was happening around her, in fact I had this entire scene playing in my head with Peanut's dialogues and what she must be internally saying to herself. Definitely a ROFL moment for me.

The author uses a way of talking Hinglish style when she writes and that appeals to the Indian reader all the more. Also, the realistic incidences are a plus point because one can connect with them, especially if you are married. However, for me being a teenager I couldn't connect much with it, yet I still enjoyed the humour of a married couple's life.

Something you should read on a weekend for a good laugh!

Yes, a signed copy! :)

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